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Bounder's OCs by Bounder Oran

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Free for use.
Name - Bounder Oran
Meaning - None
Age - 14 & 17 (Shippuden)
Gender - Male
Height - 5' 9”
Weight - 150 lbs
Village - Leaf Village in Land of Fire; Missing-nin

Family - Mother: Seishin Uchiha, Father: Zeph Oran, All KIA; Cousin to Corbin Uchiha Bounder is half Uchiha but cannot use the Sharingan and never will be able to

Personality - Can be sensitive when the time calls for it. Usually not serious. Prefers sitting to standing and wind over anything. Perverted and positive

Likes - Running, Sakura, Temari, Training, Uneven Battles, and the Wind

Dislikes - Deceivers, War, Killing, Waiting, Attacking Innocents, and Seeing Allies Hurt

Appearance - Sleek, black, neck length hair. Dark brown eyes, tanned skin, slender face. Wears a cloak similar to Akatsuki's without the clouds. Black shorts and no shirt. Sneakers, opposed to normal sandals

Weapons - Kunai and a double-wide sword

Significances - Goes into a rage when friends or innocents are brutally injured or killed

Biography - Bounder grew up a normal life in Konoha for a while. He lived with his parents until he was ten when they were killed in war. Shortly before he had graduated from the academy to a Genin. After his parents died, he had to support himself. He stayed inside his house most of the time, training. He lived near the edge of the village and left as he pleased to find food for himself. He had refused to be trained. He left the village often and didn't stay long when he returned. He had grouped together with other ninjas from the Leaf, Sand, and Mist villages. They practiced illegal techniques. His two friends from the Leaf village had been caught and escaped. He was angered at the village's actions and he mounted an attack by himself on the Leaf village. It became apparent very soon that he couldn't do it and he ran from the village. Kakashi and two ANBU members chased him to his secret training place where his friends awaited him.
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