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Let's Be Poets Without Words by invisible_habits

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes:
Disclaimer: I do not own these or any other characters of Naruto. I do not know, or have any contact, with the writer of the manga and/or the producers of the anime. In fact I haven't even seen all the episodes of Naruto yet!

Regular story
The knock on the door surprised him. Who could be wanting what at 4a.m.? Usually no one took notice of the little light burning brightly in the famous Copy-nin’s window in the middle of the night. Was it really so hard to figure out why he was always late for meetings? The book was constantly in his hand. The light was always burning late at night in his apartment. How many clues did people need?!

Pulling the mask up to cover his face, Kakashi pushed himself up from the comfortable position in the couch as the rapping at the door was repeated. Putting the book down on the table he grabbed the Kunai already lying there. He was at home, he was shirtless, that didn’t mean that he was about to open the door unarmed or show his face to whoever was standing outside.

Living in a ninja village there really was no point in keeping door chain. Even a decent Genin could kick in a door. Therefore Kakashi simply opened the door, concealing the Kunai in his left hand.


He barely had time to pronounce the name of Chuunin before said teacher literally attacked him. A Jounin should by no means allow himself to be overpowered by a Chuunin, but Iruka had surprise on his side. And Kakashi had, unwisely perhaps, lowered his guard at the sight of the familiar face.

Tanned fingers reached up and pulled his mask down before he was able to recover from the shock of having Iruka pushing him backwards into his apartment. The Kunai in his hand fell to the floor, accompanying the sound of the shutting door, as lips clashed together in a violent kiss. Kakashi hadn’t exactly hidden the fact that he went for men, but he had never expected Iruka to do the same. Or have to guts to attack him in his own home in the middle of the night. But with his tanned skin, dark eyes and that scar across his nose, Iruka was far too attractive to not his strings within a man.

Especially as he was prying said mans lips apart, forcing his tongue into his mouth. The hands that had been holding Kakashi’s arms down began searching the naked upper body before them. A moan escaped the Jounin as slightly roughed palms rubbed over his erecting nipples. Encouraged by the sound, Iruka dropped his hands down to the belt and started working on getting it open. But Kakashi placed his hands on the man’s shoulders, pulling himself away. If just slightly.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?”


“Does it matter?”

Not really…

Without further hesitation Kakashi spun the one year younger man around and pressed him up against the wall. Iruka gasped for air as his back hit the wall, but it was pleasure and not pain that shot through his body. Kakashi had him nailed to the wall as he claimed his mouth in another craving kiss. Iruka opened his lips to great the velvet tongue that immediately wrapped around his own, claiming dominance without giving him time to fight. It was obvious that the slightly older man was a hell lot more experienced, even in this department.

Fingers that obviously knew what they were doing quickly worked at getting his clothes open and off. Kakashi was enjoying the undressing just as much as Iruka. Revealing tanned skin, which almost looked alive in the yellowish light from the lone lamp in the room, had him half-hard before he had even begun any serious touching. Releasing the lips he slowed down the pace, though not the passion, as he began his journey downwards.

Tracing the jawline, covering it with hungry kisses and caressing it with a hot tongue, he had Iruka hyperventilating by the time he reached the ear. Breathing hot air into the shell he felt the other man wrap his arms around him, pressing their naked upper bodies together. Skin contact, nipples caressing nipples as the dominant silver haired man slowly rubbed himself towards this newfound toy. Nibbling at the shell of the ear and sucking the lobe he was starting to drive himself crazy with the slow pace. But the game was half the fun. And Iruka was such an excellent co-player.

Feeling the mask being pulled over his head, Kakashi had a groan escaping his own lips as Iruka leaned in and traced his collarbones with kisses. The tip of a burning tongue played in the deep hollow between them. Nails dug into his back preventing him from get away, while the fingers of the other hand made patterns in his unruly silver hair. Every nerve in his scalp tickled from the rough caresses, spreading electricity through his body that pooled in his groin.

Before he knew what was going on, Iruka had dropped to his knees and was once again working his way into his pants. This time he didn’t even try to stop him, but involuntarily pushed his hips forward instead. Cold air hit his aching member as the Chuunin pushed his pants down, and Kakashi feared his knees would buckle under him as fingers closed around his erection. When nothing happened he looked down, only to meet Iruka’s dark eyes looking up at him.

The sensitive fingers felt cold around his burning flesh as they slowly, painfully, slowly began stroking his impressive cock. Not for a second did they break eye contact, both of them used to not blinking for minutes when facing an enemy. Kakashi’s breaths came in gasps and he carefully pulled the ribbon containing Iruka’s dark hair out of it. The sight as the mass of hair fell down around his face was breathtaking. Intertwining his slender fingers in the curls he, more of less subconsciously, pushed the Chuunin forward, urging him to get rougher in his treatment. A smile spread over Iruka’s thin lips.

The next time he allowed his hand to travel upwards on the long cock, he let his thumb go further and press down over the slit on the top. Kakashi groaned deep down in his throat and Iruka felt another jolt of desire shoot down to his own, still strained, erection. Pre-cum spilled over his thumbnail, and without breaking the eye contact he leaned it to suck it off. It obviously became too much even for a Jounin, since the present one pressed his head forward until Iruka was kissing the tip of the bulging organ. Finding the taste from the pre-cum in his mouth delightful, in its own weird way, he didn’t mind to let his tongue lick over the slit for more of it.

