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Broken Hearts by Kitsune33

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer : I don’t own naruto or any other characters
I hope everyone this story and remember this is my story I ever wrote so please try to write good reviews because if I don’t get a lot of review I won’t continue this story of mine. And remember review!!!

Chapter 1- The Last Straw

Naruto Uzumak was laying on a plain of grass thinking how everything turn out so horrible. He kept his promise to sakura and brought back the last member of the Uchiha clan( besides Itachi) and he should be happy that he got his friend back right? Wrong. Why should he be happy .His so called friend tried to kill more than once. He may be a forgiving person but he isn‘t a saint as in forgiving sasuke as he easily toss his friendship for power. I bet your wondering why he save him because he made a promise to a teammate, sakura and he, Naruto Uzumak always keep promises. And that’s the reason he ended up like this all alone, no matter what he try to do everyone just blames him for something. All his life he has been everyone punch bag, a way to let out all the angry and pain out on him. Even his friends look down at him as nothing but a waste of space, insult him making fun of his dream. Yeah, his dream to the greatest hokage ever , laugh at as joke countless by everyone.

His watch alarmed telling him it was time to go to the bridge to meet team 7 like every morning. He got up from the spot he just laid and brush the dirt off his clothes. He made his way through the market and on his way to the bridge, avoiding the hatred gaze and whispers by the villagers everyday(I mean do they have anything better to do). It took him 10 minutes to get and he could see sakura and sasuke there before him. Normally he would be the second to arrive, before sakura and after sasuke but today he didn’t like coming that early to a meeting than going to take hours later than it suppose to because of their teacher.

“Naruto, you were almost late than Kakashi-sensei, what took you so long!!” sakura yelling her voice out.
“Yeah, what wrong got lost in your own village again, Dope” sasuke smirked, trying to get under the blonde skin

But naruto ignore them both, he really didn’t care what his teammate said to him, he just wanted to drown out their voices before he do something to shut them up but instead he look up at the sky trying to clam himself down and wondering when kakashi going to get here.

“Naruto, are you listening to me”, saukra was getting angry that her teammate that suppose to have a crush on her was ignore her, she was going to hit hard when their sensei came.

“Sorry, I’m late but I had to help this old lady fix up her burning house”

“YOU LAIR” only saukra said this and after everyone look at naruto
Who been quiet all this time and a quiet naruto means something wrong.

“Naruto, are you feeling alright toady”, his sensei asked in dull tone as if he knew what was going to be the answer.
Naruto, who was lost in his thoughts came back to reality when his sensei called his name. He looked at everyone who was looking at him as if they were worried, ha they just wondering where their idiot has gone.

“Shouldn’t you tell us if we have a mission or not” in the boring dull tone that kakashi used, he didn’t care if he was break the happy-going-idiot mask that he wore for fifteen of his horrible life, he just didn’t care why should he put on the act any longer he going to leaves soon. Yeah, he going to leaves far away from this god forsaken place he called home that tried to break so many times. Both saukra and sasuke was little shock by naruto answer, they though they naruto was going to just smile like and idiot and something annoy or complain about kakashi being late but kakashi on other hand seem unfazed but was asking the same to himself about naruto’s behavior today.

“Okay, team 7 we have a D rank mission, we have to find a lost a the cat again”.

Again team 7 thought that the old naruto would be back, complaining about have a low rank mission but naruto started to walk pass them and said, “Well we better get started, come on let’s go”. He was half way to the forest when his team got over the shock of how clam and quiet naruto is today.

Few Hours Later-( I really didn’t want to read when they find the cat, it so boring)

Team 7 as at the hokage tower waiting to tell the hokage tsunade about their complete mission. When they get to see the hokage that suppose to leader of their village, instead they see a blonde women fall asleep on hundreds of papers that she sign. All put their head down thinking why we picked her in the first, kakashi tried to wake the sleeping women by clearing his throat which worked. Tsunade woke up to see four people in her office which disturbed her nap, she wiped the drooled that was hanging on the corner of her mouth and stared angrily at them.

“What do you want Kakashi”, said tsunade

“I just want to tell you that we complete the D rank mission”

“Great, I don’t have anymore mission for your team for few days so rest up”, she said this as she took the mission report Kakashi gave her but she couldn’t notice that naruto the person she see as her little brother was so quiet so naturally she want to know if any was wrong.

“Hey, brat everything alright”

Yet again naruto was snap out of his thoughts by people shows false concern for him. On the outside he made sure no emotion but the inside he felt disgusted by these people that tell him everyday that he’s worthless that he amount to nothing but now they suddenly care about him, it made he sick.

“Hokeage, can I go now” said naruto impatiently. Tsunade twitched, naruto never called her that he also called her old hag, now she knew something must work with him but dismissed him nonetheless, she could talk to him later in private.
Team 7 was outside the tower, it was almost sunset and naruto was about to head home when Kakashi stopped him.
“Hey naruto what about all get some together, I’m buying”, but naruto kept walking as if didn’t hear what Kakashi said. Sauke was having enough with the dope’s behaviors today so gram naruto rough and slam him against a near-by wall.

