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Little Planets by hypersoda

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Story notes: I'm new to posting stories on here, so please bear with me, okay? If there's some categories that don't fit, please let me know. Also, I wasn't so sure about what to rate it. It only had cursing, so I gave it a 12/12A.

And yes, for those of you who have seen this on, yes, I'm the same author!!! The story is the same, but the author's notes have been taken out.

And for those seeing the story for the first time, this story is named after the first Ueki no Housoku (Law of Ueki) ending theme. Don't ask....I was listening to it when I thought of the story. I don't even like Ueki.
Little Planets

Sasuke stared out his car window. He was moving to another home. But, still, what did he care? It wasn't like anything would change within his family. Everyone would focus on his brother, and not him. That was the way it worked. Once there's a perfect someone, nobody cares about who came before and after that person. They just care about them and only them.


What kind of family is that?

His family, obviously.

He sighed. He never understood how his family would practically abandon someone just to use another as a trophy.

His car pulled up to the house, past the wrought iron gate. Sasuke looked up at his new house. He hadn't been with his parents when they had gone to see it; he had been in school at the time. Seeing it now, he wondered how his parents even picked it out. It was an okay-looking house; it was all original, the siding and roofing a bit beat-up in some areas, but nothing too dramatic. He wondered how a house like that managed to survive for so long without being damaged too severely.

“The house was abandoned years ago,” his father began to explain.

“I wonder why nobody bought it?” his mother asked. “It's in pretty good shape, and it was pretty inexpensive. We'll be remodeling it soon.”

If nobody's buying it, then why would you? There must be a reason, right?

Sasuke had been in a daze due to staring out the window for so long. He hadn't realized that everyone had gotten out and started to unpack things from his car. He didn't even feel like getting out. Wherever they moved, nothing worked out. His father always had to move because of his job, although they said that this was his last move. He never made any friends, and it wasn't like he had anyone that cared about him, nor did he have anyone to care about. He was alone.

Sasuke didn't want to think about his future living in this new place. He wished that he had a perfect world. Okay, strike that. Nothing is perfect. But still, it wasn't like he had wished to be all alone. In his imaginary world, he had someone.


Sasuke climbed up the stairs of the house with a couple of small boxes. The floorboards creaked with every step, and the stairs had splinters. The banister was even broken in some places.

He finally reached the top step, and went down the hallway to his room. On his way, he passed his brother, who gave him a light shove. He fell to the floor, dropping his boxes on the way. He sighed. It had always been like this. Itachi knew that Sasuke hated him. The real truth was, Itachi never wanted them to have a relationship like this. But because of his family pushing him so hard and giving him attention, Sasuke grew jealous, and, in time, they began to hate each other. Deep down, Sasuke felt the same way. Still, they were so different. Sure, they both didn't like their parents, but at least Itachi had friends, people who really cared about him.

Sasuke gathered his things and proceeded to walk the rest of the way to his room. Once in there, he tripped over a loose floorboard, receiving a few splinters when he hit the ground. He managed to get them out on his own, then he took notice of what his room looked like. One of the windows had been boarded up. Much of the room was covered in dust. Sasuke stood up on the mattress that was already in his room (the movers had gotten there before the family did) and slapped away a cobweb in a corner of the ceiling. It was then that he took notice of the walls. The wallpaper was yellowed and it was peeling.

And they said that they'd at least clean this place up.

He grumbled as more boxes and furniture were being moved in to his room. By the end of the day, Sasuke was exhausted. He flopped down onto his bed and almost fell asleep immediately. However, he couldn't stop thinking about school. He was already starting the next day, and he wasn't sure if he could handle it.


“Okay, class. We have a new student. This is Uchiha Sasuke. Please make him feel welcome here at his new school.”

How many times had he heard that? This one probably counted as number 7. He took a seat all the way in the back of the room. Everyone had been looking at him the same way. He knew why.

“That's one of the kids that moved into that house...”

“He's probably a freak or something...why else would anyone move in there?”

From then on, he knew that he was probably never going to fit in.


Sasuke ran up the stairs into his room. He had had a terrible first day. Nobody talked to him, hell, no one would even go near him.

It continued to be this way for several weeks on end; Sasuke running up to his room, having been all alone the entire day. Nobody was going to speak to him, and he knew it. And it was all because of the damn house that he lived in!

He grew enraged, and punched the wall. He was surprised by his sudden outburst. Shit, he was going to pay for this later. However, something else caught his eye. It was a small book, maybe about the size of your normal day planner. When he flipped through it, he realized that it was a diary. Its pages were yellowed, and the ink had faded a bit, but he could make out most of the words on the pages. Silently, he read to himself some of the entries that were written in it:

July 14, 1952,

Wow! I can't believe that this house has been finished! I can't wait to see my own room! It looks humongous on the outside, so I can't imagine what it will look like inside!

