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A Magical Mission by suzieuchiha

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K.Rowling and Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto (Not me!) Note: I wasn't originally going to post this on here (It was only going to be on FF. net) but my friend encouraged me to so I thought I would. You kind of need to know a bit about the Harry Potter books to get the full benefit of this story.
Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto or Harry Potter (it would not be safe if I did)

Warnings: Yaoi/shonen ai/BL (what ever you want to call it), swearing, Japanese (I will include translations)

Translations: (As I will probably be using little bits of Japanese to show that the Naruto cast are swapping between Japanese and English)

Ano “ Um

Nani “ What

Sugoi “ Amazing

Ikusei “ Let’s go

Ite - Ouch

Teme “ Bastard/Sasuke

Baka “ Idiot/Stupid

Dobe “ Moron/Idiot/Dead last/Naruto

So ka “ I see

Uruse “ Shut up

Usuratonkachi “ Moron etc.
Looking around Kings Cross Station Naruto scratched the back of his neck in puzzlement.

“Ano, Sakura, are you sure you got the platform number right?” he asked tentatively, it was always safer to be careful with what you said around the fiery tempered kunoichi.

“Yes!” she snapped. “It says right here on the tickets Kakashi-sensei gave us: Hogwarts Express, Platform 9 !” She was getting more and more pissed off by the second.

Sasuke stood the tallest of the three ninja. He was watching the crowds move around them very carefully. Then suddenly he wasn’t standing beside his team mates any more. Sakura and Naruto looked on as Sasuke leaned against a wall looking thoroughly uninterested in everything (a skill Sasuke was only too good at). But Naruto had been Sasuke’s team mate too long not to recognise that look: he was listening, hard. Nearby there was a ticket barrier and in front of it stood a large group of people all of whom had flaming red hair. Whatever they were discussing appeared to have Sasuke thoroughly hooked.

“What is he doing? We have to find platform 9 now! The train leaves in five minutes!” hissed Sakura.

Naruto turned to stop her from interfering; she just couldn’t read Sasuke like he could! When he turned back the red-headed family were gone and Sasuke was stood in front of the ticket barrier staring at it with such an intensity it was as though he was trying to melt it with his eyes. He turned slightly towards the other two and summoned them to him with a flick of his head that set black bangs waving.

Hitching up his large backpack Naruto marched over to the raven haired teen not bothering to check if Sakura was following; he knew she was.

“Through here.” Sasuke said gesturing at the very solid looking barrier.

“Nani?!” Exclaimed Naruto.

But before he could protest further Sasuke had grabbed both Naruto and Sakura’s wrists and dragged them through the barrier. Naruto was thoroughly shocked when he didn’t crash into the barrier and Sakura gave a cry of amazement.

“I saw that family of wizards do it.” Sasuke told them in answer to Naruto’s questioning look. “And if you don’t close your mouth, Naruto, I’m going to put something in it.”

Naruto closed his gaping jaw before smiling slyly. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” Answered Sasuke shortly, though he had a small blush on his face as he turned to survey Platform 9 .

Naruto let out a low whistle at the sight of the magnificent, scarlet steam engine. “Sugoi! Ikusei!” he shouted making to run towards the Hogwarts Express only to be pulled back by a firm hand on the strap of his rucksack. “Ite!” He whined scowling at Sasuke. “Sasuke-teme!”

“Calm down, Dobe, this is a mission not some bizarre school trip. Think like a ninja for once in your life!”

“I do think like a ninja! I’m the best ninja there is! Believe it!” he shouted, causing a few nearby students to stare.

“Then stop shouting about being a ninja, Naruto no Baka!” shouted Sakura just as loudly.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, hoping no one nearby could speak Japanese. Naruto was being extra loud due to the excitement of starting a new mission in a foreign country and in a world filled with magic no less. Sasuke started towards the train not really caring whether the others were following. He quickly located an empty compartment and pushed the door closed in Naruto’s face. Naruto held his nose and moaned loudly as he sat down.

“Ano, you guys, do you think maybe our disguises weren’t complete enough?” Sakura asked quietly, regarding her muggle clothes with despair. They had all had to change out of their ANBU outfits to avoid unnecessary attention and it had taken her ages to find an outfit she liked that was also practical for a ninja. In the end she had settled for sewing extra weapons pockets throughout her lumpy jacket and carrying kunai in her new boots, which she felt went rather well with her miniskirt.

“What makes you say that Sakura-chan?” Naruto asked innocently, he wore baggy jeans, an orange t-shirt and also had a rather lumpy jacket. Sasuke had forbidden him from wearing his old orange jumpsuit again.

“Well, people kept staring at me.”

“It’s your hair.” Sasuke told her flatly, his clothes were also quite plain but out of all of them, Sakura felt, he most resembled the classic idea of a ninja. With a black polo neck jumper and tight back jeans, all he needed was a balaclava.

“So, ka.” She said slowly with a look of dawning comprehension.

