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My OC, Tsuki Ami! by TemariSandyFan

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: She might be appearing in one of my other shorties... maybe a main character... along with another... gah! Oh, and for those who are wondering: She has no relation whatsoever to the Tsuki family in the third movie. I made her before I watched the movie and I don't feel like changing it now.
Chapter notes: TSF: So here she is, my new character!
Temari: She may seem like a Mary-Sue at first, but if you look, she isn't! The whole current age is 4 or 5 years after the time skip, so the Rookie 9 and Gaara are all about 19, Team Gai is 20, Kankuro is 21, and I'm 22. Wow, that was useless. Also, Naruto is Hokage, and everyone else is ANBU, too.
TSF: Just in case, I don't own Naruto! If I did, Sasuke would come back from Orochimaru, and all my favorite pairings would be reality!
Temari: No infriggment intended!
TSF: Really, do you see me making money off of this?
Name: Tsuki (moon) Ami (second, Asia; beautiful)
Age: Part I: 12
Part II: 15
Currently: 19
Date of Birth: March 15
Blood type: A
Height: 149 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Known relatives: Tsuki Daiki (father, deceased) (he was one of the most respected lords in Hoshigakure, but when the clan was moving to Konohagakure, squads from Hoshigakure attacked, not wanting Konoha to have the Takameru Kansei. He was killed protecting the clan.) Tsuki Kiku (mother)
Affiliates: From Hoshigakure, clan moved to Konohagakure after they heard how the other villages didn’t respect the ninja of Hoshigakure
Current Rank: ANBU
Current Affiliation: Konohagakure
Hair color: Black waist length, with white spots in it, a sign of the Tsuki clan. Kept up in a ponytail.
Eye color: Dark grey, with a black slash going through each pupil and going into the iris, a mark of the Takameru Kansei.
Extra apperance notes: Loose black pants, down to her black sandals. Dark fishnet shirt. White crop vest, sometimes rolled up to her shoulders, sometimes dropped down over her hands (for Chakra Ude). Wears hitai-ate as a belt.
Signature Jutsu/Kekkei genkai
Takameru Kansei (to enhance sense) this is her bloodline limit, only from the Tsuki clan. When she activates this, her senses become 10 times as powerful, but at great risk, because this technique would drown at least half of her chakra, no matter how long she's used it.
Ying Yang no Katana (Sword of Ying Yang) this is a sword, passed down from the Tsuki clan. When Ami doesn't use it, it's just a grip. However, when she activates it (by chanting "The sword of Ying, the sword of Yang, open to my touch, the touch of a true Tsuki heir" {A/N: I know it's corny, but just go with me}), two short blades come out from either side of the grip. Like Asuma's trench knives, they are lengthened by chakra. This requires much upper body chakra.
Chakra Ude (chakra arm) Most ninja in Hoshigakure were very good at reading handsigns, so they knew what technique the opponent would do before they did it. Ami didn't have this ablity. To compensate, she developed Chakra Ude. When activated, it channels chakra through her specially-made sleeves, which can be let long to cover her hands. Though this is protection from most enemies, enhanced Byakugan and Sharigan would be able to see through the sleeves. That's why, when she channels the chakra, it runs through the sleeves, completely covering it. When the chakra is running through the sleeves, the sleeves are made rock hard, so they can be used as a defense.
Buki Ryuu (Weapon Dragon) Ami's summoning. To prepare for its summoning, Ami has to use kunais and shuriken with her blood on them and make them form the japanese character for dragon, which is Ryuu. Once the weapons are in place, she preforms the summoning and a giant dragon made of weapons appears. Ami controls its movements with a special controller which is a kunai with a shuriken put through the handle. This is used only as a last resort as it takes all of her existing chakra do summon it.
Strengths: Apart from being from the Tsuki clan and having the Ying Yang no Katana, she has extra chakra in her upper body. This was from star training in Hoshigakure when she was young, before Lord Tsuki pulled her away to Konoha. This is how she can use Chakra Ude and Ying Yang no Katana. She also has another ability that doesn't count as a technique. Ami knows the different muscle tendons and when they tighten if the person is lying or nervous because of some tutoring given to her by Lord Tsuki when she was young. Henceforth, she knows when a person is lying and their feelings.
Weaknesses: She can be very stubborn, and usually is a sore loser. After losing a game or a match to someone, she reads up on their strategy or on the rules of the game to make sure she won't lose again. She is a show-off at times, and it can usually get her in some crappy situations. One word; arsonphobia, A.K.A. fear of fire. Her father was burned to death when she was young, so that's self-explainatory (you can probably tell she and Sasuke aren't great friends). Ami also sucks at chakra control, therefore, she sucks at genjutsu.
Chapter end notes: Okay, thanks for reading! I guess you can't really rate and review this one... Oh, you can tell me what you think of Ami! Tell me if she seems like a Mary-Sue to you! Uh... rating will be a problem... Don't rate on what you think of Ami, just use your imagination! Please, please, PLEASE tell me if you rated! I want to know who you are! Ami's probably going to appear in one of my short stories I've been thinking up, but I don't know if I can post it since I've been so worried about More Than a Summer Trip! Also, I have another fic I need to clear with my editors/friends first... AGH! Too over-ambitious!!!
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