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Kitty's Corner by Uchiha Kitten

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Chapter notes: Hi!! I'm new to this site so my first story is about me. With much love, care, and furballs, Uchiha Kitten! =^.^=

Name Meaning:The tiger

Birthday:March 22

Theme Song:She's a Rebel by Greenday and Believe in Dreams by Flyleaf

Age: 13

Height:about '5

Weight:So not telling you!!!


Hair Color:Dark brown

Eye Color:Dark brown

Average Look:Long hair put up in a black clip. Usually I wear a black shirt and blue jeans, but my mom hates black with a burning passion, so I wear a blue shirt with either a cat or just plain blue.

Favorite Food:Ramen of course!!!

Favorite Color:Black, gray, and blue

Sports:Volleyball, soccer, and swimming

Relations:I have one annoying sister.*twitch twitch*

Loyalty To:Friends and Sasuke duh!!

Personality:Agressive, can't keep attention on one thing for too long, bitchy at some times, major yoai fangirl, and nice if someone brings up Sasuke.*Lub lub*

Weakness:Looking at A Vampires Butterfly's first Hinata picture. That thing scares me!*Shiver*

Quotes:"Stop making fun of Sasuke, dammit!!"

Weapons:The love for Sasuke and my fists.



Dislikes:Sakura *Glare*

Future goals/dreams:To be a manga-designer and to marry Sasuke of course!

Past:Fine, if you consider a trapped rat in a cage lying cold in a dark room called life fine.
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