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The Ways of a Pervert by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: My first attempt at smut. It probably sucks. n_n;; But don't like...shoot me if it does, okay?

Neikan and Aku are Sempai's (Oni_chan's)
And Hari and Netami are mine.
Hari looked at Neikan as he approached her, a curious look upon his face as he got closer. She blushed slightly as she looked at the ground from her spot on the bed; she really needed to stop thinking.

“Hari-chan?” Neikan muttered, staring at his girlfriend, who looked up at him and ran a hand through her hair.

“Neikan-kun…” she whispered, standing up and wrapping her arms around him as she buried her face into his chest, listening to the steady heartbeat that started to quicken at her closeness.

She moved her head slowly and looked at him with warm eyes once she felt warm arms wrap around her. “Hari-chan…” he mumbled, before he felt her soft, pink lips press against his. Subconsciously, he licked at her bottom lip, asking for entrance, feeling her lips part slightly, he took the chance for his tongue to enter; feeling every inch of the moist cavern.

Hari felt Neikan pushing her back towards the bed, tensing up slightly at the final realization of Neikan’s plan from the start. She pulled back from the kiss as they landed on the bed with a soft thump sound.

“You worried…Hari-chan?” Neikan whispered in Hari’s ear seductively, as he moved his hands so that they were sliding down Hari’s sides, making her blush at the attention Neikan was giving and the thoughts of the upcoming events.

“No…no, Neikan…-kun,” she whispered shakily as he brought his hands back to her top, working her outfit off of her, Hari hurrying to cover herself the best she could. Neikan stared at her and raised an eyebrow as he threw her outfit aside.

He shook his head slightly, before a smirk came to his face, “You shouldn’t trust me so much….Hari-chan…and stop trying to cover yourself – it’s futile….” He whispered, climbing back to where his eyes met hers, “…Don’t you want this?”

Something at that moment told Hari to throw Neikan against a wall, her face got more red as he placed his lips against hers quickly, soon moving down to her collar bone, nipping and licking at it, causing slight gasps from Hari. He started moving his tongue across her, stopping at her chest, nipping slightly at the hardened nipple, sucking on it before turning his attention to the other one and repeating the actions.

“Nei…Neikan-kun….!” She moaned out, as he continued to travel down her body, stopping to spread her legs open and licking at the soft, tender flesh of the inner thigh, making her gasp.

He pressed his tongue against her entrance, making her hands fly down to his head, finger getting entangled within his unruly brown hair, letting out soft moans, making him smirk, and stopping. Hari let out a sound of protest that was quickly silenced with a kiss.

Neikan pulled back and look into Hari’s deep blue eyes, “Relax…” he whispered with a caring voice, noticing how tense she was. He tossed whatever clothing was left and positioned himself near Hari’s entrance, her eyes shutting almost immediately.

“Hari-chan…look at me…” he mumbled, thrusting into Hari, making her squint at the pain that ensued. “Hari…” he muttered, his voice more demanding.

She opened her eyes, “Mo…move,” she muttered. He paused for a moment, before fulfilling her command, thrusting into her at a steady pace that soon quickened.

“Nei…Neikan-…kun,” she moaned.


“Nei – Neikan-kun I’m…” she cried out, hitting her climax, Neikan close behind.

He pulled out of her and looked down at her. She glistened with sweat, the panting quickening her heart beat as it slowly got down to normal. Neikan kissed Hari tenderly, before moving to where he was laying beside her, pulling the covers over them and brushing the hair out Hari’s eyes.

“Hari-chan, I love you,” Neikan whispered, pulling her closer to him, letting her bury her face in his chest.

“Neikan-kun…I love you too…” she whispered, smiling. “Shouldn’t we…take a shower?” she asked.

“Tomorrow….” Neikan replied, kissing her forehead, “Just go to sleep.”

She yawned before falling asleep, gladly complying with Neikan’s wishes, him falling asleep with her soon after.


A banging sound was heard on the door, muffled screams from behind it as Hari and Neikan’s teammate angrily slammed his fist on the door attempting to ‘save’ Hari, though, he ultimately had a feeling it was too late.

He collapsed in front of the door and let out a deep sigh. Once again, he was too late.


Netami twitched slightly as he heard the voice of his boyfriend and quickly approaching footsteps, before a light haired man appeared in front of him and grabbed him by the hand.

“Netami-kun, I feel neglected….won’t you entertain me?” he whimpered as he looked into the deep green eyes of Netami.

Netami gulped, “But…but Aku-kun!” he exclaimed, though it was too late, the younger boy dragging him away to his fate, as Neikan and Hari slept peacefully in the house, unaware of the peril their friend was in.
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