Naruto frowned; he knew if he’d said that she’d have hit him. She still treated Sasuke preferentially after all this time and in this situation. He and Sasuke had been together for nearly a year now and even if they only acted like friends (bickering friends) in public, he knew Sakura was more than aware of their relationship having walked in on them previously. He shifted a little closer to Sasuke on the worn train seat.

“So… should we hunt out this Potter-san now or wait till we get to the school?” he asked Sasuke.

Sasuke was the unofficial leader of their ANBU squad whilst Kakashi-sensei wasn’t present. Kakashi had agreed to transfer back into the ANBU black ops when the last of his team to be promoted (Sakura) had become a member of the elite ANBU. As Kakashi was supposed to be meeting them at Hogwarts this was one of those times when the other two turned to Sasuke for instruction.

“Hm, we need to get close to him so we had best start now. One of us should stay here though, Naruto, that should be you.”

“No. I’m coming with you. Sakura can stay.” Naruto may look to Sasuke for instruction but that didn’t mean he’d do whatever the bastard said!

“Naruto…” Sasuke growled at the stubborn blond boy who was glaring at him. “Sakura would be best, girls are good at pretending to be friendly.”

“I don’t need to pretend! I am friendly!” protested Naruto.

“Its okay, I’ll stay.” Sakura said quickly, it really wouldn’t be very good for their cover if the boys started drawing weapons (which wouldn’t be unusual for the two).

So Naruto and Sasuke made their way up the swaying train. Naruto frowned at the look on Sasuke’s face; the Uchiha wasn’t good when it came to motion sickness. The two shinobi peeked surreptitiously into the compartments they passed. They had only a brief description of who they where looking for: black hair, green eyes, glasses and something about a scar on his forehead.

Suddenly the train gave an extra lurch and Sasuke, already off-balance with his motion sickness, made a grab for a nearby compartment door to steady himself. Naruto quickly hooked his boyfriends arm over his shoulder, ignoring Sasuke’s proud glare, and pulled the compartment door open. He pushed Sasuke down on one the seats and knelt before him.

“Ano… excuse us,” Naruto tossed over his shoulder struggling only slightly with the English Kakashi had drilled into him. “He just needs to sit down for a sec.”

“Urgh, he’s not going to be sick is he? Because if so, you can get out right now!”

Naruto turned to the boy who had spoken, he had ginger hair, a lot of freckles and a rather long nose. Before he could answer, Sasuke spoke, but his reply wasn’t as cold as Naruto’s had been about to be.

“I’m fine.” He said simply with only a hint of his Japanese accent, no insult, no scathing remark, not even a sarcastic comment.

Naruto turned back to his boyfriend, with surprise written all over his tanned face. But Sasuke wasn’t even looking at the ginger boy he was staring calculatingly at a boy with black hair and glasses. Suddenly Naruto understood Sasuke’s unusual lack of attitude.

‘Way to go Sasuke! Always the professional! Already working on getting close to the target!’ Inner Naruto cheered his boyfriend on.

“Oh good,” said a girl with bushy brown hair sitting beside the ginger boy. “I’m Hermione Granger by the way, and this is Ron Weasley and Harry Potter, what are your names?”

“Uzu- I mean Naruto Uzumaki,” Naruto said, remembering the name order at the last minute, “and this is Sasuke Uchiha we’re new this year.”

“Foreign transfer students,” she said picking up on Naruto’s accent immediately. “Where are you from?”


“Wow, that’s a long way!”

“Yeah and he wasn’t much better on the flight either!” Naruto said happily nodding at Sasuke.

“Shut up.” Growled Sasuke, hitting Naruto on the head.

“Why didn’t you just use floo powder? Or schedule a portkey?”

“A what?” Naruto asked before he could help himself.

“Uruse usuratonkachi! Think before you open your mouth, we covered all this magical stuff with Tsunade, remember?” Sasuke hissed in rapid Japanese, Ron raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment.

When Sasuke reverted back to English his voice was no longer hostile, though Naruto could tell he was still rather tense. “Those methods of transport would agree with me even less.” Sasuke told Hermione, pulling a face to exaggerate the point. “So you’re the famous Harry Potter, eh?” He asked turning to the, so far silent, boy by the window. Sasuke decided they needed a less dangerous topic than their origins and, of course, questions about Harry’s standing in the magical world would be expected.

Harry sighed. “Yeah.” He sounded tired and Sasuke could tell he didn’t enjoy fame.

“Cool!” said Naruto happily. “Well hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of you this year!” He smiled brightly and Harry couldn’t help but smile back.

“Yeah, depends which house you’re in though. I suppose you don’t know yet?”

“Yeah we do!”

Sasuke was close to hitting him again, he was revealing way more information than necessary. Kakashi had already talked to Dumbledore and worked out which houses they would be in. Dumbledore had explained that it would be suspicious if each of them didn’t display the correct characteristics for the house they were in. So Dumbledore had explained to their sensei how the students were sorted and Kakashi had chosen where they would be positioned. They had their bases pretty much covered. The three of them would be taking the same classes as Harry and, although they were not expected to learn magic, Sakura was already looking forward to learning some. The teachers had been informed of the true circumstances for their presence this year but the students believed that the three Konoha teenagers were there to observe in the interest of sending more foreigners to Hogwarts. It was a well formed cover but at this rate Naruto was going to blow it. They were allowed to tell Harry they were here to guard them but Sasuke had heard nothing about these other two.

