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As Clouds Go By And Sand Swirls by invisible_habits

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Chapter notes: Obviously I do not own Naruto, and I'm not in any way involved or related to the manga and/or anime.

Furthermore; I have only seen 143 episodes of Naruto, I haven't seen Shippuuden or read the manga. I do, however, know that the Sand-Nins are involved later on in the anime, and because of this things are bound to have happened that I have not included in this story. Please don't hate me. I just like the idea of those two together, that's why I wrote this story. Read, enjoy and review if you feel like it...

And I suck at Chapter titles, so you get none. Have an idea? Give it to me and I might add it :)
For as long as I can remember, I wanted a simple life. A wife neither beautiful nor ugly, a daughter and a son to fill my life with meaning, life as a ninja to support them until they had lives of their own, and then old age in peace with someone I could play shogi with. But since when do things turn out the way you plan them to? My plans scattered in the wind of a giant fan…


The first time I met her was during the Chuunin exams. She was one of the Sand Nins, traveling with her brothers Gaara and Kankuro. The first impression she gave off was that she was troublesome, but that is hardly unique. She was loud and obnoxious, but that cocky smile never left me alone after I saw it the first time. And she proved to be quite intelligent as we were put up against each other in the final matches of the exams; I figured she would be a good shogi player. But in the end I outsmarted her, even though I found it too troublesome to carry on in the tournament.

The second time we met she saved my life, and if I had had a hard time forgetting her it was impossible after that. She came like the wind, rescuing me just as I was about to accept that my time had come. Cocky as always she chopped down a forest like she was merely cutting paper. She even took the time to call mock me in the middle of a fight. Why I liked it, I shall never know. All I know is that I never saw the blonde hair or green eyes, but the intelligent personality and energy behind them. She sent knew winds blowing through me, effectively dispersing everything I had ever thought myself wanting.

Years went by, and I didn’t see her again. I remained in Konoha, a teacher at the academy and a Chuunin being sent out on missions ever so often. Naruto and Sakura managed to retrieve Sasuke to the village. Love conquered as Sakura got the man she had always wanted, and as Hinata finally managed to attract the attention of everybody’s favorite idiot. Life went on, through bad times and good, and Konoha rebuilt what it had lost. I will not say I didn’t contribute to that, but I don’t think I did as much as I could’ve done. Partly because it was too troublesome, I never concealed the fact that I am the laziest ninja of the village, but also because I had other things on my mind. Impossible things…
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