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My Ninja Bingo Book by Squishy chan

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Shichi Amaterasu belongs to me
Amaterasu Shichi

Age: 14

Team: none ( follows Neji around relentlessly, though)

Gender: Female

Village: Konohagakure ( The village hidden in the leaves)

Appearance: 5'5", Back-length wavy black hair, black eyes, Wolf demon

Wears: Baggy black sweatshirt, headband around her neck, short blue aerobic shorts, tall thigh-high black and red striped stockings, kunai and shuriken pouch on her right thigh ( right handed).

Status: Taken by Neji

History: When she was barely an infant, Amaterasu watched her parents get killed by a fox demon. Even now she senses pain and blood when near Naruto, although she doesn't know why. As an orphan, she trained relentlessly to prove herself worthy of ninja-hood, and was equally determined to prove Neji wrong about his whole 'destiny' thing. She graduated ninja academy by nine, obtaining level of gennin. By twelve she and her cell mates passed the chunnin exams, thus earning chunnin rank. At fourteen, she became jonnin, and did various missions on her own. She was ANBU at sixteen and eventually became a missing-nin by eighteen, joining the Akatsuki at age twenty-one. Amaterasu is not evil, but she is close friends with those of the Akatsuki and those on their side ( she once had a crush on Orochimaru--the old bastard. Yes that's right.) She considers herself neutral. She wages her own wars and only battles those who stand in her way, whichever side they believe themselves to be on. (which gets her into a lot of fights with Itachi) Neji has proposed to her in hopes that she would someday be his bride. She accepted. She has a wolf-demon sealed in her and hopes to one day defeat the fox demon in Naruto.

Will have photo uploaded eventually.
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