“What he means is,” he cut in, setting a warning hand on Naruto’s shoulder, “that we know which houses we think we’ll be in. But of course we can’t be sure until we get there.”

“Yeah, that’s what I meant!” added Naruto quickly.

“Which houses do you think you’ll be in then?”

“I’m going to be in Gryffindor,” said Naruto proudly. “Because I’m brave!”

“We’re in Gryffindor too.”

“Great!” Naruto pretended he hadn’t known already.

“What about you, Sasuke?” asked Hermione.

“Slytherin, most probably.” Sasuke told them.

He hadn’t, however, been prepared for their reactions. Harry frowned at him, whereas Ron immediately leaned away as though he might catch something. Hermione looked a little awkward.

“Problem?” Sasuke asked, his voice was polite but his eyes were deadly cold.

“Of course not,” Hermione said quickly. “But you might not be sorted into Slytherin after all.” She consoled.

“Hn.” Replied Sasuke.

“And I think,” Naruto continued, “that our other friend, Sakura Haruno, will probably be in Ravenclaw, because she’s really smart!”

“Hermione’s really smart, but she’s in Gryffindor with us.” Said Ron proudly, he talked directly to Naruto, taking care not to look at Sasuke.

Naruto saw Hermione’s cheek redden and turned to her, “Really? You might get along quite well then.”

“Yeah, we’ll see,” said Hermione, with a smile, looking down at Naruto’s happy and open face where he still sat on the floor. Looking up at Sasuke she saw such a contrast it was hard to believe they were friends, yet they acted like it. Sasuke’s expression was guarded and sly, she could easily see him fitting in quite comfortably with the Slytherins. “Well we should all probably change into our school robes now. I expect we’ll see you at Hogwarts.”

Naruto and Sasuke took this as their cue to leave. Back in their own compartment Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura changed into their Hogwarts robes. It took them a while to transfer their weapons into the hidden pockets within their robes and Sasuke had to help Naruto with his school tie. Sasuke swung the shoulder strap of what appeared to be a musical instrument case, over his shoulder and Sakura pulled her small backpack on, it was full of medical supplies and she preferred to keep it with her.

When they reached Hogsmeade station they jumped from the train, Naruto and Sasuke wearing large rucksacks and Sakura with her small medical pack as she towed her heavy trunk down the platform. They followed the crowds towards a number of coaches pulled by skeletal looking, winged horses. Most of the students didn’t even spare a glance for the strange creatures so Naruto supposed they were just used to them by now.

Naruto pointed out the carriage that Harry and his friends had just climbed into and Sasuke nodded. “Time for you to meet and greet too, Sakura.”

Naruto stuck his head into the carriage with a wide grin. “Is it okay if we join you guys?”

Harry and Ron looked a little taken aback, but Hermione smiled nicely at the cute boy. “Sure,” she said cheerfully, Naruto seemed like a nice guy even if Sasuke was a little weird.

The Hogwarts trio watched as Naruto and Sasuke climbed into the carriage followed by a pretty girl with pink hair. Hermione put two and two together and immediately came up with ‘Sakura’. Naruto and Sakura talked with the English teenagers and Sasuke’s presence was pointedly ignored by Ron who seemed to have taken umbrage with Sasuke over the fact that he was to be a Slytherin. This annoyed Sasuke and he had to constantly remind himself that he didn’t have to like the jerk, just pretend to be friendly and… well, normal. The carriage was small with six people in it and Naruto found he was quite comfortably squashed against Sasuke.

“What are those weird horses out there?” asked Naruto suddenly.

Harry looked at him in surprise. “You can see them?”

“Of course we can,” said Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke nodded. “Why wouldn’t we be able to see them?”

“Because only people who have seen death can see the thestrals.” Hermione explained.

“Thestrals, eh?” Sakura said thoughtfully, glancing out of the carriage window at the bony back of one of the thestrals.

“Yeah, so you’ve all seen death?” asked Ron.

“Yeah! Of course we’ve seen death!” said Naruto lightly.

He was about to elaborate when Sakura hit him hard. “Yes, unfortunately we have.” She said with a sad smile.

Sasuke was thankful Sakura was so quick off the mark, he was going to have to remind Naruto (yet again) that they were supposed to be undercover. Of course it would be unusual for these people to see someone die, but as ninja you laid your life on the line everyday. However these people didn’t know that they were ninja, so far they just thought they were Japanese transfer students with tragic pasts. Well, Sasuke thought, they could live with that.

They passed through the high stone pillars topped with statues of wild boars and the carriages continued up the path to the main doors. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura gapped at the ancient castle (or at least Naruto and Sakura did whilst Sasuke was politely awed) and Harry, Ron and Hermione looked between the school and their new classmates with expressions of pride. Hogwarts never ceased to amaze.
Chapter end notes: Tell me what you think, ne?
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