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My Characters by iggy_the_blind_ninja

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Story notes: just my characters
Chapter notes: main character
Name: Iggy
Jutsu: Demon Ice mirrors, water clone jutsu, water dragon jutsu, Earth style:Dark Swamp, Water prison Jutsu, Hidden Mist Jutsu
Weapons: Needles, and kunai
Fav. sport: doesnt have one
Fav. Drink: Tea
Fav. Food: Rice cakes
Girl friend:none,doesnt want to be in a relationship
D.O.B: 3/27/93
Background: Haku's brother, sent to hidden leaf village by mother who didnt want him to be in danger because of family trait, adopted by Mizuki before mizuki went evil, when mizuki was put in jail iggy went to live by himself. He lost his vision in a terrible accident when he was in the academy, a kunai missed the target by a long shot, his tem consists of hijo(neji's little brother), and goji(choji's older brother).
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