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I'm Loosing to My Demons by Rah Poppin

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I own nothing or else this one-shot would have been written better.

This is actually a practice fic for my other story Seduced By Demons which (for anyone who is reading it) the next chapter has some lemon in it. See, I decided to put this up because if it's way to graphic and horrible (which I think it is) I'll ask for help from other writers who'd be willing to write a lemon for me.

I DEMAND THE MOST CRITICAL REVIEWS. If you hated it, say so, if there's certain sections that are bad, please tell me. I'm looking for critique, even a flame if I have to so I know how to change.

Oh...they do get verbal towards the end
Title: I’m Loosing to My Demons
Type: Angst/ Romance

Plot: Sasuke is back, back in Konoha, back with his friends and admirers, back with Naruto. But things have changed in Sasuke; he isn’t that same cold, hot tempered boy he was before. There’s something darker in him that makes Naruto’s heart sink. Now, Naruto has to find out what’s wrong before another incident like the Valley at the End begins again, because, this time and even with Kyuubi’s help, Naruto isn’t sure that he can stop Sasuke from becoming a murderer.

Songfic: “Where Will You Go” by Evanescence
Warnings: My assumption for what happens after Chapter 352 so if you haven’t read that far, you may not understand, but hey whatever, we all know what Sasuke wanted anyways.

I’m Loosing to My Demons

Naruto hovered over the boiling pot steaming water on his stove. His blue eyes, half lidded with true contemplation, watched the steam rise from the tea pot. He didn’t like tea but his current charge did and, by now, Naruto was willing do to anything to make his current house guest happy. Anything to keep him there, in Konoha, with Naruto.

The tea kettle screeched as steam spouted out of the nose of the tea pot. The whistle must have resounded through the comfortable two bedroom apartment because, moments after Naruto had moved the tea pot away from the stove, the subject of his negative thought process appeared at the table, two mugs in hand.

Sasuke had grown, Naruto couldn’t deny it. He stood just a little taller than Naruto; wise, empty black eyes that spoke whispers had to look down ever so slightly to see Naruto’s own screaming blue eyes. It was a slight shot to his ego, to see his rival look down on him. Sasuke’s broad chest was delicately hidden, yet not hidden, by a silk kimono top; in the upper left corner, the Uchiha fan glared at Naruto. He was bulkier than Naruto but the bulkiness Sasuke bore was brute strength. All of Sasuke was a weapon, right down to his seductively distracting face.

Sasuke placed the mugs before Naruto, silently asking for him to pour the tea. Naruto quietly did so, noticing the rough, day old cuts on Sasuke’s knuckles. Naruto wanted to ask about those wounds but Sasuke would be too proud to say anything. That was what their relationship had become, silent and empty.

//You’re too important for anyone
You play the role of all you long to be//

Once the tea was poured and passed out, Sasuke took a delicate sip, the hot liquid poured down his throat in small gulps that had Naruto mesmerized. Naruto looked away quickly, staring at his own cooling tea. He didn’t look back at Sasuke, unable to willingly admit the arousal growing in his black cargo pants. Sasuke was beautiful, a beautiful person and shinobi.

The world outside didn’t know Sasuke’s instability, the nightmares, the pain, and self mutilation to save the town from a massacre. The world thought their perfect little Uchiha was back, ready to restart his clan and continue the haunting reign of the Uchiha clan.

And Naruto thought that was the case too.

Sasuke walked back into his room, cold and proud. He put on the airs of being dead inside, dead like he was when he was young. He knew his angst was foolish; he’d done everything he vowed to do. What was left? A family.

He knew his dark brooding and locking himself in Naruto’s spare bathroom wouldn’t earn him a wife. He couldn’t start a family when all he did was sit around a W.C. But, for the life of him, he couldn’t get the blood off.

//But I, I know who you really are
You’re the one who cries when you’re alone//

He held his hands under the burning water, praying to whatever spirit there was around to get rid of the stinging blood. The water burned his sore skin but it washed the blood off, Itachi’s blood that cursed his pale skin with its haunting red color.

He hissed as the blood soaked into his skin, staining the pale color. He slammed his fists against the marble sink top, wondering if he’d broken something. When the pain didn’t distract his mind from the staining blood, he punched the mirror, shattering it around his hand. He knew the noise had startled Naruto because he heard shattering glass. Sasuke wanted to shout but instead turned to the shower.

