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The tale of the great Uzumaki Kushina. by Lonski

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: This is an AU fic. Currently Kushina centric but will be a part of a series which will move on to the current events in shippuuden and be slightly more into cannon but still AU. Confusing, I know.
Chapter notes: This is the chapter where we meet Kushina, its mainly character foundations. Its not romance don't worry, they're just kids. xD
The tale of the great Uzumaki Kushina.


It was a warm and sunny day in the village of Konoha. People were walking around the dusty streets, going about their businesses as they were watched by the silent eyes of the Hokage monument that stood behind the Hokage tower, looming above the Village.

From where she was, the people below looked like insects, walking in and out of their holes aimlessly in the sunlight. ‘Jez it’s hot up here.’ She thought with a snigger as she reached for a second paint pot that hung beside her on a rope. She was running low on red it seemed. “Hmm… I wonder if I have enough to finish the old mans nose bleed…” She pondered aloud, her eyebrows slightly creased, but she seemed oblivious to the fact that only a few ropes and a wooden plank came between her and a hundred foot drop down to the rickety rooftops below.

The girl was young, ten or eleven; she wore orange dungarees that were tucked in her black sandals, a white and black striped loose t-shirt underneath. She had flaming red hair that was tied back in a very messy pony. Hair fell loose over her hazel eyes; a blue band was tied around her head, barely visible on her forehead that depicted the village symbol of the leaf on a small silver plate.

She suppressed another giggle at the thought of what she was doing and inwardly mocked them for not noticing her already. She looked up at her masterpiece. There were three heads carved into the stone of the mountain. All were looking at different parts of the village of the hidden leaf. All wore stern and serious expressions. All of which had brightly colored graffiti painted on their faces.

“Marvelous.” She said as she gazed up. She wasn’t one for posh words, but that one fitted perfectly.

However, suddenly a voice from above shouted down at her.


With a heavy sigh, Kushina glared up at the caller. “WHAT!” Her temple had begun to throb, she wanted to finish before anyone realized what she was up to.

“What are you doing?” The boy asked in a slightly calmer voice as if it wasn’t completely obvious.

“WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M DOING?!” She screamed at him as she instantly recognized the voice of her caller and she furiously swatted at the stone with her brush, trying to ignore him.

“Um…” Her caller paused, as if he needed time to think. “Defacing the Hokage monument… But I was actually implying the question as to why you are doing this.”

Kushina paused for a moment in thought. “Well,” She began; she forgot instantly that she was supposed to be irritated. “People take this hunk of old rocks too serious. I want to make people laugh at it for a change.” Her face was suddenly screwed in an uncharacteristic thoughtful face.

“I see.” The boy above replied. And after a moment, a few small rocks began to fall down. With a growl she wondered what he was doing up there. She didn’t bother looking up as she was more concerned with finishing the Third’s nosebleed then wondering about that irritating boy. That was until one hit her on the head with a ‘thunk.’

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” She yelled, looking up to where she was but then suddenly she yelped in surprise. “Agh! How did you get down here?!” Kushina asked when her vision was obscured by a white coated idiot dropping down to her.

Minato grinned at her surprise and replied with a laugh. “Same way as you. Rope but with a little chakra so I didn't fall on you.” He had slid down the rock easily abseiling down the length of the thirds nose with his feet gripping onto the rock like a magnet.

Kushina, who had dropped down on her makeshift working bench in one heart stopping fall had not even thought of using chakra to make the drop easier muttered "Show off." Under her breath however, Minato acted oblivious to her mutterings and instead commented.

“He kinda looks odd from this angle doesn’t he.” Minato chirped as he gazed up thoughtfully up at the stone nose of the Third with his bright blue eyes. He was blonde, his spiky hair stuck up in all sorts of directions. It was apparent that he’d become quite attractive in the years to come, Kushina however, was unaffected by thins. “What… What are you doing here?” Kushina asked, beyond angry now, she cast a glance back down at the village below them with slight worry.

