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one mans love for a little orange book by cowmoo6

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"ill do it kakashi dont think i wont" kakashi trembled it was his prized was worth more than his bratty students lives."kakashi my patience is wearing thin"anko couldnt but chuckle she so very wanted a kiss from kakashi that she had thought up a genius plan to get that kiss.first step steal kakashis book then shed make him kiss her in order to get it back."okay fine anko" kakashi grumbled he had never kissed a girl and e was not about to.kakashi started to pull down his face mask but that was all he had to do .at sight of his face anko got a huge nose bleed he is so the hospital anko was sent to for blood loss she noticed tsunade kurenai and 3 other kunoichis there."you stole his book to get a kiss didnt you" tsunade said "loss of blood due to nose bleed thats why we're all here
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