He turned the water onto its hottest setting and stepped in, fully clothed. When his clothes became fully soaked, he began peeling them off and dropping them onto a very beaten hamper. He stood beneath the water, burning the blood off of his skin, when he heard a knock at the door.

Naruto softly entered the bathroom, glancing quickly at the shattered mirror and marbled sink top before looking at the drenched clothes. He sighed and set the clothes down on the toilet and stood away from the shower. His small arousal was already growing a little more with the thought of a completely naked Sasuke in the small shower area behind him.

Naruto made his way back to the door, ready to escape temptation when a soft, silky sound halted him, making him moan just slightly.

“Naruto,” Sasuke’s voice softly called to him. It had been the first thing Sasuke had said in over four days and the sound of seduction wrapped around the very vulnerable Naruto.

“Y-yeah, Sasuke?” Naruto asked, cursing the shaky voice.

“I’d like a towel.” Naruto nodded, slightly put out, as he opened the closet and pulled out a towel. He returned to the shower and held the towel out to Sasuke. There was a pause in Sasuke’s movement before the shinobi grabbed his wrist and yanked him into the shower.

Naruto’s head slammed against the corner tile, impairing his vision for a moment. When the black darkness and gold stars faded, he found Sasuke’s bare chest was touching his drenched and clothed chest. The thin, lean arms rest on either side of Naruto’s head and Sasuke’s face, in all its wet glory, was leaning towards him, touching his lips with Naruto’s own.

//But where will you go
With no one left to save you from yourself
You can’t escape
You can’t escape//

The sunkissed lips felt addicting, soft and gentle but rough with weathered skin. The feeling was extraordinary, much more appeasing than the feelings haunting him prior to this moment. The taste was addicting, a sweet mixture of tea and ramen, and Sasuke leaned in further to get a better taste. He wanted more of this taste, all of this feeling. The flame his ex-teammate and present caretaker lit inside made Sasuke want to feel something physical, something more than the haunting blood and fear that the death of Itachi instilled in Sasuke’s soul.

He leaned forward, his hips coming in contact with the heat of Naruto’s clothed erection. The gasped together, the shock of conjoining heat filling their vision with stars. Naruto wrenched his mouth away from Sasuke’s revealing his tanned neck to his rival and best friend.

In a cloud of lust, Sasuke leaned forward and attached his own calloused lips onto Naruto’s thin neck. He licked and nipped at the skin, eliciting a moan from the smaller shinobi and Sasuke wrapped his pale arms around the boy.

“S-S…ahh…” Naruto moaned but then slapped his hand over his mouth. He clenched his eyes shut and tried to push against Sasuke. His limps were weak, the blood rushing to his high alerted loins, reacting to the similar erection from the man assaulting him. He gasped again when Sasuke’s nibbling broke through the tan skin, metallic blood falling out.

The shock of pain registered within Naruto’s mind as a good pain, one the bordered on pleasure, and his erection began to seep clear liquid, his mouth excreting and pleasured moan. But the attention had stopped and the contact grew more distant. Naruto panted lightly, opening his eyes to see Sasuke backing away, frightened by the liquid tainting his mouth.

“Sasu—“ but Naruto stopped, the dilated eyes and heaving chest struck a chord deep within Naruto that made his heart stop.

//You think that I can’t see right through your eyes
Scared to death to face reality//

The blood was all over him, haunting him, claiming his soul to darkness and death. He fell to his knees before his rival, panting and attempting to cry. The burning shower rained down on him, awkwardly creating lines of mock tears from his wide black eyes to his shivering jaw line. Blood tainted every pore of his pale, built body.

He panted and gasped, holding himself as blood pumped themselves out of his pale skin. Blood fell from his hair, dripped from his finger tips, and poured out of his mouth, creating images of carnage.

Sasuke gasped, his brother’s mangled, rotting body staring back at him. The bloody arms reached to him, latching tightly onto his arms and pulling hard on the 16 year old body. Sasuke screamed and scratched as the carnage pulled him deeper into the pooling gore. He cried and screamed, shivered and flailed, and in the process brought his comrade to his knees.

