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Since I was 5 by Shmoobunny182

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Enjoy
'Hmmm... maybe this won't be so bad. After all... It's not the first time. I've been moving from place to place since I was five. Let's just hope this is better than the last place...' The road seemed to go on for ever.
Uzumaki Naruto. Age 15. Jiraiya was driving Naruto to Vancouver, Canada. Great, more sitting...' The problem was, he had been sitting on an airplane from Japan, (where Naruto was born and raised all his life) for ten hours, and he was starting to get a little fidgety. After a twenty minute car ride, the car finally stopped. As soon as the engine was turned off, Naruto immediately jumped out of the car with the need to stretch his legs and run around a bit. So he did. After he felt refreshed, it was Jiraiya's turned to talk. “Now, Naruto. This is your new home.” Naruto looked ahead with awe at the tall apartment in view. It looked about fifteen stories but that was just a guesstimate.
It didn't look to bad by his standards. Naruto and Jiraiya walked in silence into the unexplored apartment lobby. Unexplored by him anyway. Naruto waited in the center of the spectacular lobby by a beautiful water fountain that was shaped like a koi fish on a wave. The whole fountain was made from shiny marble. Jiraiya was currently sighing papers about the apartment like deeds and other various contracts.
“Arigato gozaimasu.” Jiraiya walked back to Naruto. “Oi, let's go up.” Naruto followed Jiraiya to the elevator. He watched the older man pushed the button with a big sparkling black number on it. Number thirteen. Isn't that an unlucky number? Oh well. 'Ding. Hm... very enthusiastic Naruto...' Naruto's other half said to well, his normal, other half. 'Oh shut up!' 'What ever.' The elevator door slid opened and the pair walked in. The door closed and up they went. “Ugghhh....” An unsettling noise that Naruto usually always made when in moving vehicles like elevators and boats too. Sometimes even cars, and occasionally airplanes too but, he had to much self pride to show his feelings or ask for help. Although, sometimes it's okay.
“You okay, kid?” Jiraiya asked in a concerned manner. “Yeah. Just elevators and I don't mix well...” 'I guess I'll just have to get used to it. So much for a comforting place to live. Not like I have a choice. An apartment is all I can afford on the money that the orphanage gives me each month. Sad part about it is it's less allowance money than I would get if I had agreed to spend another 'god know how much amount of time' with yest another, foster family. So me begging for my own place is worth it. Even if I get less many. Truth is, I hate switching homes, in what is probably every couple of months.'
The elevator dinged yet another time, and the door opened. Naturally, Naruto Jumped out of moving box of doom!
Jiraiya broke the silence first as the two walked down the long, thin, hallway. “It's apartment number 13-10. Your rent for the year is all paid so don't worry about paying monthly bills and stuff like that. We all know you're not good with numbers!” Wait, what? 'Did he just make fun of me?' 'I think he just did!' “Hey!” Naruto snapped back after taking time to himself to realize his companions, questionable comment of a joke. “Just toying with you” “Well, it's not very funny!” 'Well it is a little bit funny' Jiraiya though to himself. Finally they came to a stop. The door that lay ahead read, 13-10. “Well this is it!” Jiraiya said. He fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out a shiny new key for the apartment that was to be all Naruto's. His and no one else's! Naruto put on a big cheeky grim that spread from the corners of his face! He was very excited as most people may be when they buy their first house! Although he was very excited, in his mind, he was also a bit scared. It's not easy going on your own for the first time. Especially at such a young age. 'Hm... I'm used to being on my own. It's not like the people who fostered me before ever took much notice when I was around, let alone, not there at all. In fact, i sorta ran away from the last folks. I wonder when or if they noticed I'm gone yet. Probably not.' Naruto had more important things to worry about than the past. Like the future! He would be starting school soon and there was no time to dwell on the tragedy that was his life. There would be other times for that. Just, not yet. “Hey kid, you comin'?” “Yeah” And in I went. Into the apartment and, also into the start of my new life.
Chapter end notes: Will update as soon as possible.
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