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Nightmares by Hollow_Trinity

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Chapter notes: I don't own Naruto, but I will, dammit! >,< My first yuri fic! ^^

I got this idea, strangely, when I slipped in the shower, banged my elbow on the soap dish, hit my head on the wall, hit my wrist on the faucet, and hit my forehead on the floor. I have a weird life.

Anyways, this is my first horror and yuri, so go easy on me! I had to write this in 15 minutes, so sorry if it sucks.

Sakura twitched, a cold sweat covering her body. She clutched her sheets, her eyes closed tightly. With a scream, she opened her eyes and sat up. She lightly put a hand to her chest, shaking. She just had a nightmare. And she was still having it.

The night air was frigid, but no snow fell. Sakura lay on the ground, her pink hair splayed around her, contrasted against the dark ground. A shadowy figure stood above her. She looked up at them, staring into the blackness. "You're useless.." They said, their voice hollow and scratched, as though it hadn't been used in centuries. "You have no abilities, you are weak, helpless without someone to tell you what to do.." She gasped. This person made her feel so weak... "You can do nothing. You're a scrawny waste of skin... everyone hates you... and you hate yourself..." The blackness surrounded her, it was almost choking. "" They whispered.

Sakura gasped, and tried to get up, but to no avail. She looked to her hands, and found that shuriken were stuck through them. She tried to move her legs, but found a sharp chain cutting into her. Blood covered her hands and fingers, and bits of skin were peeling off as the chains tightened. She gasped in pain as what felt like nails dug into her cheeks. She closed her eyes, grinding her teeth. Then, the nails stopped, and she opened her eyes. But what she saw was not blackness, but a mirror. On her face, in scars read 'To Hell'. With a scream of agony, the mirror shattered, the shards embedding themselves in her stomach. Blood covered her body, oozing from every injury. "Die..." The voice said

Sakura found herself falling, darkness surrounding her like a curtain. She screamed, unable to move. She was cut short as a rock appeared underneath her, breaking her fall. She coughed, and even more blood splattered over her. Her leg was twisted underneath her back, and her arm was bent backwards. The pain... the sheer pain... Tears poured down her bloody cheeks, mingling with the red. She screamed in agony, unable to do anything...her own blood surrounding her on the rock...

Sakura shivered in her bed, and glanced at the clock. 3:17 A.M. She gasped, falling back into her pillow. She had never had a nightmare like that before... why was she having it? It was terrifying... what did it mean? "What can I do...?" She asked herself, but she was too tired to think or react about anything, and soon was slipping back into sleep...


Over the next few days, Sakura could never quite get comfortable. She felt as though there was always something dark and evil following her, taunting her.. even at the happiest of times, deep inside her she could feel it, ripping her innards apart. It hurt, much more than any form of torture... It gave her headaches, and made her feel nauseous. It was inside her every moment she was awake, but when she was asleep, it came out...

One night, after the same terrible dream, she couldn't take it. "What can I do about this? The thing's like poison..." She murmered. She sat, deep in thought, for about 30 minutes. But then, she found herself picking up the phone and dialing... Ring... ring... The phone droned. Then, someone picked up. "Sakura?" The voice said, sleepy and slurred. "Is that you?" "TenTen, I'm really sorry for calling you right now, but I need to talk to you. Mind if I come over?" "Uhhh, sure..." TenTen said, and hung up. Sakura gave a grim smile, and hurried out of her house.

TenTen opened the door. "Hi, TenTen." Sakura said, giving a small smile. "What's wrong? You look terrible.." TenTen said, worried. "Mind if we go into your room, this dark hallway gives me the creeps..." Sakura mumbled, shivering. The two girls walked into TenTen's well-lit room, and sat on the bed. "OK, here's the deal..." Sakura told her friend. "I've been having nightmares... every time I'm asleep. They're the most terrifying things, filled with blood and darkness.. and they haunt me. Every waking moment, it's there, a darkness destroying me from the inside.." Tears filled her eyes. "I don't know what to do, TenTen..." She sobbed, and the brunette hugged her, rubbing her back gently. "There, there... I know what'll make it all better.." She whispered, and Sakura looked at her. "What?" She asked. TenTen gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. "Just take a few of these.." She murmered sweetly. Sakura smiled and hugged her friend, tears pouring down her cheeks. "Oh, TenTen..." She said, and kissed her. "All I needed... was love." TenTen smiled. "Yup..." "TenTen..." "Yeah?"

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Sakura."


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