July 16, 1952,

I've settled into this house a bit, but it's not like it matters. Although they adopted me, my parents never payed any attention to me. Well, they did give me all the necessities that I needed to live, such as food, but it's not like they cheered me on or anything. For crying out loud, they gave me this little tiny room. There are a couple of windows that look out into the backyard, although they are a bit fogged up for some reason.

Sasuke looked at his wall for a moment. The window that had not been boarded up was a bit cloudy, and yes it did allow him to see the backyard. He realized that his room was probably the smallest in the house. He read on.

January 30, 1953,

I know that it's been a while since I've last written, but I haven't been in the mood to write about my life story lately. School started again at the end of September, and everything is the same as it always is. I have no friends, my family barely does anything, and no one will ever care about me.

Sasuke gasped. This boy had been just like him. Okay, maybe not exactly, but he was still in a similar situation.

He continued to read and he found out that the boy had carved his initials into the bottom of one of the walls. He also learned that the boy later became very sick. The last entry was very short; he guessed that the boy's condition continued to deteriorate to the point until he could no longer live. He never found any kind of love.

Using a flashlight, he looked under his bed, and there he found the boy's initials carved into the wall.


Those were the boy's initials.

He became sad. For some reason, he wished that he could have met him. They could have been friends, and then all of their suffering would have been over.

He looked back into the hole in the wall that he had found, where he noticed that there was a ladder reaching down underground. It had apparently been the boy's secret hideaway when he just wanted to get away from everything. He didn't want to climb down it, but it felt like something was pulling him down there, a force that he couldn't fight. Quickly, he climbed down, but he didn't realize how late it was.

When he got down there, all he could see was pitch black. He turned his flashlight back on, only to find a small room with concrete walls. Just then, he felt something behind him. He turned and saw what seemed like a shadow of something, only it was something more. When it began to move, however, he realized that this figure was the shadow of what the boy once was. His hand began to move towards Sasuke, as if to tell him that it was okay. It was then that Sasuke knew; he cared about him, and the boy knew. The boy, Naruto, had been watching Sasuke all this time. He had begun to care about him, too.

Sasuke took the figure's hand. He didn't know how this was going on. He could feel the figure, yet he could see through it. He felt the other boy's palm touch his; he feel could the warmth being shared between them. No. It wasn't possible. This was all a dream. This couldn't be happening.

Could it?

The boy came closer, and snuggled into Sasuke's chest. Sasuke could now see his details now; the whisker-like scars on his cheeks, his serene blue eyes, his blond hair, and his orange outfit. He could feel his shirt becoming wet. The boy was crying tears of happiness. After all this time, he finally had someone. Sasuke, now realizing this, felt his eyes water a bit. He pulled the boy into a tighter embrace, and the boy's face got closer to Sasuke.

It continued to travel closer until they could not travel anymore. Yes, they were kissing. For a moment, the boy's body formed in Sasuke's arms. It was not an illusion anymore, this was real. A flesh and blood body had formed in his arms. However, that only lasted for a moment. The boy's body began to fade into thin air. He smiled.

“Thank much...”

Sasuke began to cry right then and there. He couldn't help it; it was his first time experiencing love, and now it was being taken away from him just like that!

Just then, Naruto raised his fading finger to Sasuke's lips, telling him not to cry. He told them that they would see each other again.

Sasuke just needed to wait.

And with that, what was left of him disappeared into the air and sparkled. Sasuke stared at it in a daze for the longest time. Finally, he realized that he had been down there for a long time. He went upstairs to go to bed, but he realized that no time had passed since the time when he went down there. Had time frozen? That, Sasuke didn't know.


Two years later...

Sasuke sat at his desk. Yes, he was alone as usual. Two years had already passed since what had happened in his home that night. It still seemed like a fantasy. But it had happened. When his parents had finished renovating his home, they announced that they were definitely going to stay there.

Sasuke sighed. Something that had taken so long to gain had been taken away from him so quickly. Still, he had managed to carry on. He managed to remain happy. He had this feeling that Naruto would come back to him.

“Class, may I have your attention, please?” the teacher announced. The entire class sighed. He was probably going to give another lecture on the joys of youth.

“We have a new student.” Just then, a boy with blond hair and blue eyes walked in. He wore an orange track suit and he had whisker-like scars on his face.

“Everyone, this is Uzumaki Naruto.”

Sasuke smiled. Everything was going to be better from now on. His angel had finally returned to him.
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