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Anger, Frustration, and Complaining by A Vampires Butterfly

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Okay hi! Yes, Violet here. I guess "Frustration Expressed" got deleted or something happened to it. Maybe we were updating it to fast? I don't know.

So has anyone else seen those fanfictions written by newbies, that are just big blocks of writing, mostly consisting of plotless smut? It burned my eyes. I can't stand when people seem not to have enough time to hit the enter key a few times and write it in just one big block. I see that and I just don't see the point in reading.

I have also been seeing lots of copy writing going on here. If you got inspired by some one else's story and want to use the same plot, then damn just ask them or say in your story that you were inspired by their story. Its not that hard.

Oh and did anyone else see that freaking "Alex is dead" thing? Oh my god what the fuck was that? I was so freaking sad when I read that. I...I don't know why or who the fuck would do that, but really. I am so glad Akira isn't dead. I didn't think she would ever do that. So glad to see you are still on this planet.

Well that is it of my ramblings. With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
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