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My Bingo Book 2 by Oshiyama

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: ^-^ I hope you enjoy this biography of her!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Theme Song:Gotta Get Ya Into My Life by Earth, Wind and Fire

Fighting Theme Song:Fighter by Christina Alguilare


Village:The Village Hidden In The Leaves (Konoha)

Ninja Rank:Genin

Loyalty To:Sasuke-Best friend since childhood; Mitsuki-Her little brother; Usagi-Her little sister; Orochi-Her mother; Kou-Her father

Date Of Birth:February 29

Zodiac Sign:Pisces

Height:5.25 ft

Weight:100.20 pounds

Complexion:She has a very pale complexion kind of like Sasuke's skin except a tad bit darker.

Hair Color:Black when inside a house or when dark outside. When it shines in the sun it is a blackish brownish color. Really most people say her hair is jet black.

Eye Color:Her eyes is the color of her hair. Sometimes when the sun shines in her eyes it turns a light purple color. When the moonlight hits her eyes they turn a blue color.

Appearance:I just explained her eyes and hair. For her morning attire she wears some silky dark pink pajama shorts with a long majenta colored shirt with Kanji on it saying the word "LOVE" on it. Underneath the word "Love" was "Language of Various Emotions". For her afternoon attire she wears some pink and black striped socks that come just pass her ankle. She wears a black skort with and a short white shirt and a black shirt underneath it, accompanied by a black bandana with pink bubbly circles on it.

Attitude:She has an outgoing personality with a bit of an emotional tide. She is always messing with Hinata so that she can try and lift her out of her shy state and get her to stand up for herself.

Weapon(s):She fights with a katana sometimes but not normally. She usually fights with a kunai knife infused with a her elemental ablilty.

Kekkai Genkai:She can use elemental chakra infused weapons. Her eyes and hair changes colors when she uses it. Sometimes when she's in a very emotional state she tends to blackout and her hair changes white. She won't remember what happens and she can use techniques that have been sealed away.

Jutsu(s):Fire:Grand Fireball Jutsu
Fire:Fire cracker
Ice:Ice Beam
Ice:Absolute Zero
Wind:Gusty Winds
Lightning:Lightning Armor
Light:Light Bomb
Light:Healing Water
Dark:Darkness Fall
Dark:Infinite Darkness

Quotes:"Konnichiwa Hinata-chan! O hisashiburi desu!"
(Hello Hinata. It's been a long time!)
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