//No one seems to hear your hidden cries
You will have to face yourself alone//

Naruto shivered as he watched the proud warrior fall to his knees and scratch at his pale arms. Naruto wanted to reach out to Sasuke, comfort him and hug him and make him stop the mutilation, but his body wouldn’t move. The shock of pleasure hadn’t faded yet, and Naruto wasn’t ready to admit that he wanted Sasuke’s body back on his.

Fearful and resilient, Naruto stood on his own and escaped the wretched scene. Sasuke slammed his head against the titled wall, ridding himself of the images. He cried to himself, muttered sobs and small tears that mingled with the water. He curled into himself against the cold floor of the shower, the hot water hitting against his bright skin.

Sasuke fell into a light sleep, only registering a soft patting of feet turning off the water before he collapsed into the darkness. Itachi’s bloody face haunted his closed eyes.

Naruto wanted to run but instead coolly called Kakashi and Tsunade to take care of Sasuke. Kakashi removed Sasuke from the shower, dressing him in a light yukata and laying him on the bed. Tsunade took to cleaning his wounds, listening carefully as he fought against Itachi.

//But where will you go
With no one left to save you from yourself//

“How long has he been like this?” Kakashi sighed after shutting Tsunade and the muttering Sasuke in Naruto’s spare bedroom.

“Since he got back,” Naruto sighed, “He locked himself up in the bathroom after the court trial and only came out to eat or drink. I think he slept in there a few times too.”

Kakashi sighed, “He’s being haunted.”

“Haunted?” Naruto sighed. He returned to the stove, setting up a pot of tea. Perhaps, in the depths of his mind, the familiarity of cooking would bring Sasuke back to reality. Kakashi studied the powerful shinobi, his blue eyes drooping with restless worry, his blonde hair flattening against his head, heavy with water, and the bloody on his neck mingled with the soaked color of his black t-shirt. The boy was a wreck, not as severe as his rebelled student in the other room, but he was still worse for wear.

“It’s a trait in ninjas after, what the mind registers as a senseless kill.” Kakashi sighed, sitting in a nearby chair, “Flashbacks to the kill or nightmares about the carnage clutter his mind and drive him or her insane. The mind will break down and either the shinobi will completely collapse and become comatose or will thrive in the carnage and become dead inside.”

“But…Kakashi-sensei…Sasuke…” Naruto sighed, trying to find a coherent sentence, “wasn’t he already numb…f-from the death…”

“One would think after the torture Itachi put him through, Sasuke would be a cold hearted killer but hearts changed.” Kakashi smiled beneath the heavy mask, “I suppose that’s your fault.”

Naruto paused in his movement, shaking the tea cup slightly, “What?”

“Well,” Kakashi grinned all the way to his eyes, “You’re very good at getting into someone’s heart. You can warm even the most stony of hearts, have you ignored the change in the Kazekage?”

Naruto paused, he had made Gaara like a more reasonable human, could he have done the same to Sasuke? Had he and Sasuke never formed a bond, Sasuke would have taken pleasure in Itachi’s death and not suffer like he did now.

“After meeting you,” Kakashi frowned, scratching his chin thoughtfully, “He must have found something to live for, something to make life important so he couldn’t fully come to hate his brother anymore which must be why he’s haunted now.”

Naruto wanted to cry, he could feel the brush of water burn at the edges of his eyes. Sasuke was this way because he’d made Sasuke care about life. He slammed his fists against the oven, breaking the metal tea pot and forcing the stove to collapse in on itself. Naruto stepped back while Kakashi moved to put out the small fire that had begun.

His students were such idiots.

Sasuke shook and writhed until he forced himself to sit upright. Before him stood the proud Hokage, her cold brown eyes stared at him with a deep frown. She sighed and handed him a small vile.

“Put it in your tea the next time you have one of your episodes, I’ll leave it to you to tell Naruto.” She sighed and moved to stand.

“What is happening to me?” he muttered, not expecting her to hear it. She sat back down, crossing her legs and then proceeding to cross her arms underneath her large bosom. Sasuke looked away, feeling the blush as her cleavage stared at him.

“You’re mind is breaking down,” She sighed, “Grief, trauma, bloodlust, regret, take your pick.”

Sasuke frowned and looked down to his hands, “I see blood.”

//You can’t escape the truth
I realize you’re afraid
But you can’t abandon everyone//

“Maybe you should talk this all out.”

