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Reality by A Vampires Butterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Okay...Hi there. This is of course Violet with yet another story. I of course have no idea where this is going or if it is even worth writing, but well I don't know anything really. Enjoy! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like ramen. No, I love ramen. It may be the best thing in the world. I have blond, spiky hair and bright blue eyes and six whisker marks, three on each cheek. When I was born the fourth Hokage sacrificed himself to put the Nine Tailed Fox Demon called, Kyuubi inside of me. Kyuubi is still sealed inside of me. The villagers hate me because of it. But I am going to show them! I am going to be the future Hokage! Believe It!

My best friend slash rival is Sasuke Uchiha. He is kind of emo and can be a bastard some times, but he can be a great guy when he wants to. He has raven hair that kind of looks like a chicken butt and onyx eyes. A lot of girls like him. I don’t know why. His older brother, Itachi, killed his whole clan only leaving him and Sasuke the only two left. Sasuke now wants to kill Itachi. Itachi wants Sasuke to be stronger so he can kill him. Can you say family troubles?

Then there is the very beautiful, Sakura Haruno. I have a crush on her. She has naturally pink hair and green eyes. She used to have her hair long, but then to prove she could be strong she cut it with a kunai. Now it is short, but she still is very pretty. She likes Sasuke. So does her old best friend Ino. Sakura stopped being Ino’s best friend when she realized they had to be rivals for Sasuke. Isn’t that sad? I think they are becoming friends again though. Sakura is becoming a very strong ninja and she has always been really smart. So brains, brawn, and beauty, isn’t she just perfect?

“Damien? Damien, are you there Damien?”

Who’s Damien? I don’t know any Damien. Is he from the Sound Village?

“Damien! What are you doing? Please Damien talk to me.”

Is he talking to me? He must have me mistaken for this Damien person. I am Naruto Uzumaki.
“Who is Damien?” I ask the man. He doesn’t look like he from around here. He is wearing a strange white coat that flaps as he walks towards me. He has plastic gloves covering his hands and as he comes closer to me he reaches his hands near me. The village starts to waver, fading in and out from my view. I can’t perform any jutsues. He must have done this to me. What is he doing? Who is Damien? I black out as he reaches me.

“His name is Damien Smith. He has made his own little world where his name is Naruto Uzumaki. He seems to live in a village of some sorts where the villagers all hate him, except for a few trusted friends. He even has a crush on one of his fictional characters. Another one of them even has a crush on him. It is interesting.”

“He has made his own little world?”

“Yes. He sits for hours, alone just staring into space mumbling the story to himself.”

“Amazing. When did it start?”

“Quite. He seems to have lost touch with reality right after he was admitted, after he saw his parents brutally murdered. He says that that was when Naruto Uzumaki was born. It seems Naruto’s parents were both killed by a fox demon with nine tails, leaving him an orphan. Damien even says that the fox demon that killed Naruto’s parents was sealed inside him. It really is amazing. He doesn’t even know that he is Damien and has asked me numerous times who Damien is.”

“Poor boy.”

“Yes. Poor, indeed.”
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