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Clearly You Don't Understand by kiki15

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: In the chapter.
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Clearly You Don't Understand


S.S = Sick Shit (is more than likely NC-17 and etc.)



*thoughts progressing into speech"

'substitute for italics' (Kyuubi or Soriyu at times)


::scene change:: (more for my reference than anything else)


Summary: Thirteen years ago, Sarutobi was assassinated and his ward was thrown into prison by the biased council who believed it to be him. Now a bigger threat arises with an untimed resurrection and the tears of a forgotten man. (Sequel to The Fox and The Phoenix)

A/n: Guess who's back? And with a brand new storyline to continue the old. New twists and turns will shock and amaze in this story. I only ask that you not read this if you have not read it's predecessor, you WILL NOT understand anything that's going on if you attempt to do so. Yes, the first chapter is short, I know.

Chapter One: Me

::Hokage Tower, Midnight::


"I'm getting too old for this." Sarutobi groans, standing up to stretch his stiff bones as he goes over to the window overlooking the ever-growing Leaf Village. "But I'm glad to know that I can still do some good with the time I have left."

He never notices the shadow that comes upon him as he lights his pipe, taking a few cancer inducing puffs.

"That time is up old man." the assassin murmurs, the androgynous voice raspy and deep as they slam a poisoned kunai deep into the monkey summoner's throat. Never having time to react, Sarutobi is dead before his head is severed from his shoulders. A shoji door is opened somewhere in the room, and the assassin quickly finishes decapitating the old man, exiting swiftly.

"Old man? What's all that noise?" the blonde boy asks, fright marring his features as he is splattered with a copious amount of blood spurting from the old man's neck like a fountain.

The child faints, his brain unable to take the shock of yet another person he loved dying. Kyuubi, asleep, never saw that the assassin hadn't truly left, but instead was hiding, coming forth to place the boy's own poisoned and blood-soaked kunai in his limp hand.

"Let that curiosity be a lesson."

::Two weeks later, Council Hall::

"Uzumaki Naruto, you are charged with the crime of murdering the Sandaime Hokage. How do you plead?" Koharu asks, her eyes shining with unshed tears. She knew no good would come from keeping the boy in the village. After his mother died, she knew it was only a matter of time before he snapped. They should have killed him before they agreed to her dying conditions in her will.

Naruto stands silently, not even bothering to struggle with the binds on his hands or the chakra binding seals on his body. He didn't cry, didn't whine or curse. The blank look he sported most of the time was now in full force. He really wanted a cigarette right about now too.

"Answer me! You're on trial for the murder of Sarutobi! What is your plea?!"



"I'm not guilty." he replies, his plea sounding hollow, even to his own ears. "I didn't kill Sarutobi-jijii."

Homura and Koharu share a look. They were planning to condemn him even if he wasn't found guilty.

"You were found with a large amount of blood covering you, and one of your 'own' poisoned kunai in-hand. Do you still deny your guilt?" Homura asks, Naruto simply staying silent.

'Don't let them sentence you without a fair ruling! Put up a fight!'

*I really don't care anymore Kyuubi.*

'Why? Why aren't you giving it your all? Do you want to be locked up for eternity?! And it'll be just that since I'm here with you!' she asks, shocked. He hadn't called her -chan or -nee-san, nothing of the like. It was unsettling.

*I don't feel like fighting anymore. They can lock me up, they aren't breaking my spirit. 'I' know I'm innocent, that's all that matters. If they don't believe me, then that's their fault.*


"Does the jury find enough evidence to cast a verdict?" Homura questions, looking out over to the silent jury box.

"Hai." they chorus. "We cannot find him guilty without more evidence. It is suggested that he be put in prison until such evidence can or cannot be found."

Homura nods, banging the gavel.

"It is decided then. Uzumaki Naruto, you are sentenced to incarceration until more evidence can be found."

Naruto is led out of the Council Hall slowly, flanked by Anko and Tsume. Neither says a word to the other as they enter the dungeon prisons.

Anaki: Whoo!

RC16: Yay, sequel, uh-huh. What's Tsume have to do with anything?

Anaki: I dunno, she's Kiba's mom, she'll have a part somewhere sooner or later.

RC16: Oh...whatever.

Anaki: ...Loser.

RC17: -smiles- Review!!!
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