“To who?”

“The brat who sacrificed most of his time searching for you, maybe?” She seemed to growl, “I don’t know exactly how you feel but I understand the grief and what you need is an escape. I gave you a sedative but you need a hobby to get your mind off of this incident, and self mutilation won’t do it.”

Sasuke stared down at the hands, the blood staining and seeping from him. He made to stand but was stopped by the warm, clean hands of the Hokage. She seemed to frown slightly, a sympathetic air was about her that made Sasuke growl slightly with frustration. His Uchiha pride hissed to her, who are you to pity me?

“Start training, or make a puzzle, write in a journal,” She offered with a soft smile and squeezed his hand. He looked down at the hand, watching the haunting blood leak onto the soft blankets, the red leaked onto her pale hands. He glared at the offensive liquid staining everything he touched. It must have stained Naruto as well.

//You can’t escape
You don’t want to escape//

Tsunade sighed and removed her hand from his. She’d been in this state before, haunted by regret and helplessness, angered by what she had seen. She needed escape and, although it was rather wrong, she found it in booze and gambling. She wondered momentarily if she should sneak him into a bar or gambling club but then chuckled. Should Iruka-san ever find out, he’d nag her head off.

“You can sit here and brood as well,” She sighed, “If you really want to do that. After all, you have your own personal servant just outside that door, ready to give his life for you once again. No one could pass up that deal.”

She stood up once more, a proud, busty woman returning to her post as the leader of the village. She smiled down at him ever so softly and left the room. Sasuke watched her from beneath her bangs. When she had left, his face eased into it’s blank look and he collapsed onto the pillow. He fell asleep shortly after, his dreams just a little less haunting.

It had been a day or so after the horrid incident and Sasuke hadn’t left for anything. Naruto sat in the kitchen, chewing ramen and worrying over Sasuke’s condition. The more he thought about Sasuke, the more he either felt uncontrolled lust or uncontrolled rage.

After Kakashi’s diagnosis, proven by Tsunade, Naruto understood what Sasuke was enduring. The pain, grief, and regret were poisoning Sasuke’s mind and driving him to do pretty strange things. According to the very wise Tsuande, it affected his sleeping habits and forced what she had called “day-terrors” on him which would have cause Sasuke to…hmmm…molest a warm body attempting to give him comfort.

Naruto frowned, unable to really understand that Sasuke was inevitably loosing his mind over the murder of his brother.

Tsunade had suggested means of distracting Sasuke from the images and pain. She said people often got themselves drunk…a lot…until they either forgot or killed themselves. Naruto didn’t want that.

Kakashi, in his own snickering voice, suggested sex.

Naruto hadn’t even confronted the notion yet. His thoughts were running along a different line. He stared mindlessly at a blank wall, why hadn’t Sasuke confided in him?

Naruto was almost furious again, trying to discern any reason as to why Sasuke wouldn’t have divulged intimate details about his psyche to Naruto. Was it because Sasuke knew Naruto had his own dark secrets?

No, Sasuke already knew about Kyuubi and that was Naruto’s darkest secret.

Maybe it was that Sasuke had sensed a dark secret and therefore didn’t trust Naruto. It would make sense, after all. Naruto had never told a soul that he felt a semi-attraction to the runaway shinobi. Sasuke could have thought that secret was some other secret that would loose a trust that had been carefully pulled back together after they reunited. Or it was because…

“AH!” He growled, ready to toss a plate at the wall in frustration. It was too annoying and confusing, so Naruto settled on familiarity and went with angry.

How dare Sasuke keep a secret from him! How dare he not trust Naruto with something that could cost him his life! How dare he try to do it all on his own again!

In a rage that fueled his tired body, he stormed right into Sasuke’s room, throwing the closest thing at the collapsed body on his guest bed. Sasuke sat upright, startled by the book that hit him in his hip. He bit his lip, knowing that would be a nasty bruise the next day. He turned to find the seething Naruto, eyes a deep blood red the rivaled the ferocity of the Sharingan.

