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Since I was 5 by Shmoobunny182

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I walked through the threshold. I didn't expect much, going by past experiences, but it was nicer than expected. Although the walls were a boring, dull, off-white, it wasn't too shabby of a place. The first room you walk into was the living room. The rest of the apartment consisted of a pretty small but good enough kitchen, a bedroom that could probably only fit nothing more than a bed and maybe a small desk, and a bathroom. It may not seem like much, but to Naruto, it was home. A home that would he would be there for him thick or thin, for hopefully, a long, long time.
Jiraiya put Naruto's bag that contained the little that he owned, in the bedroom, wished Naruto good luck in his new home, and they said they're goodbyes. 'Alone once again. Since I don't have anything to unpack, I guess I'll go take a walk around the area to pass the time.'With that said, Naruto walked out of his 'home' locked the door, and this time decided to go down on the stairs.
Once outside, Naruto decided to walk to the park. 'I think I saw one on the drive up hear.' Fifteen minutes on his walk later, he found himself at some random dog park. There was no signs in sight as to what the name of the park was but, Naruto figured that he could find that out later. Naruto spotted a lake and decided to walk around it and take a look. He closed his eyes and took a breath of fresh air and fell flat on his face. Wait what? “Oh jeez sorry man! Here, lemme help you up!” The brunette with canine sharp teeth held an outstretched hand towards the fallen blonde. “Thanks?” “No problem. Hey, I've never seen you around the area before. You new?” Yeah but, how would you know? You can't passably know everyone who hangs around here.” “Well, my family runs this dog park and I'm here pretty much every day. By the way, why don't you introduce yourself Blondie?” Naruto was a bit taken aback by the comment but let it go. “Uzumaki Naruto. Just moved here. I'm starting as a freshman at the local high school. Konoha high was it?” The brunette's face was plastered with the widest grin that Naruto had ever seen. “Hey, I go there to. Name's Inuzuka Kiba. Guess I'll be seeing you around then” And with that, Kiba waved goodbye and continued on with his jog around the park whilst looking for his white dog, Akamaru.
After about an hour of aimlessly walking around, Naruto decided it was best he be getting back to his apartment. He arrived home at about 7:30. He made himself his favorite instant ramen for dinner. After he gobbled up his food, Naruto watched a movie, 'Snakes on a Plan' to be exact, and ended up falling asleep somewhere after the line, “I've had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane!”
“hmmm....That was a good nap!” Naruto rubbed the remaining sleep from his tired eyes. He got up and walked straight to the kitchen to make some ramen. With Naruto eating ramen for pretty much, 3 square meals a day, it's a wonder he looks the way he does! He took a glance at the clock on the wall. 'Good it's still 7:45. School doesn't start until 8:00. I still have some time.' After a breakfast, Naruto did what he does every morning. Bathe, brush his teeth and hair, get dressed, and leave for school.
“BRINNGGGG” 'Phew... Just made it!' Naruto walked to the office to get his schedule for the his classes. The assistant Principle at the front desk toled Naruto to sit on one of the available chairs and wait until the Principle was ready to see him. Luckily, he didn't have to wait long. “Naruto-kun, you may come in now!” Came a sweet sounding voice from inside a smaller room inside the office. The assistant principle ushered him in the room and closed the door behind him leaving just Naruto and the principle in the room. “Ohayo Naruto-kun. I'm Principle Sarutobi. Welcome to Konoha High!” “Ohayo Sarutobi-sensei.” After they talked for about half an hour, Naruto was handed his schedual and was toled to go to homeroom.
