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sorry hinata by shadoweric

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: disclaimer notes:i do not own naruto nor does anyone else on this site,misashi kishimoto does
Hinata hyuuga was a shy,timid, and quiet girl.But most of all she was madly in love with the most obnoxuis,loud,brat naruto uzumaki holder of the nine tailed fox.She always walked alone stalking naruto,and waqtching him eat and train.Today she decided not to stalk him so she can take a walk all by herself.

Naruto was running down this street today traning to run hells fast without using his chakra like rock lee.He was fastly sprinting down the street when he smashed into hinata causing her to fly back five feet.He quikly pulled hinata up."Hinata why did you get in my way i'm training right now why do you always have to get in someons way man go somwhere and stay there"naruto told her angrily and quikly.

Hinata heard everything that naruto just said.Naruto quikly raced off leaving an injured hinata standing there.She started to cry why did naruto have to be so mean though she was in his way.She just shouldve stayed out of his way and sticked to stalking.Maybe naruto will never talk to her again.Hinata started to sob now quietly hoping no one passing by wouls see her.

Hinata pulled her self together.Naruto wouldnt like her any more if she showed that she was really weak.But she coulsnt help it naruto dident like her.She started to sob again while walking home.She was still crying when she passed by a fruit stand."eh young lady what are you crying about?"a elder man asked politely.She ignored him and kept on walking.

The man looked suprised but ran after her and grabbed her arm."Why give me the cold shoulder i was just asked whats wrong?"the old man asked again amusenly.She turned around and hit him in the stomach.He fell over witha painfull grunt."Leave me alone old man i'm theres nothing wrong with me"she said angrily.She started to walk off when she stopped because the old man started to shout at her."Eh i was just trying to help you little pupiless bitch no wonder you dont have any freinds and no one likes you how do you even call your self a ninja"the man said harshly.

Hinata heard his words and instantly kicked him in the side of the ribs causing him to gasp for air.She realized what she had just done how could she be so mean.But he did say all that shit to her fuck him.She started to cry at what he said to her and walked off.Why was her day so fucked up how was this going to leave her.My head is probaly going to be scared for life,she thought to her self.

she finnaly got to her home.She got to her home without geting baged on by her dad or neji.She quietly layed on her bed for hours until the sun went down.Thinking about what happened that day.Hoping it would never happen again.She fell asleep peacfully and quietly.Little did she know that her life was going to be a living hell.
Chapter end notes: please review and if you contribute make it really harsh
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