He turned to face the man, hands rested in his lap. His pale legs were folded in a half-assed bent position and his shoulders visibly slumped forward. His eyes looked to the blonde container through very dark bangs, “What is it, do—“

But his words hadn’t been fast enough. Naruto threw himself at Sasuke, landed a punch straight across the startled 16 year old jaw, throwing backwards and off the bed. Naruto threw himself onto Sasuke randomly punching areas that would hurt but not bruise. Naruto didn’t want to hurt Sasuke, just force the stupid out of him and get him to listen.

//I’m so sick of speaking words that no one understands//

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Sasuke hear through the growls and punches. He tried to protect himself, throwing weakened punches at Naruto, mostly clashing fist against fist to avoid fist against shoulder. Naruto felt himself begin to cry, which didn’t help sooth his rage, “Why didn’t you confide in me?! Why was I kept in the dark? Why don’t you trust me?!”

Sasuke raised his arm and punched Naruto across the face with his elbow. The hard headed boy collided with the wall, which served enough time for Sasuke to stand. In seconds, Naruto was on him again, punching his pale chest.

“Why do always fight alone? Why didn’t you ever let Sakura-chan or I help?! Why is it always a lone wolf- complex with you?! Why did you never ask for help?!” Naruto shouted; hitting Sasuke in the neck, cutting off his ex-comrades air supply and throwing him back against the adjacent drawers which hit Sasuke against his spin.

//Is it clear enough that you can’t live your whole life all alone//

Sasuke stumbled to his feet, ready for another attack from the over aggressive fox container when he found his ex-rival shaking where he stood. The man’s head was bent forward, his face covered by the thick blonde hair the normally spiked up in pure happiness. Sasuke could see the trembling in his caretaker and it wrenched tired guilt in his heart.



I can hear you in a whisper, but you can’t even hear me screaming

Sasuke felt himself wanting to run. He felt caged and suffocated so his feet reacted on instinct and began to move. However, Naruto’s sense must have been heightened because he yanked on Sasuke’s arm, throwing the taller man onto the bed, faster than Sasuke’s feet could get him to the door.

Sasuke screeched softly as he collided with the bed and began to back away against the headboard. He watched clearly as Naruto got onto the bed and seemed to fold in on himself. He sat on his knees, hands balled into fists and resting on his thighs, his head was lowered.

Sasuke began to sit up, realizing that the violent contact would not happen again. He relaxed himself and sat upright wanting to stretch out to Naruto. He had a hard core urge to feel that addiction he had felt in the shower. His body urged for that friction again but the fear of an aggressive Naruto scared him back into the corner.

The more he actually thought about the growing desires, the more the images flashed through his mind. Then suddenly, the unmistakable feeling of blood, blood in his mouth, blood seeping out of Naruto’s neck, blood filling every pore and Sasuke fell backwards, screaming and trying to run away from the images.

//Where will you go//

Naruto sat up, interest perked as Sasuke began to cry and scream, pulling himself away from the present. Naruto wanted to growl but his senses called for something else. He found, when his arms wanted to strangle Sasuke, the ended up wrapping him in a very tight hug. He latched tightly onto Sasuke, physically commanding the boy to lean on him.

“Trust me to protect you.” Naruto began to cry as Sasuke flailed in his arms. The man pushed against his best friend, not wanting to get the blood on the pure shinobi. That was, until something soft whispered through his grunts and cries, “I love you.”

//With no one left to save you from yourself//

Sasuke stopped, relaxing and proceeding to hug the shinobi tightly. He wanted to cry but the tears were suddenly gone. He opened his eyes to find the bloody slowly disappearing into the black shirt of Uzumaki Naruto. Tsunade’s words of an outlet echoed in his head and before Sasuke had realized it, he was kissing Naruto.

The boy fell backwards, Sasuke following as they clashed lips. Naruto gasped before the grinding against his personal area awoke more desire. His mouth was open for Sasuke’s tongue but the shinobi did not react. Instead, Sasuke lay on top of Naruto, grinding his groin against his partner’s growing erection, and forcing his lips farther onto Naruto’s lips.

Running out of breath faster than he thought would happen, Sasuke pulled back, sitting on top of Naruto’s hips. He gasped for air, the warrior beneath him blushing and shifting with the weight. Sasuke meant to get off but before he could Naruto latched his arms around Sasuke’s neck and forced his own lips upon Sasuke, his tongue darting out to seduce the tongue inside the other’s mouth.

