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True Sensei by wolf of rasengan

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: I don't own Naruto in any way.
Chapter notes: I do not own Naruto in any way. While during the process of writing Rising Sun, it was decided that another story should be released. I will update the Rising Sun as soon as possible.

“Alright team, meet me the Hokage Tower at eight a.m. tomorrow okay,” says the one-eyed jounin with an eye smile. Kakashi then leaves in a swirl of leaves, leaving his genin subordinates alone in the area.

“Sasuke, do you want to go out on a date with me,” asks a pink haired girl, hoping to finally get a date with the number one rookie of the year.

Her response was from her ‘beloved’ crush was a, “humph,” as he walks away brooding the whole time.

“Hey Sakura can you cut me down please,” asks a short blonde haired preteen who is currently tied up to a post.

“Shut up Naruto, can’t you see I’m busy with Sasuke,” screeches out Sakura as she chases after her crush leaving her teammate all alone in training area seven.

“Come on guys, this isn’t funny,” shouts out Naruto hoping that this was just some silly prank that his sensei and teammates was playing on him. “Come on Kakashi-sensei joke’s over.” Soon realization dawned on his young mind, “they left me, they don’t care about me at all.” sigh “Sometimes I wonder if Mizuki was right about how nobody cares for me. I know I have Iruka-sensei and the old man, but that’s not enough, it can never be.”

It had been at least five hours and we still find the blonde tied up to the post like some sacrifice to wild animals that live in the forest surrounding the training ground. Naruto was awoken from his nap when his stomach began to growl in need of food. He lifts his head and begins to scan the surrounding landscape hoping to find someone that will help him, he soon notices that it almost dark, and the sun has almost set. “Looks like I’ll be here all night.” With that Naruto passes into a world known as unctuousness.

It was late at night when a man walks into the training ground; the man stood an impressive height with the ability to easily tower over everyone else in the village. The figure wore a black trench coat, under it he wore black baggy pants with a large amount of exterior pockets easily seen. On both of his legs were weapons pouches, which were easily secured by some white tape. His torso was covered by some strange armor, were he wore a skin tight black shirt over revealing his massive muscles. The sleeves of his coat ended at his wrist; on his hands he wore black fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back of his hand. His face could never be describes, for he wore an eerie mask that resembles a human skull that covered his whole head.

As he walked through the area with stealth that could never be rivaled, which is odd due to the huge steel-toed combat boots he wore, by any known predators in existence. As he made his way through the area he finds a child tied up to the post passed out. With a flick of his wrist he sends a kunai towards the blonde.

Thunk, the kunai finds its target, freeing the blonde from the ropes that held him prisoner. As he starts to fall forward he is easily caught by the masked man, who picks him up bridal style. After checking the young boy to see if he was alright, he then heads out towards the village.

As sunlight streams into a room, a young blonde hair teen wakes up in a warm and extremely comfortable bed. “Where am I?” The smell of freshly cooked food soon invades his senses, with the delicious scent attacking his senses his stomach begins to complain about the lack of food. Deciding to follow his gut, he walks into a small kitchen where a mammoth of a man was setting some food on the table.

Naruto couldn’t get a good look at the man due to the cloak with a hood that hid his face completely in shadow. “Who is this guy?”

“Please sit,” says the man, whose deep voice echoes with power, while gesturing to a chair at the opposite side of the table that he was standing beside.

“Thanks,” Naruto says while obediently sitting down in the chair assigned to him by his host. The man only nods handing Naruto a tall glass of milk, along with a large plate of rice, fruit, and some other types of food. When the plates landed on the table Naruto instantly began stuffing himself full, pigging out on whatever was available to him.

“You seem hungry,” stats the giant of the man as he sits himself down onto a chair, helping himself to some eggs. Seeing a child stuff his face like that disgusted him, he knew why the boy ate the way he did. One good look at the boy’s rib cage was more than enough of an answer; it surprised him that the boy was still alive with all the malnutrition that he suffered. “Tell me child, what is your name?”

“Naruto Uzumaki,” says the blonde between shovels full of food. All the man did was study him, or so he thought, like he was some kind of new discovery.

“Naruto please answer me this, why were you tied to that post like some sort of sacrifice,” says the stranger noticing a very subtle emotion of betrayal flash through the boy eyes.

