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Monster by A Vampires Butterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hi there! Violet or A Vampires Butterfly here! Wow...It's seems like it has been a while, huh? Oh guess what?! I have been on here a whole year! Officially! Cool, huh? And I am finally fourteen! *fists air in victory* So yeah...I'm not sure why I wrote this, since it really...isn't that good...Though I really like it...I don't know >.< Oh and I am planning on having a Valentine's Day fic, so being watching out for that, ne? ^-~ With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
Do you see me now?

Do you respect me now?

Do you need me now?

I think I hate you just enough now. I don’t think I could hate you anymore then I do.



Oh no. I could never hate you more than I do right now.

This feels so good. Your blood…Warm…Dripping…Off of my hands. I have waited for this day for so long. I can’t stop digging my hands into your bleeding veins. Do you feel it? Do you feel my fingers prodding and pulling at your skin? Tearing it away from you? Do you feel it?

Of course not. You’re dead. You’re finally dead.

I could bathe in your blood, you know.

I’ve worked so hard for this day. I think I deserve a reward.

I could cut off your head, put it in a jar, and put it over my bed.

No that would be too messy…

I could cut off your fingers, one by one, and bury them in my yard. Oh, I mean our yard.

No, I want to see your death everywhere I go.

I could cut off your hair. No pull it out, strand by strand, maybe wear it as a necklace? Or make it into a rope?

I could do so many things. I could relive every one of my dreams.

You have no idea how good this feels…

Or maybe you do?

Did it feel this good when you did it? Did you feel their blood, running from your fingers? Did you lick it off? Did you smirk? Did you close your eyes in pure bliss of the final, killing strike?

Yes…You did, didn’t you? You enjoyed your killings as much as I do mine.

I am like you, aren’t I?

No matter what I do…No matter what I try…No matter who I leave…

I’m exactly like you.

I’m a killer. I’ve killed. I enjoy…Actually enjoy…Your blood on my hands. I can’t stop reliving the moment. The sounds you made. The feel of my sword ripping through your neck. How you tried to laugh as you fell to the ground, only to have it turn into a gurgle. How I cut your body again and again, till I ran out of breath. How I fell to my knees...Next to your body…In a pool of your blood…

And laughed.

And laughed.

Until I couldn’t breathe anymore.

Till I was crying.

This moment. This day. This is the thing I have spent my whole life working for. It doesn’t matter what happened before. Or what will happen after. All that matters is this moment right now. The moment your breath stopped. The moment your heart stop beating. The moment you smiled up at me and said…

‘You’re finally strong enough…You’re finally…me…’

The moment you died and fell to the ground.

That is all that matters. I am finally strong enough. I am. I will never wash my hands of your blood. I will never give up this memory. I don’t care what happens after this. As long as your body is cold and stiff…Nothing else matters.

I laugh again and wipe my bloody hands up and down my face and through my hair. It is cold now, but I don’t care. I taste your blood on my lips and laugh again, tears running down my face. Nothing else matters.

I’m a monster.

I killed.

I betrayed.

I avenged.

I turned myself into you.

Without even knowing.

Until it was too late.

You planned this all out, didn’t you?

Everyone tried to warn me, but I didn’t listen.

I still won’t go back. I can’t now. There is nothing left for me there, or anywhere else. My life is fulfilled. My life’s promise was fulfilled the moment you fell. The moment your blood dripped onto my hands.

The blood is starting to dry on my skin.

It is itchy, but I don’t move to remove it.

I lifted up the same knife that killed you and laugh again, staring you straight in your lifeless eyes.

I’m a monster.

I’m you.

And I won’t allow another you to live.

I slice my throat quickly and laugh again, making the same gurgle you made.

I fall next to you, feeling my blood mix with yours on my skin.

I stare into your dead eyes and smile.

“Aren’t you proud, dear brother? I’m a monster. Just. Like. You. Aren’t you proud…Itachi?” I ask in a blood filled whisper.

You don’t answer.

I fall back to the ground.

A smile on my face for the first time in a long time.

I did it.

I finally succeeded.

No monsters are left alive.

All the monsters are dead.


I can rest now…

I let my eyes slide closed and my arms fall limp.

Nothing matters anymore.

Nothing will ever matter ever again.

‘Aren’t you proud, father? Mother? Aniki? I finally did it…I finally did all that was asked of me…’


Naruto found their bodies a few hours after Sasuke’s death. Blood stained the ground and Sasuke’s sword lay still in his hand, covered in Uchiha blood. Naruto walked to Sasuke’s dead body. His blue eyes were lifeless. He had long ago lost hope in Sasuke. But he still hadn’t given up. And now…

He looked at Itachi’s body, covered in cuts, his skin pulled and mangled at some places. His hair was cut and pulled, tattered. His throat was cut the deepest, almost all the way through.

Naruto sighed and shook his head. He saw the smile on Sasuke face, frozen forever.

At least one person had died happy.

Naruto closed his eyes for just a moment, letting only one tear fall to the ground before picking up Sasuke’s body. He would clean it. He would wash off the blood and make the body more acceptable. He would make sure Sasuke would be known as a hero. As the avenger of the Uchiha clan. He would make sure everyone thought Itachi had made a last killing blow just as Sasuke killed the monster.

No one would ever know that Naruto’s best friend…His…his something else…Was a monster…


Sasuke was to be known as a hero.

His name would be carved on the memorial stone.

And Naruto would visit him every day.

And he would forget the sight he had just seen.

He would live a lie for the rest of his life.

And never believe that he had…


Such an evil…


Chapter end notes: Drop me a review? Hm? With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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