Sasuke moaned into the feeling, his tongue coming to life and battling with the invading appendage. The two fought against each other before Sasuke won, throwing Naruto against the bed and beginning to rip his clothes of. In a mass haste of grinding and lust, the two became naked. Seeping erections touched each other eliciting an erotic moan from both shinobi before Sasuke seemed to stop.

//You can’t escape the truth
I realize you’re afraid
But you can’t reject the whole world
You can’t escape//

Naruto watched Sasuke, the man’s eyes a very dark, almost blood red color as he memorized every curve and bump on the tanner ninja’s body. Naruto’s own eyes were a midnight blue, heavily clouded with lust. Naruto pushed his hips upwards, enticing Sasuke to continue but the man did not move.

“S…Saaaahhh…Sasu…” Naruto moaned, creating his own friction against Sasuke’s thigh.

The moans increased as Sasuke began to run his hands along Naruto’s tan chest, grazing over dust nipples, tan thighs, and a very perky erection that had Naruto panting, “M-m-mo…ah!”

Sasuke began to follow instinct and caressed Naruto’s problem more roughly than he had intended but the reaction was what he craved.

“SASUKE! N…n…ahhhh!” Naruto moaned and thrashed about as steadily, Sasuke got softer. Naruto began to thrust, wanting friction as the enticing touches brought him closer to some heavenly feeling of explosion. Sasuke leaned forward and kissed the seeping area gently, his hands stoking on the base, watching as Naruto moaned and bucked upwards.

He was fascinated, watching the thrusting and moaning, not realizing what it was really doing to Naruto.

“Sa…ahhhh…I…I’m….SASUKE!” Naruto forced his hips upward and locked them in mid air. He felt a large explosion that locked his whole body in mid moan. The hot semen shot out of his erection, coating all of Sasuke’s hand and some on his arm. Sasuke released the member and examined the liquid. He stood up and attempted to make his way to a towel when he heard Naruto cry out, “Lick it?”

“What?” Sasuke asked. Naruto grinned, seemingly unfazed by the action that had left his erection nothing more than a floppy member dangling between the junction of his hips, and sat up. He twisted his finger coyly, calling his lover to him. Sasuke followed, hypnotized by the sudden seduction in Naruto’s very dark eyes. The tanned boy took Sasuke’s hands and began to lick the semen off.

Sasuke found himself moaning, his knees quacking slightly at the seductive display. Sasuke gently got onto the bed, resting on his heels as Naruto played around on the skin with soft licks and kisses. He made his way up the arm to attack Sasuke’s alabaster neck, kissing it roughly enough to bruise.

“eh…ahhh…” Sasuke moaned at the pain his abandoned arms tickling their way up Naruto’s legs, caressing the juncture of his hips. Naruto gasped slightly, pausing in his venture to Sasuke’s nipples to thrust into the touch.

//You won’t escape//

“Sasuke…” Naruto moaned, licking the dusty nipples and shivering as the dark shinobi panted and thrust his hips forward.

“I…I w-ahhh…” He moaned as the hands found his erection, “I want you!”

Naruto agreed, although silently, and laid down flat edging Sasuke onto him. Naruto’s erection was already awake and seeping with anticipation. They paused for a moment as Sasuke sat between Naruto’s legs. The alabaster finger rested against Naruto’s virgin hole, pressuring it to open. Sasuke poked his finger all the way in and jumped when Naruto cried out. Sasuke retracted his finger, muttering an apology, before licking three of his fingers heavily.

He placed the single digit near the end again, his other hand beginning to stroke Naruto’s erection again as the finger intruded the untouched area. Naruto moaned and pushed his hips up slightly, not sure if the feeling of Sasuke’s finger twirling inside his ass was all that comfortable.

“S…ahhhh!” He moaned loudly when, just as Sasuke had pressed another finger into the hole, he bent forward and licked Naruto’s erection. The fingers twirled inside the tight hole as Sasuke’s tongue licked and praised Naruto’s erection.

“AH! Sas…Sasuk…ahh…m-more…nnngh…I w-ahhh!” Naruto moaned and muttered, thrusting and writhing from the pleasure, the numbing pain very nearly gone. He wailed when Sasuke suddenly stopped.


“What is it, dobe?” He frowned, his strong hands were perched on either side of Naruto’s head, holding himself above the shinobi.