“My teammates and sensei left me there after our test that made us official members of team seven,” says Naruto dropping his head low trying to hide the pain he felt. However, this did not go unnoticed by his host who was studying the boy trying to figure out what to do in this situation.

“Who is your sensei?”

“Kakashi Hatake.”

“Hmm, so that emotionally damaged brat is a jounin instructor of a genin team? What is that old fool Sarutobi thinks he’s doing?”

“What do you mean?”

“Kakashi has always been unstable; his family put tremendous pressure on him since he was a small child forcing him to be a genius. At a very young age he had lost both of his parents, along with his teammates, and finally he lost his sensei the Fourth Hokage.” At the mention of the Fourth he notices Naruto flinch, “so you know, huh?”

“Yes, one of my teachers at the academy told me, when he had me steal The Forbidden Scroll out of the Hokage Tower.”

“You managed to break into the tower and steal a scroll that holds some of the village’s most guarded techniques?”

“Well I had help from Mizuki.”

“He went in there with you?”

“No, he just told me about the scroll and where it was located; he waited for me out in the woods a good distance from the tower.”

“So you went into a highly secured area by yourself and stole something of high value from the vicinity. That fit’s the description of an SS-class mission, especially if there was the ANBU.”

“Well, there weren’t many ANBU, but the old man was there.”


“Old man Hokage”

“Why do you call him that?”

“I don’t know; I always call him that.”

“Ha ha, I can’t think of anyone who had enough balls to call him that to his face!” thought the man to himself. “Interesting, were you able to avoid detection?”

“Well yes, at least until I was on my out; that’s when the old man found me.”

“What did you do then; I’m sure that a boy your age would be no match for a Kage level shinobi, no matter how old he is?”

“I kind ah, used this jutsu that I created,” says the blonde scratching the back of his head embarrassed by the attention that he was finally receiving after all of the years of neglect.

“Hmm, what is he so embarrassed about? He couldn’t have been treated so badly, that any form of attention could have him blushing.” “Naruto, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself,” he says trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. “I know I haven’t been in the village for a few years, and I just got back the day before. Sigh, this is going to be a looooong day.”

As the boy told him about his past the man couldn’t help but think, “Man, the fourth would be soooo pissed by how this village has treated this boy, his legacy.”

“From the way you were forced to raise yourself, I can just sense the potential rolling off of you. You said that you were to meet your team at the tower by eight, right?”

“Yup, hey what time is it,” asks the genin noticing how there were no clocks in the man’s house, since he did not have a watch, or knew how to tell the time by using the sun.

“Well according to the position of the sun, I’d say you have about twenty minutes until you have to meet your team and sensei at the tower,” says the man spitting out the words ‘team and sensei’ in great disgust.

“Just wondering, what part of the village are we in?”

“We are in the west part of the village about three and a half miles from the tower. You don’t need to worry, I need to be their about the same time as you to make a report to the Hokage about a mission I had.”

“Okay.” Naruto jumps in his seat feeling someone touching his shoulder; he turns his head seeing the man out of his seat standing next to him with his hand on his shoulder. Naruto does a double take, “how the hell did you get so fast?”

“Oh nothing special, just some weight training that’s all,” says the man using a body flicker technique to transport them to the tower. They reappear seconds later in front of the Hokage Tower in a swirl of flames.

“Man, you have got to teach me that jutsu,” shout out the energetic blonde still standing next to the giant.

“Maybe later,” says the man chuckling at the blonde’s eagerness to learn. “Minato would be so proud of you Naruto, his son.” “Why don’t you go and meet with your team, huh?”

“Okay meet you later, mister?”

“Please Naruto, just call me Skull-sensei,” says the man giving the boy a slight bow of respect. “It would be a great honor if you allowed me the privilege of training someone who has the potential to surpass all the other Hokages.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I never kid, kid,” says Skull pulling down his hood to reveal his skull like mask. “Till we meet again my future Lord Hokage,” says the man with another small bow of respect to his student, who returns the bow to his new sensei with a true smile on his face and tears of happiness in his eyes.

“Thank you, my true sensei,” whispers out the blonde to his sensei as he heads towards the Hokage’s office.

Chapter end notes: Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any ideas I will gladly appreciate them.
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