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My OCs! by Ally_Monrue

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: These guys are the main characters in Wolves.
Obviously I own only my OCs... not that there is anything naruto-related in this...

Name Meaning- Unknown (literally it means unknown! I know that)

Personality- Quiet, usually serious except when she's pretending to be her sister, depending on her mood she might want to hurt you or she might not

Likes- Her sister, her mother, eventual Sasuke... or maybe someone else, blue, black, her name, darkness, night, the moon, painting, animals, the forest, lying

Dislikes- hates anything girly except her sister ( even though she wears a skirt... she only does it cause her mom and sister make her), stupidity, pink, over protective-ness

Hair- bright red
Eyes- turquoise
Long, Sharp Nails



Meaning of Name- Seashell

Personality- stupid, loud, almost never serious, oblivious, mood-swings

Likes- Her sister, Akatsuki, eventual Naruto... maybe, traveling, drawing, animals, wildlife, daylight, sun, clouds, her name, the ocean

Dislikes- lying, mean people, 'know-it-alls', grey, 'yucky things', barnicals

Hair- bright red
Eyes- turquoise
Short, Round Nails


Distinguishing facts (differences between the twins)-

Kai's hair is not as bright as Michi's, Michi's hair is a little longer and the part is different, facial expressions, clothing, the nails


Michi is on the left (in the blue), Kai is on the right (in the pink)

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