“Why’d you stop?” Naruto almost puffed his cheeks in the pout but he knew his anger wouldn’t be represented well if he filled them with air. Sasuke chuckled and moved his hips forward, the tip of his erection poking Naruto’s back area. Naruto gasped, realizing why he’d stopped. He took a deep breath and relaxed as Sasuke pushed in.

//You can’t escape//

Sasuke brushed Naruto’s hair, massaging his scalp as he entered Naruto slowly. Naruto moaned as the massaging kept him relaxed and comfortable. Sasuke stopped pushing, panting heavily, but continued to massage Naruto as he got use to the feeling. Naruto took a deep breath and moved slightly, gasping at the feeling.

So that was the sign that Naruto was comfortable. So Sasuke slowly pulled out then gently pushed in. Naruto moaned, bucking upwards to get the friction back. Sasuke increased the length of moving out and in and so did Naruto’s thrusts.

“Sasuke…I…ahhh…I’m…n-n-nahhh…not a f-ugh…GO FASTER!” Naruto wailed.

Sasuke, suddenly enraged, pulled almost all the way out and all the way back in as hard as he could, which happen to strike Naruto’s excruciatingly sensitive prostate.

“SASUKE!!!” Naruto moaned, feeling as if he’d had another orgasm, but Sasuke did not stop. He continued to thrust with the same amount of force, almost every other thrust hitting the prostate. Naruto stopped seeing, stars in his vision. He moaned loudly, the feelings making him dizzy, “Saahh…ngsh…Sasaaahhh…”

“N-naaa…Naru…I-ahh…I’m cl-“ Sasuke continued to moan, thrusting violently against Naruto, slamming him against the pillows and moving the bed against the wall. Sick of the thrusting, Sasuke lifted Naruto into his lap. Naruto moaned, wrapping his arms around Sasuke’s neck, “thrust, Naaaruto!”

Naruto began to move, finding the prostate being hit each time he moved. Sasuke panted into Naruto’s ear as the man began to impale himself on Sasuke’s erection. Suddenly Sasuke stiffened, holding Naruto close as he felt his orgasm come.

He moaned loudly, “Naaaarutoooo!”

The feelings of Sasuke stiffen and orgasm deep within him forced Naruto to orgasm as well. He shook heavily and cried, “Sasuke!”

The two panted, still upright and in each other’s arms. Naruto smiled softly, holding onto Sasuke as tightly as he could while the feeling faded. Sasuke held him up as he shook slightly with the after affects. A light kiss on his cheek alerted Naruto to a soft voice, “I love you, Naruto.”

And that was when Naruto fell asleep.

Sasuke laid him down gently and stood up, searching for his boxers. He put them on gently, feeling the effects of sleep wearing on him. He laid down next to the shinobi, a soft smile flirting with his lips. He yawned, laying his head right next to Naruto and slinging one arm around his new love. He closed his eyes, falling asleep immediately.

//You don’t want to escape//

Sasuke woke up with the early rays of light. He opened his eyes, feeling oddly rested yet heavy. He turned to the side, his vision blocked by blonde hair. A tan arm wrapped around his chest and a leg encircled his own. Sasuke yawned, stretching with the body half on top of him and moved to his side. He wrapped his arm around Naruto’s hips and pulled the naked man closer to him breathing in the scent of post sex and Naruto. He smiled softly, forgetting the nightmares he’d had just hours ago.

There was no blood.

There was no gore.

There was no dead Itachi to haunt him and break him.

There was only Naruto, sweet, pure, happy Naruto who loved him.

And he loved Naruto.

A/N: I honestly had so many parts in there that I could've made funny but alas, I was attempting to write a lemon. Sorry for the semi-sappy ending. I couldn't think of any other way to end it.

The story is extremely dark and I apologize for it but...sadly, I have experienced something along the lines of what Sasuke went through (not the whole gay sex thing though--I am a girl and I am a proud virgin even if my bf makes fun of me for it) so, anyways, the subject matter was dark but personal so I had to write it. Eck, enough with personal stories...please review, even if it's just a "you suck a lemons" or "you're a perv"

Ladies...and maybe gentlemen (o.0) I have 6 male cousins and my first and longest relationship with a guy (one of my best friends) is gay...I know I'm a perv.
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