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As Clouds Go By And Sand Swirls by invisible_habits

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Chapter notes: Short, I know. Longer chapters are coming, at least I think they are longer... Just thought it was a nice way of dividing it up a bit... Easier to read, or something like that. Enough rambling. Enjoy.
He didn’t affect me. That’s what I tell people anyhow. Kankuro takes my word for it; he never was the most intelligent of people. Gaara knows better, I think he was always the smartest out of us. Or at least the one who understands feelings the best. Who knows loneliness better than Gaara? It should be Naruto in that case, or perhaps that Uchiha kid. Gaara could tell from the beginning that something was different, that I was different.

We met during the Chuunin exams. At first I took him for a slacker and an idiot, a boy who didn’t want to be a ninja and who was wasting everybody else’s time. But then I had a match with him, and he totally defeated me with his intelligence. I always think ahead, look beyond my next move to see one, two or sometimes tree steps ahead. How far ahead he thinks when acting I don’t know, but he played me like a boy pulling the wings of a butterfly. I never had a chance, on any level.

As we moved in to help the Konoha Genin that time, I instinctively went to help him. He needed help, and I needed to give it to him. It was the most effective split, Gaara against the strongest and Kankuro taking care of the one able to split in two. With his puppets he still had the chance to play him three on two, giving him the advantage after all. But I would’ve gone into a fight I could never have one just to help him, because I could never have let him go. I still can’t…

It has been years since I saw him last. Gaara is Kazekage and I have sworn to protect my brother against those who wish him dead. Not that he needs it; I now more than ever believe Gaara is undefeatable. But there is nothing else I can do. If I were to…what do they call it? Follow my heart? If I were to follow my heart I would go to Konoha, but I belong here in the Hidden Village of Sand. I don’t even know what would happen should I leave, there’s no logic in going. Perhaps one day I shall see him again, perhaps not. What happens should that day come, only time can tell.
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