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Daily Report 2 THE EXTREME! by Noleta

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hey this is my new story! If you like it please leave a comment a the bottom! Oh and also if you have some news you would like to share with TONFA also ask me to add to the next show and I'll see what I can do....
*Note: Some news reports have nothing to do with TONFA..There are some spoofs of some reports I saw on TV.
Disclaimer: i don't own naruto but if i did, don't you think the world would be so much funnier! Masashi Kishimoto you better look out cause one day when you're not looking I'm gonna snatch all of Naruto away from you....Yeah! Oh and by the way I don't own Tammy-chan either, she belongs to Bushtuckapenguin.

*News opening sequence plays*

Noleta: Welcome to the first showing of the Daily Report *dramatic music* 2 THE EXTREME!

Kierra: I thought we weren't gong to do that anymore....

Noleta: It's become a habit.....but on a more serious note..Our top story today is a Konoha ninja by the name of Chouji is sueing a local Konoger (note: spoof of Kroger and Konoha put together)supermarket saying that it is their fault that he now has a horrible disease. We'll be back with that after a quick Traffic Report with Lore. Lore how do the streets look out there?

Lore: The streets are pretty crowded due to an accident. I am about to speak to one of the people who's carriage (they don't have cars) got wrecked.

Kiba: *waves at the camera* Hi Mom!

Lore: Could you tell me what exactly happened?

Kiba: Well I was at a red light waiting for it to turn green. I was late for a date with Hinata so I wanted to get their as fast as I could. Suddenly two green flashes past infront of my carriage and I thought it was the light changing so...that pretty much set off a dominoe effect.

Lore: What actually were the green flashes?

Kiba: They were Gai and Lee coming back from the Curry of Life Restaurant.

Lore: I can hear the mob knocking on their door now....Back to you Noleta.

Noleta: I am hear with Chouji asking him about the details of this lawsuit...Choiji, why exactly are sueing Konoger?

Chouji: The Konoger brand chips i bought from there gave me lung disease....

Noleta: Isn't true though that you eat 20-30 bags of those same chips per day?

Chouji: Yeah so?

Noleta: isn't it obvoius that that much junk food will cause you illness...

Chouji: No where on the bag of chips did I ever see such a warning....

Noleta: >_< I've been keeping it cool this whole time but your stupidity will have to pay! *knocks Chouji out with her frying pan* Oh and by the way you can't sue me because I have a warning on my shirt that reads 'Those with stupidity will pay'. While I calm down lets go to Kierra for a weather report....

Kierra: Hello there TONFA! Todays weather is warm and sun shiney! But don't count for that to last to long because then global warming will swoop in and create blizzards around the world!

Noleta: How does that work?

Kierra:......I have no idea, that's just what happens.

Noleta: Back to some more TONFA related news...Priest has finally left someone else in charge of TONFA, her name is Bushtuckapenguin but she likes to go simply by Tucka. Tucka just so ahppens to have an OC so I decided to invite her on the show to ask her a few questions. Please welcome Tammy-chan!

Tammy-chan: Hi it's great to be here....

Noleta: So, what's it like running the best website in the world?

Tammy-chan: Let me tell ya, it's hard but it's worth it in the end when I get to see all the great fics written!

Noleta: Well thank you for coming it was great having you on the show!

Tammy-chan: Is that it?

Noleta: Yes.....

Tammy-chan: *grumbles something about this being a waste of time*

Noleta: It's time for an exciting portion of Kierra Gossip Korner and yes I know Korner is spelt wrong....It was Kierras idea...

Kierra: Hello again! I have some great gossip today. I heard that...*dramatic pause* Kiba and Hinata were going out.....

Noleta: Sorry to butt in but didn't Kiba admit he was going out with Hinata during the Traffic Reort?

Kierra (in her mind): I can't believe she just made a fool of me on TV! I'll show her!

Kierra: And in other juicy gossip Noleta lost her virginity to Naruto....

Noleta: SHUT UP!!! *starts sweating like crazy*

Kierra: It's true?

Noleta hits Kierra over the head and drags her unconcious body into the supply closet.

Noleta: Okay were going to Lore with the top ten!

Lore: Todays Top Ten category is 10 most favorite authors.
1. Chibi
2. foxfire
3. A Vampires Butterfly
4. Oni Chan
5. AllieChan
6. Rasengan22
7. Questofdreams
8. JBMcDragon
9. Deadly Dream
10. Makkura Arashi
There you have it! The Top Ten most beloved Authors lets give them a round of applause!

Noleta: I know some people are dissapointed in me for ending my last fanfic so I'm bringing the best part of it to the Daily Report. It's time for TNT! Torturing Neji Time! I set up a hidden camera in Nejis room...Let's look at some footage!

Neji is sitting in his room doing nothing....he does that for a while untill he starts picking his nose...

Noleta: Ewww That's gross....Well Thats been our Daily Report! Hope you have a great day or night depending on where you are! BYE!
Chapter end notes: Same thing as the chapter notes....I'd also be willing to advertise your story....
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