According to the paper, Naruto's homeroom would be in room D6 and his homeroom teacher would be Umino Iruka. Naruto walked in the room and went to the teacher. They talked in a hushed tone to each other for a brief amount of time. The whole class was in whispers trying to figure who the new kid was. Over all the muffled noises a louder voice was hear calling, “Oi, Naruto-kun!” Shouted Kiba at his newest acquaintance. The class turned their head to Kiba then to the new blonde kid, newly discovered was called, Naruto. Naruto blushed in embarrassment. He wasn't used to attention. He never got much as a kid and wasn't so sure he exactly like it. It was their teacher Iruka who broke the awkward silence. “Thank you Kiba!” The teacher said in a stern but sort of relaxed, sarcastic voice. “Okay Naruto, why don't you introduce yourself to the rest of the class.” Naruto looked around the room nervously. “Um, Hello. I'm Naruto. I moved here from Japan, and I guess there isn't much else to say.” With that out of the way Iruka said, “You can go sit next to Kiba since you two seem like friends. Hope you like it here at our school!” And with that, Naruto took his seat in the class. “Yo, Naruto!” “Hey Kiba. Lucky we're in the same class huh?!” Kiba nodded in agreement.
After homeroom, Naruto went through all his classes. They were spent pretty much like homeroom was. Maybe a little different. He was toled to introduce himself and then the class went on to the lesson plan for the day. Lucky for him, Kiba was in all of the same classed with Naruto, so he didn't get lost and wouldn't be late for classes trying to find his way. It was 12:30 and that meant LUNCH TIME! Kiba and Naruto went to stand in line for food. Kiba ordered soba noodles and Naruto of course, got ramen. What else? Also, it was the cheapest thing on the menu so he didn't have much a choice. But being the ramen addict that he is, he didn't mind. Kiba led Naruto to the table he sat at every day. He introduced him to all his friends. “Everyone this is Naruto!” The group eyed him up from head to toe with curious eyes. “Naruto, the guy reading in the corner is Uchiha Sasuke, you don't want to get on his bad side. Trust me, I've been there. It's not pretty. Next to him on the right is Hyuuga Neji, the Hyuuga Hinata. They're cousins but they act more like brother and sister. Also, Neji is a year older. Then the blond one over there is Ino, her friend with the pink hair is Sakura. There is also Sabuku Gaara but I don't know where he could have wondered off to. Look out for a red head in the halls and in class. You can't miss him!” After that little, big introduction, they ate they're lunch and went off to they're next class Science. That was the last class of the day and then they were free! Surprisingly, Kiba wasn't in this class. 'Aw man, no Kiba this time...' 'But look, theres that Sasuke kid 'Yeah you're right. Naruto took it upon himself to sit next to the profound Uchiha. Sasuke looked up at Naruto. 'Hmmm...Someone's looking sexy this afternoon.' A rather devious image came to mind! 'OH CRAP! I should not be thinking stuff like that!' Naruto looked away from Sasuke-kun, and diverted his attention to what the teacher was writing on the board. The teacher for this class was Orochimaru-sensei. He was writing some equation on the bored and babbling on about something on air pressure. Naruto managed to get through the rest of class without hesitation and without thinking of Sasuke. BRRRIINNGGGG!!! 'Thank god school is done for the day!!!!' Naruto was the first one to leave the room. He ran out like a speeding bullet.'even after a long day of school that Japanese kid, Naruto was his name? I can't believe he still has the energy to be all hyper.' Sasuke wondered on about the new kid sadly for the rest of the day. He pondered about it on the walk home from school. He could have ridden in the limo like he usually does but, he felt like walking. He needed to clear his mind of all thoughts on Naruto. He decided that he just shouldn't waste his thoughts on such a matter. 'If this boy comes to be something of importance to me, then maybe I'll talk to him. He seems almost normal enough' With that thought in mind, Sasuke arrived home to his mansion. He actually hated living in this place. It brought back so many bad memories but also many good times spent with his beloved family. 'I miss them so much...' Sasuke wasn't feeling like the most chipper of people right now. He ran upstairs to his room. He went to his desk, pulled out a small razor blade, and started doing what he did best. Especially at time when he was feeling down. 'When will these stupid, unnecessary feelings end!?'
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