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The Ultimate Betrayal by A Vampires Butterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: know. I have plenty of excuses. All of them good ones. All of them I'm sure you would understand. But really....who gives a rat's ass why I haven't been writing? The real question is...why are you still reading this? Enjoy! With much love, A vampires Butterfly ^.^
Sasuke didn’t know what he was seeing. It wasn’t possible….was it? Had he been gone so long? So long that….that…No. It wasn’t possible. He was tired, so tired he was seeing things. Maybe Orochimaru was still trying to ruin his life, even from hell. It had to be anything, any other reason, something, anything, just to explain this. The horrible nightmare happening before his eyes.

“Ah…oh…don’t…don’t stop.” Whimpers slipped past wet, bruised lips, white teeth biting down, trying to keep the cries of passion in, but they kept spilling out. A tanned, naked body withered, caramel skin twisting and turning, shinning in the dim light with sweat. Coarse golden spikes were pasted to flushed whiskered cheeks.

And though lids were shut tight, almost slits, Sasuke knew from experience that if they were open they would have been dilated, hazy ocean blue, as if a sapphire covered with see through white silk, and they should have been staring at him with such a lust filled gaze that he would have cummed staring into them.

But…He wasn’t the one above or even below those red lips, withering body, sweaty gold spikes, flushed cheeks, or hazed, lust filled eyes. No, he was outside the window, perched on the branch of the tree next to Naruto’s apartment room, soaked through with cold rain. Like some forgotten mutt who had stupidly run away from home and was replaced with a new puppy. No, he wasn’t the one with Naruto, on that bed, blood boiling from such activities. No, instead Naruto had replaced him, actually replaced him with….

“Ah…Ah…ITACHI!” He cringed as he heard that shout, that voice, that tone. That name. He closed his eyes, not wishing to see his older brother and best friend, love, whatever you wanted to call him, finish with their activities.

Sasuke didn’t know what to think, what to feel, what to do. It felt as if heart had been slashed and pierced with a burning kunai, a hundred and one times. He felt ice cold and boiling hot at the same time. He felt furious with the passion of hate and depressed with the ice-cold splash of irony. He wanted to clutch at his chest to check if he were physically wounded or not. It felt as if he had been thrown into a frozen inferno bleeding and slashed to pieces.

So many words to describe…so many words could be used…so many things to be felt…and so many things to do.

But none seemed right.

He could only sit, as still as stone, on the branch outside, letting the rain hit him with cold slaps. His eyes went dull. His hands froze into fists. His ears were deaf to the world except for one thing.


It echoed in his head, in his ears, in his veins. The ultimate betrayal . He wondered if Itachi had planed this from the very beginning. Since the clan’s death, had he predicted so far? Or had it just been a thing of chance that had played into Itachi’s hand, given him yet another thing that he could do, the last bond he could cut in Sasuke’s life?

And what of Naruto? It was obvious by what Sasuke had seen and heard and seemed to have burned into his memory, that Naruto had been more than willing. What happened to dragging him back no matter what? What happened to never letting him break their bond? What had happened to them being together, whether Sasuke liked it or not?

And why was it Itachi? Of all people? Was it revenge? Was it to show him that he could be replaced? To show him he had been replaced? To show him that he should have never left? To show him that Naruto could hurt him too? That even though he didn’t punch a hole through his chest, he could make it seem like he did? Had he planned that Sasuke would see him, here and now, and show him? Had he turned the blond into a revenge-seeking avenger like him, just with different reasons? Though it seemed the blond had gotten his revenge a lot faster than him.

Sasuke still didn’t move from his seat on the branch. Even as his clothes were only mere soaked rags, even as the flames competed against dark patches of ice, each trying to cancel the other out, resulting in a numbness, pure numbness in chest, tingling, beating, pulsing. Sasuke didn’t move even as he felt raindrops replaced with liquid fire trying to escape, leaving trails down cold, pale cheeks.

He looked through the window again, his vision blurry, his movements slow and clumsy so that he almost fell out of the tree with even the slightest of movements. He looked through the rain beaten window with the jagged crack through the middle and saw two figures lying together on the bed.

One pale and tall, long inky hair tangled and dirty down his bare back, the other tanned and only a inch or two shorter. Both hand their eyes closed. A pale contrasting arm pulled the other in a close embrace, his chin resting on golden locks. Tanned arm returned the embrace and entwined their legs together, pressing his face to be hidden from the world into a strong pale chest. Sasuke watched as both of their chests started to rise and fall evenly. He could see the blankets and sheets fallen and ignored in a pile by the bed, clothes scattered throughout the room.

The ultimate betrayal.

Was this the pain Naruto had felt when he left him? Left him for the same person really. Left love for revenge. Wasn’t it the same? Was it any different?

And wasn’t the real question, would Sasuke let it stay the same?

A few hours later Naruto woke to the smell of blood, sweat, and sex. He felt dizzy, almost able to taste the coppery liquid in his mouth. He tried to sit up, only to feel cold, dead weight holding onto him. He immediately knew what it felt like. What he saw almost every day as a ninja. He closed his eyes, once again smelling the blood and quickly pulled off the dead weight rolled out of the bed, fell to his knees and puked. When he was done he stood up shakily and looked down at his bed.

Lying in the very same position he had fell asleep, Itachi lay dead on his bed, blood spilling onto the bare mattress. Sasuke’s sword stuck out straight from his back, the tip just barely protruding from his chest. Naruto’s quivering hand checked his pulse, though he knew it was no use. The blood had already even dried on the mattress. All he felt was a stiff, and cold hands, frozen forever in a lover’s embrace, with a equally cold blood stained sword instead of a lover.

Naruto looked away, closing his eyes, unable to get the image out of his mind. He felt tears, but blinked them back as he saw his bedroom window open, curtains fluttering with the morning breeze, the smell of rain still fresh in the air though the storm was over. On the tree outside his window a kunai was embedded in the trunk’s bark, a piece of paper trying to escape the sharp point with the wind. Naruto jumped out the window, landing on the branch lightly and torn the paper from the kunai, leaving the weapon in the tree.

Blue eyes scanned the paper quickly before taking in a deep breathe of air and let it out in a shaky sob. He went back into his bedroom, closing the window, paper still in hand as the tears came, but he blinked them back again, he had a missing nin’s body to take care of. He gathered himself up and put on his clothes before going to the dirty deed. He left the paper on his desk, among the blunt kunai’s and open scrolls.

‘We are even. I hope your revenge was more rewarding than mine.

-The Last Uchiha.’

Truly, the ultimate betrayal.
Chapter end notes: Hope you liked. Poor Sasuke....With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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