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Achromatic by Ph34r 7h3 cu73 0n3s

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Enjoy
Disclaimer: I don't recall purshasing any media recently so I don't own Naruto. Nor do I own Kohana Kesesa.

Claimer: Ayano belongs to me and my imagination along with a few other characters i might add.

A/N: I was bored in my room and I got hit by plot bunnies so I decided to hurry up and write it down before i went to bed and forgot. And Brittni your character is in this one alot mmk. And without further ado...
Chapter 1:Sightless

"Hey Aya-chan?"


"Are you blind?"

"No... well not really,"

"Not really?,"

"I'm color-blind,"

"Whoah! Colorblind? No way."


"Heh. So you see everything in black and white?"

A girl with brownish blonde hair shook her head in reply.

"Grey, Uzamaki-sama. And this is the inn you'll be staying at," she says and stops walking in front of what was probably the biggest building in the whole city.

Naruto nods as he steps quickly out from under the black and blue umbrella the girl was holding to the conopy in front of the inn trying to avoid being wet by the rain that was constantly pouring down on the streets of Amegakure.

"I will pick you up again here tommorow at 7:00 to escort you where you need to go to complete your mission," she says softly as she bows and turns around.

"Good-bye Uzamaki-sama," she says continueing down the sidewalk.

"Bye Aya-chan!" he calls after her enthusiastically waving his arm.

'Hmm there's something about that girl.' though Naruto to himself as he lowered his arm 'She always smiles like she's happy... but her eyes look so sad."

He grimaced, just now realizing she had continuasly called him 'Uzamaki-sama'

He looked up from his thoughts to see if he could call out to her and correct her but she had already disapeared around the corner.

'Dangit guess I'll just have to wait till tommorow,'

"Hey dope what are you doing standing in the rain," a voice calls from inside the hotel.

"None of your business Sasuke-teme," the blonde yells before stomping angrily inside the hotel.


Ayano walked silently down the soggy sidewalk to her apartment.

'Hmm it's about 6:00 wonder if Kohana and Aero finished yet?' she thinks to herself 'I didn't see them there'

The chestnut haired girl sighs as she slowly closes her umbrella.

She didn't quite know what color it was but had grabbed it in consideration of the hyperactive blonde she had been assighned to escort who obviously was not to happy about the constant shower.

Ayano herself didn't mind the rain.

She sighs again as she averts her eyes downward letting the rain soak her long waist length hair.

Being wet was a normal thing in a village where it was constantly raining.


"Tadaima," the brownish blonde haired girl called as she opened the front door to her two bedroom apartment.

"Hiiiii Aya-chan!" a voice called from another room.

"Konnichiwa Kohana," she called back taking off her shoes and wringing her hair to get as much water out as possible.

"Your dripping all over the place," Kohana said as Ayano walked into the living room where she had been studying hand signs from a scroll in front of her.


"You've got an umbrella. Use it. I swear your tryin' to get phemonia,"

"Gomen," she said again "I'll clean it up after I change."

"Mmmhhmm," the purple-haired girl replied as she resumed her reading.

Ayano walked into her lavender bedroom(Though of course to her it just looked grey.) and began searching through her drawers for something clean to change into.

After finding a pair of capris and a t-shirt with the sign for Ame on it she began to peel off the clothes that were currently sticking to her.

They weren't the usual long pants and long sleeved shirt she normally wore on missions though. It was a simple turtle necked t-shirt with a skirt that went right above her knees and long stalkings that went right below her knees. An outfit that anyone would tell you was not suited for going on a mission in.

It was only partially her fault though.

Today was friday.

Friday was the one day of the week her team got off from doing missions.

But Ame was always short on shinobi. That is of course because 1. the land of rain isn't located in one of the Five Great Nations, 2. the majority of people here aren't very nice and most don't have the motivation to go out and train all day in the rain, and 3. most of the shinobi end up as missing nin.

So this morning she slept in expecting to wake up around noon like every friday.

But instead had woken with a start to the pitter patter of rain and an anbu at her window at exactly 7:53. After informing her that the Amekage was requesting the presence of her and the rest of her team at 8:00 the anbu disapeared into thin air leaving the girl in a panic.

She had 7 minutes to get dressed and get to practically the other side of town.

In her rush she had put on the first thing she saw in her closet and showering. She didn't even bother putting her hair in the low pony tail she usaully did (like Neji's) but raced out the door as fast as she could while pumping chakra into her feet.

And she was as anyone might geuss extremely late.

By 5 minutes to be exact. Though it may have seemed like a small amount of time to be late. Punctuality was an extremely important rule(unless your Kakashi ^_^)

When she was finished changing Ayano returned to the living room to clean up the mess only to find it had already been done and Kohana had gone to her room.

She started to smile to herself when she suddenly got a whiff of a familar fragrance coming from the kitchen and grimaced instead.


She HATED raman with a passion.

And Kohana made it every chance she got just to spite her.

"Dinner's almost done!" Kohana piped up sticking her head out of the kitchen and laughing at the look of distaste on her roomate's face.

Ayano shook her head lightly before returning to her room.

She was definatly not going to eat tonight.

She sighed for the umtenth time that day as she sat on her twin bed and looked out the window at the rain.

Today was cloudy.So no sun shone through the rain like it did on somedays.

At least it was just rain and not thunder and lightning.

"meow" Ayano turned her vision to a what would look like to most people a dark orange blob but to Ayano a dark grey blob as it nestled itself into her lap.

"Ohayo Burn," she said as the purrs erupted from his throat as it's head was stroaked.

Burn is probably one of the only cats in Rain.

Seeing how just about everything here is wet, most cats make a point to stay away from the village.

But then again Burn was only here because she brought him when she came.

"The raman's do-- Eww cat," she sayscrinkling her nose at the bundle of fun nesting in her freind's capris

"Kohana-san you know I don't like raman,"

"Heh heh yea I do but you know you should see what ur wearin'"

She cocked my head to the side.

"Red and pink don't really go with brownish green,"

A/N:Yea well that's all for now. It's 6:15 in the morning and i haven't gone 2 sleep yet. Hope you liked it.R&R .

Bye bye, Kitty
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