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Dramedy? by silver

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Intro.
"You fool!! You activated my trap card!!!"
"God, I knew i shouldn't have!!"
"According to episode 6, my magical beaver is immune to your spike shooting monkey!!"
"Ah man, Y*G*O* is gay. Let's play Pok****!"
"Sweet! I get the blue G******!"
"Buzz off!! I get it!"
"Shut up geekwad!"
"No jerkface!"

The two guys sighed and stood back. Keo, the taller of the two, sighed and said, "Screw this, let's get to school."
Johnny, Keo's best friend, laughed began to run to the school.
Best friends are truely the best, eh? (NO I'M NOT CANADIAN, I'M SORRY.)
Well, anyway, school was a sweet place. Awesome uniforms. (You get to choose your color of the collars and the color of the necktie.)
And the lunch? Not as crappy as usual schools.
Pretty nice teachers, cute girls, a paradise for a guy like Keo.
Keo, was a guitarist. Plays anything with 4 or 6 strings like a pro. Wrote his own music, preformed at EVERY talent show, had his own slick and sassy fangirl club (Lol, thanks Robert Moran), but he was still single.
Don't get the wrong idea, he's still pretty cool.

Johnny, on the other hand, was a game geek. He played the saxophone and had no fan girls. He was a great vocal, but had rarely preformed with Keo.
He was a funny guy, pretty cool. And had average grades. A fun guy to hang out with.

Now, you, the reader, may be wondering when the love comes in, but it will. Patience my boy, patience.

Keo: Awyeahmyfirstfanfic!! Hellz yes!
Johnny: What?!? NO fangirls? What about that girl in the 4th grade.
Keo: Yeah, she was alllll over you. Adored you. She was pretty cute, but she was horrible at Japanese.
Johnny: She was an exchange student from America!
Keo: Shut up. I'm good at Korean, English, and Japanese and I'm an exchange student.
Johnny: That was in the fourth grade!!!
Keo: Ohh... Yeah... That's right....
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