“I was wondering if you needed a hand.” Minato asked her with a heart melting smile, Kushina more irritated by this rather then warmed stared at him coldly in disbelief and asked.

“I…. What?” Kushina asked him, suddenly acting suspicious. “What’s a kiss ass like you wanting to help me for hmm?” Kushina asked her with a low irritated tone. “Are you being put up to this? Is this a stick up, you’re an impersonator aren’t you?” Kushina’s eyes became slits as she pounded her with questions.

“I what- hang on a second.” Minato waved his hands at her, seemingly attempting to bat away the questions from him but realizing that doing so was a bad so when you only have a single rope holding you up. Hands firmly camped back on the rope he replied to her heated inquest. “Kiss ass, excuse me?” He asked her with a frown upon his tanned face. “I’m not an impersonator, not have I been sent by anyone to ridicule you. I just came here to help, I saw your rope tied up when I was walking up there.” Minato beckoned above them. “And I asked you what you were doing and here we are.” He said simply with a beam that could rival the sun in its brightness.

“Blonde idiot.” Kushina cursed at him under her breath as she looked away from his cheesy grin. “You do realize you’re goanna get into trouble if they find you here with me?” She asked him, wondering if he really was simple minded.

“Yep.” He replied with an affirmative nod. But then he asked with an eyebrow arched in mock seriousness. “But do you realize that you are going to get into trouble if they find you here defacing the Hokage monument?"

“’Course I do, but I don’t care about those idiots, never have, never will!” Kushina said proudly as if she had been waiting to exclaim that for a while.

“And you think I - ”

“MINATO!” A girl’s voice called from behind the two. Minato and Kushina turned around, wearing equally irritated faces.

“Yes?” He asked innocently back to the girl.

The girl stood on the rounded rooftop of one of the nearby buildings. Her black hair was tied back in short choppy ponytails that sat on top of her head.

She wore a scowl on her face. “What are you doing up there?”

Minato’s frown deepened. “Why is everyone so interested in what I’m doing?” He mumbled to himself but Kushina replied. “Coz you’re the favorite student of the future Hokage maybe?”

Minato burst out laughing at her statement, “That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!” He continued laughing, dangerously swinging from his rope and forgetting about the girl behind him.

“What’s so-“ Kushina began.

“MINATO!” The other girl’s voice screeched again with her hands cupped around her mouth.

Said boy sighed at this remembering he was being questioned again. “WHAT?!” He burst out, surprising Kushina and even himself, “Do you want?” He added hopefully trying to avoid further screeches.

“What are you doing up there, with her!” The zealous girl asked pointing a finger stiffly at Kushina who promptly stuck her tongue out in response.

“I’m beginning to regret this; I only came to help and already I'm being badgered by my teammate…” Minato murmured as he scratched the back of his head in an exasperated manner.
And suddenly to both hanging people’s displeasure, more Shinobi appeared at the surrounding rooftops.

-“Kushina! Get down you idiot!”-

-“What do you think you are doing?!”-

-“Minato, come down, you’re going to get yourself into more trouble, hanging around with that one!”-

Minato and Kushina simultaneously turned and she began to brush the paint onto the monument.

“Got a spare brush?” Minato asked her, as if he was oblivious to the racket that surrounded them.

I hope you liked it as much as I had fun writing this!

Next time: - A dark past…

The sound of scraping metal, cries of pain and anguish swept the village, broken by ear-bursting explosions that shook the very foundations of the buildings…

…Everywhere her wide eyes looked, there was death and destruction. Buildings seemed to have been clawed by some demon from the depths of hell, leaving charred torn buildings in its wake. People lay in pools of… No she couldn’t bear to wonder what had happened to them. Kushina closed her eyes and clung onto the Hiroshi for dear life…

…A man came into view. However, it wasn’t a man. Such a thing cannot even be called human…

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Chapter end notes: I really do need reviews. Both to help me improve my writing and story but also, they help me find time to write more. They're my air.

Poetic compositions aside, enjoy!
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