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Gothic Girl by invisible_habits

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Chapter notes: As I said in the summary, this fic is a song-fic using Gothic Girl by the Finish goth'n'roll group The 69 Eyes. They're great and I suggest you go download their music right now ((plus their drummer has a body that'd make all the Naruto youth's bodies combined look weak!)). Please read and review, tell me if you'd like to see more stories using this OC-girl.

Oh yeah, the lyrics are marked with italics.
You can see her
Whenever it rains

She’d heard it several times, the nickname ‘Lady in the Rain’. Yes, she did mostly venture out during rainstorms, they calmed her temper and suited her mood.

From Rome to New Orleans
Dancing on the graves

From east to west in the world her existence seemed to have a shadow of fear to it. You didn’t want to meet ‘Lady in the Rain’; few were those who lived to tell about it. She had indeed danced on many graves during her life.

Burden by the heart
She loves her sunglasses after dark

But she was not a heartless killer; indeed she remembered every single face whose life she’d taken. It was one out of two reasons she hid behind sunglasses at all times. The other was simple; she needed them to survive, for she had indeed awoken that which she’d been told was impossible.

And every single day her little life falls apart

Still, what did it matter? All those whom she wanted to know…were already dead.

She's out to look so macabre and alone
She's close to hook on her dying

Always dressed in black, dark hair blowing in front of her face in a tangled mess and dark sunglasses to block her mirrors to the soul from sight. She looked alone; she was alone. And she was slowly dying from it.

Just like a gothic girl
Lost in the darken world

She had long ago strayed from the path she had meant to follow. Grief and loss and longing had blinded her, lead her astray until she no longer knew where she was meant to go. The light lay behind her, up front she could see nothing but further darkness.

My lil' gothic girl
Darker sides of jewel are your razor cuts for real, baby

Two swords were her only companions these days, every attempt at human contact and companionship had lead to further misery. Now she danced her dance alone, and it was as deadly to those who came across it as it was beautiful. Once that dance had been danced for goodness and prosperity, now it was performed for selfish survival alone.

You can see
She's on her road to ruin
Stigmata from crucifixion

Though in constant hiding, from herself and all those who had known her once, she now sought out battle. It was her way of knowing she was still alive, the blood drawn from her a proof she was still material and had not faded into the world in between worlds.

On her pale white skin
Tribal pagan art
She loves her tattooed Egyptian mark

The scars left from those reminders had been covered with tattoos or hid beneath jewelry, only to be replaced with new healing wounds and future scars. The dark ink on pale skin worked as a reminded of life at times, but unfortunately for others not always.

And every single day her love will tear us apart

There were simply memories that could not be forgotten, things she refused to let fade away. And before she could bring herself to face to memories again, she could not fade away either. So she burned on, at the expense of the life of others.

She's out to look so macabre and alone
She's close to hook on her dying

But the lives were never innocent, not intentionally at least. She was a high-class ninja, as were the opponents she took on. Battles of Life or Death, never anything less. So with her selfish actions, she actually contributed to keep the world that didn’t know her a little bit safer.

Just like a gothic girl
Lost in the darken world
My lil' gothic girl
Always so dramatic, Christ, I want you, gothic girl

Many were the options she’d received; protector, companion, member, even proposal though her identity was unknown to the suitor. But her heart was locker for all but one man, a man she often doubted was alive these days. So she answered the only way she knew how to these days; with the swords.

Lost in the darken world
My lil' gothic girl
Darker side of jewel are your razor cuts for real, baby

But her own existence was beginning to scare her. She hung by a tiny thread, her persona loosing itself in the darkness and drowning in the death she caused wherever she went. Despite the danger and her fears, it was time for her to return home. It could break her last pieces of sanity, kill her even, but it was the only chance she had left if she wanted to stay something that could be called a human.


An unknown figure clad in all black landed just outside the main gates of Konoha. The generous shapes along with the long, dark and messy hair told the shinobi on duty that it was a female. But it was not very reassuring, for they had never seen her before and she had two samurai like swords strapped to her back. Black sunglasses hid her eyes from their sight as she walked up to them slowly, hands clad in dark gloves held out to the sides from her body as if to show she had no intention of using her weapons.

“Who are you?” one of them asked, secretly grasping a kunai in his hand behind the desk. His companion had taken out three shuriken and had them ready in his hand.

The young woman, they’d guess she was about 25 or so, slowly raised her left hand and removed the sunglasses. Blood red irises with three black prongs in each met their eyes and they gasped in shock and horror.

“I need to see the Hokage,” she said, voice raspy as if it hadn’t been used in a long time.
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