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Breaking the Rules of the Pack by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: The whole pack thing is a pun-ish thing xD Man, Inuzuka's are dog people, of course I'm gonna associate them with a pack.
Imma try to make big chapters now..after this though xD

I dun own Naruto
A red headed girl, about the age of nine hid behind her cousin who couldn't have been any older then her. "Ano..Kiba-kun, who are they?" she asked innocently, not leaving her spot behind Kiba.

Kiba smiled widely, "This is Uzumaki Naruto and Nara Shikamaru!" he exclaimed. The girl blushed, before giggling slightly as she saw hers and Kiba's dog wrestling playfully.

The blonde, who was apparently Naruto, smiled at the girl, "Who's this? Huh, Kiba? She your girlfriend?" the boy joked, as the brunette next to him, Shikamaru, smacked Naruto upside the head, muttering troublesome under his breath.

"This is Inyoku-chan! She's my cousin! And that's her pup, Chikpoke, he's from my moms dogs, though he is a runt..." Kiba muttered. Inyoku slowly made her way out from behind Kiba. The girl wore a short red kimono with sleeves that wer way too long for her and normal sandles, not like the ones the others were wearing. She brought a hand up to her face, placing it on one of the two red triangles that was on her face. Her skin was about the same color as Naruto's, slightly lighter however.

"Kiba-kun....Kaasan will be worried about me if I'm gone to long, she's never let me this far away from the house before," she stated to the other Inuzuka as she grabbed his arm lightly, smiling at the other two boys apologetically, "I'm sorry I can't stay longer, but this makes me nervous...."

Kiba sighed in defeat, "I'll try to be back to play later, promise!" He grabbed Inyoku by the hand and started walking towards the young girl's home.

Shikamaru sighed, "Kiba said he already knew he was marrying someone...he has to marry her. He says she's from his family, could that be her? Troublesome..."

Naruto smiled brightly, "Atleast she's cute!"

"You're an idiot Naruto..." Shikamaru muttered as he turned to go to the slides. Naruto glared at Shikamaru. "Stop pouting and come on...." Shikamaru mumbled.

Inyoku frowned as they reached the house. She sat on the proch, Kiba soon sitting next to her, "Why are you frowning, Inu-chan?" he asked in a worried tone.

"Sorry I ruined your fun.." she tried to look serious, but the nickname made her giggled, she always thought it was cute, though typical Kiba would only call her Inyoku-chan around his friends.

"Ah, it's okay, the knuckle heads are always willing to play with me, but I rarely get to see you, what's up with that?" he asked.

"Because, they want me to stay away from other boys, they're all afraid I'll fall in love with one...even though I'm suppose to marry you," she covered her mouth quickly, Kiba hadn't found out yet, "Ah, sorry, Kiba-kun, I have to go!" she yelled, running into the house with Chikpoke at her heels, befor eslamming the door shut.

Kiba sat there dumfounded, he wouldn't truely understand the magnitude of this announcement until four years later...
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