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Leaving by silent_moon

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Firs fic be gentle!
Chapter notes: Well this is the first chapter of the only story I went on so far -.-“ Please don’t flame! This is just the beginning of the story and if you don’t like it you don’t like it

Ju chan
Naruto sighted. He really was going to do it, he would leave Konoha for once and for all. Or at least until the time was right to come back. Leaving all the villagers have what they wanted: he would disappear into nothingness and don’t come back…for at least a while. He wouldn’t leave anything behind that would point that he ever was present in Konoha and would leave only one letter.
‘Is this really the best way Kyuubi? It’s really hard to leave them al behind’

'Don’t worry kit for as long as I know that letter will explain and this was your can still stay here but then you still will have to deal with the villagers and the council.’

‘ you’re right Kyuu I’ve been hiding behind this mask for too long and that is explained too. So I don’t have to worry…right?’

‘Would I lie kit?’

Kyuubi was right. On the outside it looked like the fox was evil but Naruto had already heard the explanation about the why he attacked the village. Naruto had grown fond to the fox and already new everything about its identity. Not only was the fox not evil but she was also female. And very pretty one to. Long wavering red shiny hair, a light skin, 9 furry soft tails, two fox ears, beautiful big red eyes and a figure everyone died trying to get. Naruto turned to the letter and read the letter out loud one more time:

“ Dear somebody who finds and reads this,

by the time you read this I’ll be gone and there’s no way to get me back. Tsunade baa-san please don’t report me as a missing nin! I doubt I will ever return to this hell hole but if I do I will have enough power to overcome the villagers and become a hokage like none before. But right now… I just can’t take anymore of the beatings and the insults for something I haven’t done. Kyuubi already informed me about why when and who and I already know the story about the fourth giving his life so, if there are new things about this then I will ask Kyuubi. I will be trained by Kyuubi and will leave this village so this is my last goodbye:
Lee, Yosh! Become a powerful shinobi and pass al your classmates! I know you can surpass anybody if you just keep trying.
Sakura, don’t hit lee and please become happy with someone worthy for you. I know that you rejected me and I accept it, you’re a great kunoichi(sp?) and I have no doubt that you will surpass Tsunade-basama.
Neji, CONFESS DAMNIT! Cut the fate crap if I ever return I still will become Hokage and change the Hyuuga clan and their awful ways.
Hinata, You know he likes you, just go for it! I knew you had a crush on me but I’m very happy to know that you got over it and moved on to somebody who is definatly going to return those feelings
Kiba, I still laugh about our pranks on the jounin sensei’s except the one we did on Kurenai-sensei her eyes where just plain scary and I NEVER want to be in one of her freaky genjutsus again –shivers-. I hope you grow stronger and become a strong shinobi.
Shikamaru, Do something in your live and drop the ‘troublesome’
Chouji, Try the new barbeque chips they.are.dilicious! I know it’s a bit of a weird goodbye but if I ever see you again you will thank me for it!!
Kakashi and Jiraiya, You were both my sensei’s and I’m glad that I met you both. But you’re still perverts!
Iruka, You were the person who gave me a chance in being a ninja and you were the first to see me as Uzumaki Naruto and not the ‘demon kid’ or the ‘monster’. I’m glad I met you and I will never ever forget you!
And last but not least Sasuke, It’s the hardest to say goodbye to you teme. You were my first real close friend and we had our ups and downs, If you feel the same about it then I’m already glad. I’m going to kill that snake-bastard and your stuck up asshole/murderer of a brother if you like it or not. Stop letting revenge control your life. You know you’re life will be empty after you killed him and you should not let that happen. I know how it feels to be alone…
Everyone may hear it. I’ve been alone since the day my parents died 17 years ago, right after my birth. I’m not going to tell the reasons I’m as hated by the villagers as some kind of thorn in their eye. If I ever see one of you again then I will tell you but it’s too much of a story to tell in a goodbye letter. I know somehow I will end up in this village after all so don’t worry and don’t forget my name.

Uzumaki Naruto”

Tears started welling in his eyes. He never new that saying goodbye would be so difficult and especially when he had to leave his friends. Baa-san, perverted hermit, his friends, his sensei’s. And his best friend. He walked out of the door performing a henge that nobody except the Hyuugas and the Uchihas could look through. Walking to the gate only to find the guards had their backs turned to him, he masked his chakra and grabbed the fox mask he’d been clutching ever since he left his apartment. It was just like an ANBU mask but then black and orange streaks to make it look similar to a fox. Putting it on his now black hair and different face he sped up and left through the gate. To live with nobody except Kyuubi if you count her in. He turned on his ipod on the song that could describe every feeling he had.

Please, please forgive me but I won’t be home again
Maybe some day you’ll look up
And barely conscious you’ll say to no one
Isn’t something missing?

Naruto sang along with an angelic voice nobody had ever heard coming from him.

You won’t cry for my absence I know
You forgot me long ago
Am I that unimportant?
Am I so insignificant?
Isn’t someone missing me?

Even though I’m the sacrifice
You won’t try for me not now
Though I die to know you love me
I’m all alone
Isn’t someone missing me?

Naruto leaped from tree to tree tears making it’s way down his cheeks.

Please, please forgive me but I won’t be home again
I know what you do to yourself
I breath deep and cry out
Isn’t something missing?

Even though I’m the sacrifice
You won’t try for me not now
Though I die to know you love me
I’m all alone
Isn’t someone missing me?
Chapter end notes: A/N Well ? What do you think? I don’t think it’s good but it will do… The song is missing by evanescence and I had no internet while writing the song so it’s kind of out of my head.. Another song that fit perfectly is way away from yellow card. Well that’s it for now. R&R and I hoped you liked the first chappie. Did you like it naru-chan?

Naruto: don’t call me that Ju chan!
Ju: But I like the name and I will keep it naru naru naru-chan
Naruto: did you have to make me this sad? -pouts-
Ju: It’s for the best naru-chan AND YOU LOOK SO kawaii when you pout like that and you will change very much… kukuku -laughs evil orochimaru laugh-
Naruto: You can stop you’re evil laugh now Ju chan…
Ju: -keeps laughing evilly like a paedoph- I mean orochimaru..- kukuku
Naruto: -sweatdrop-
Naruto: 0.o shit…
Ju: Well that’s it people Ja!
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