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One-shot Booklet by AllTheRightMistakes

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Cheerily skipping down the street, a small girl hummed a merry tune. Her black hair only reached her jaw line but her green eyes sparkled from behind her inky bangs.

The eight year old bounced happily into Ichiraku Ramen Bar and climbed up on to a stool. An older, smiling lady walked over to her and asked, "What can I get for you?"

The little girl opened her arms wide and said, "A big bowl of miso ramen."

"Gotcha," the woman said and walked away with a wink.

The perky little girl turned to the blonde boy next to her. "Hello," she chirped.

The boy, about the same age as her, blinked his bright blue eyes slowly. "Hi..." he replied hesitantly.

"I'm Warai, what's your name?" she asked.

Immediately the blonde changed his attitude. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, the next Hokage!" he shouted.

"Yup, yup, yup," Warai chanted. As soon as their food arrived, the two children shoveled it down mercilessly; slapping money down on the table, Naruto and Warai ran outside laughing and giggling.

Outside, all laughter ceased. Huge dark rain clouds had rolled in. The air was dense with moisture and static. Fog drifted about the road and it was sprinkling lightly.

The small, black haired girl turned to Naruto and asked quietly, but seriously, "Why does the sky turn grey?"

Years Later

"It was a trap," Naruto cried, dodging yet another kunai. They- Naruto, Sakura, and Warai- had been sent on a mission to escort a group of people back to Sunagakure. Turns out they wanted to ambush and kill the Hidden Leaf Village shinobi.

Warai shouted, "That's!" Sakura replied with a furious cry. Warai slashed at her foes with the deadly accuracy of her katana, killing the men and women stupid enough to get close to her. Sakura fought them off with a kunai and her bare fists while Naruto...well...Narutos...attacked in groups.

"Watch out Naruto!" came an anguished cry.

Naruto whipped around and received the full-out force of a vicious punch. Falling backwards, he fully expected to die right then and there, but no blow ripped soul from body. He opened one eye cautiously.

All the air flew out of his lungs in a single sweep. The entire world went fuzzy then vanished when he saw Warai. Warai leaning over him. Warai, her back embedded with shuriken. Warai...dying.

"I said 'Watch Out,'" she sputtered, sweet blood slipping from her pale lips.

Naruto pushed her shoulder length black hair from her face and whispered frantically, his heart racing, "Hey! Hold on! I'll get you to a hospital!"

"Naruto..." she broke off into a coughing fit. Weakly she continued. "When you become Hokage, do me a favor?"

"Anything," he answered, eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"Make sure the world knows who saved your ass," she laughed more cherry red blood spurting from her lips. Naruto openly gaped at her. "Anyway," she mumbled, collapsing and closing her vibrant green eyes, "I'll see you on the other side." Her pierced lungs stopped working, her valiant heart stopped beating, and she stopped breathing.

Naruto let a single tear drop on to Warai's dirtied face. Then he turned his red eyes to the man who killed her and the ground around him burst into flames...

Months Later

Falling to his knees in front of the well polished stone he exhaled slowly. Naruto bowed his head letting his forehead hit the chiseled marble words.

Shourai Warai
A great friend and perfect angel. Your smile will be missed.

"It's me again," Naruto said quietly, hands folded in prayer. "Sakura is still upset about Sasuke. By the way she's been training under Tsunade!" Angry thunder clouds were rushing in, bringing the scent of rain with. "I wonder how Sasuke is doing," he continued, smiling up at the fading sun. "I really miss you," he whispered, eyes shining brightly. Rain started to fall. Sometime later the blonde would swear on his headband that he heard, in the pitter-patter of splashing raindrops a voice, a sweet melodious voice, sing out sadly.

"Why does the sky turn grey?"

The next Hokage had stood up and answered softly, "It's because someone, somewhere has lost someone special." He kissed the orange rose in his hands and let it fall in front of the grave. "I love you," he had whispered.


'Warai' means 'laugh, laughter, or smile.'
'Shourai' means 'future.'

'Why does the sky turn grey?' is a line of lyrics in a song I do not know the name of, nor do I know the artist.

And, though kind of short, it's done. [:

(Important Note: This is posted on Quizilla on the account name; Residing.Moon. For the record, this is my account, just so there is no confusion. Thanks!)
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