“Tell me idiot what’s wrong with you toady and when we asking if your alright you complete ignore us, What hell is the matter with you!” sasuke was shouting angrily at his blonde teammate. But again naruto didn’t say anything or react to any of sasuke’s words , getting angry by the second he though knocking some sense was a good idea, saukra was cheering sasuke to hit naruto to ignoring them both Kakashi already left the minutes this got started. When sasuke threw a punch which suppose to connect to naruto’s jaw but instead land in the wall, sasuke hand bleed quickly and fell down from the pain, sasukra came to sasuke side fast the naruto appear in front of them, both gasped but saukra angry took over her,

“Naruto, look what you did to sasuke-kun, naruto your just a monster, I Hate You” screamed on top of her lungs but then a shurikens that quick pass and slide some of her clothes and side of her face. Naruto turned and was about to go when he said” Sakura you should really get a doctor to heal you sasuke-kun”, and then disappear.

Naruto came to his small apartment and hurriedly went to his bedroom to get all the thing he need for his trip. After 15 minutes he all everything and looked around the room he stay for fifteen years, the he shook his heads trying to forget these useless memories. He got out of the apartment and started to jump from roof from roof, he made to the gate he was a about 20 feet from he turned to look at the village he countless times yet do they give him respect? No but now he’s going to give everyone’s respect even if he has to force, then he starts running to the gate almost leaving his hell of a place but someone tries to stop and try to drag him back to hell with them.

1hour earlier---

Unknown to naruto, there was someone else feeling like there nothing, didn’t have enough courage to face what’s in front of her, her name is Hinata Hyuga. Right now hinata is train with her younger sister and losing, she never beat her sister, who is six years younger. Her sister stopped for moment to look at the hinata who was at the ground breathing hard and then she made her in the house to rest. But hinata wanted to know why she stopped all of a sudden.

“There’s no point in fighting a person who a weakling like you. Give it up hinata, you will always be weak and nothing going to change that.” her sister said as she slide the door closed. Hinata just looked at the ground tears forming in her eyes as words of her sister kept repeating in her head. She got up from the ground after a few minutes and went inside the house, she tried to get to room and sleep but one of the members of the lower branch told her that her father want to see her. Hinata was so nervous, her father want to her this late of the day and he never speak one word to her now he want to talk which can only mean one thing terrible news he was about tell her.

She made to her father’s room around six and knock to ask permission to come in, which she got. When she came in the room she saw her father wasn’t alone, there was all the member of the councils of the main branch in a from of a line facing her. Hinata sat down and waited for them to speak. The first to speak was a with long brown/grey hair and wearing a black robe.

“Hinata, you know that your father can’t live forever and our clan needs a strong leader, and we don’t think you are what we want as leader. So as of today you are strip of being heir to the Hyuga clan” said the man. Hinata was so close to tear but refuse to let them fall in front of her father.

“But, why? I gotten stronger I know I haven and I could stronger with a bit more training an-”

“Silence!!, you never got stronger and you never will, you still can’t beat your sister who is six years younger than you are and you think that I want our clan to have a weak leader as you my so called daughter, I’m ashamed to called you that!!!” said Hiashi Hyuga , when he was finish hinata let the tears roll down her face after hearing her only father saying that to her, Hiashi looked away in disgust at the girl in front of him. Again, the man in the black robe spoke again( I guess he’s the leader of the council so going to speak a lot)

“As I was saying, we need a stronger leader so we making neji into the clan heir instead of you and you will go to the lower branches in the clan”. Suddenly, one of the doors open and neji came in the room. And stand beside her father, crossing his arms over his chest and giving her a evil smirk. Hinata looked at neji to the council member and even to her father to see any sign that all this is a sick joke. But it wasn’t.

“I told you that you can’t escape your destiny and your destiny is to weak and always weak for the rest of your pathetic life!!” said neji almost laughing at hinata sorry state.

Hinata couldn’t take anymore she to leave the room, just away from those people that just destroy her life in a matter for minutes. She stopped after a few minutes way of breath, she sat and sobbed until her throat hurt she still couldn’t what they did to her they suppose to be her family, their nothing but family right now. Hinata looked around to see where she ran to and she was at in front of the village’s gates, looked so huge but she never consider running away there was one person that kept her sane, kept her from running- Naruto Uzumaki- her one and only love and something nobody can take away not even her father can break bond she has with her naruto. Sudden she felt a chakra coming this way, so she hide hoping that to get in trouble with a guard. But to her surprises it was naruto and was running towards the gate was bag on his back. So many thing was going through her mind, he isn’t planning on leaving the villages leaving her all lone, so she tried to catch up with him and tried to stop him.

“Naruto! Naruto, Stop Please!”, she yelled as loud as she can, this made naruto stop and turn around and face. They stare at each other for a few minutes, they were feet away from the gate. Naruto was the first to speak and his voice cold as ice.

“What are you doing here hinata”, it made her shivers down her spine, she could believe what was happening her naruto that swear to become hokage someday was leaving the village and the happy-easygoing person she loved was talking like this, this must all be a dream but what naruto said next told it wasn’t no dream.

“I say this one more time, What are you are here and you better answer or I make you answer the hard way”, as saying that he took three shurikens out of his back pocket. She was scared, almost though of running but she can’t let leave her all lone, so she took all the courage she told him to stop.

“Naruto, please don’t leave I need you everyone needs you, I do anything just don’t leave me”, now she was on the ground sobbing and pleading him to stay.

“I sorry Hinata but I can’t stay and if you tired to stop I will kill”.
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