Iruka was painfully inexperienced in this area, but the fist forming in his hair told him that he was doing a pretty good job at the moment. Letting his tongue circle the tip of the cock for almost a minute, he finally took the head fully into his mouth. Kakashi thrust his hips forward, at the same time holding Iruka’s head steadily with his one hand, and gasped loudly as the younger man choked slightly. Repeating the action his head fell backwards and his eyes shut from the pure satisfaction of being inside a hot, wet mouth again. It had been too long since he had release.

Looking back down he noticed that also Iruka had his eyes closed. He looked troubled, and Kakashi could see why. Or feel rather.

“Open your throat,” he murmured and released his grip slightly, to give the Chuunin some time to breath. Iruka sat back slightly, looking up at the man who had suddenly turned into a sensei.

“What?” he asked, with a voice as deep and hoarse with desire as Kakashi’s.

“Open your throat, relax it, and you won’t choke.”

Iruka wasn’t sure he understood, but he nodded his head and leaned in towards the organ that now glistened with his own saliva. Kakashi restrained himself as he once more felt the hot mouth engulf him, and decided to let Iruka do the job at his own pace. The change was immediate and obvious, as Iruka now took in much more of him. He wanted to thrust forward, wanted to bury himself in the cave before him and spill his seed deep down the tunnel behind it. But he leaned his head back again, caressed the scalp of the head that was sucking his dick hard and wished he had a wall to lean back on. This was beginning to get too much.

Fisting his hand in Iruka’s hair once more, he regretfully pulled away from the pleasurable position. Giving the darker man a hand he pulled him to his feet and kissed him passionately, tasting himself of the tongue and lips. That alone was arousing. His hand found its way downwards, carefully unclasping the pants before it disappeared down into them. Iruka cried out as he gripped the swollen cock hard in his hand. It was thicker than Kakashi’s own, but not as long, and it gave all sorts of pleasurable ideas to the Jounin.

Pushing his tongue deeper into Iruka’s eager mouth, he nearly suffocated his…lover as he began jerking him off roughly. The tanned man tried to pull away, but Kakashi stopped him with a firm hand around the neck. A little lack of oxygen would only heighten the senses, making the pleasure even more pleasurable. There was a reason people engaged in suffocation sex after all. The thick dick was veined and uneven in his hand; he could feel the blood pumping through it underneath his fingers. It sent blood pumping through his own veins to the limit where his ears were buzzing.

“Kakashi,” Iruka mumbled towards his lips, having managed to pull back enough to speak.

“What?” the Jounin said with a smile, still with his lips towards the other man’s.


Kakashi increased his speed of his hand, gripping the cock tighter. Iruka bit hid lower lip until he pierced it. His left hand grabbed Kakashi’s left wrist, trying to still the hand at work in his pants. Ignoring the silent plea Kakashi started working on his neck again; kissing, biting, licking. Leaving marks that would last for days and ignoring it, all while Iruka’s moans were turning into louder and louder cries and screams.


The Copy-nin pressed himself against the Chuunin as Iruka cried out and came all over his hand. The warm, sticky mess covering his hand combined with the body pressed to his and the cry breaking the silence in the room was almost enough to push Kakashi over the line as well. Bringing his soiled hand out of Iruka’s pants he smelled it, shivering at the raw scent of sex.

“Why?” Iruka panted, still riding the aftermaths of his orgasm.

“Why what?” Kakashi asked, sticking his tongue out between smiling lips to lap at the cum covering his fingers. The dark eyes, now more black than brown, widened before him. Which only made Kakashi enjoy himself even more. “That way.”

Pointing a cum stained finger towards the bedroom he brought a blush to the already dark skin. Taking a step back he walked out of his pants, leaving them at the floor. Iruka swallowed hard as he watched the lean muscular body walk away from him. Scars proved that the ninja who had just given him the best hand job ever was just as experienced, and since he was still alive just as good, as his reputation said.

When he didn’t turned around Iruka assumed he had two choices; 1. Turn around and walk out the door, or 2. Follow him. Only one seemed like fun. Unfortunately it was the other one who seemed safe…

Kakashi was lying on his back, eyes closed and lightly stroking himself when the Chuunin stepped inside the bedroom. He stopped dead and just watched. Was this what you learned from reading those books Jiraiya wrote? Perhaps he ought to buy one…

“Get out of those pants and get over here.”

The Sharingan eye seemed to glow as it opened and watched him undress. A silent swallowed made the throat of the high-ranking technique specialist move. As if to further confirm his admiration of what he saw his needing member twitched under his hand. Iruka didn’t know whether to run or attack him. Where was the confidence he had felt when standing outside the door? How had he ever dared to start all of this? Obeying the earlier command given to him, he walked over to the bed and put a knee up on the edge. Changing his mind, deciding that he had already won more than he could ever have dreamt of, he changed position until he was straddling the gorgeous body below him. Kakashi’s thighs flexed under his weight and the different coloured eyes slipped shut again.

Feeling a little boost of confidence Iruka brought his hands down to caress the pale torso. The skin was burning, but not a single trace of a blush could be seen. In some weird way it was the biggest turn-on the academy professor had ever experienced. Leaning down he closed his lips around one of the erect and brightly pink nipples, causing Kakashi to arch up towards him and groaning deep down in his throat. He had an incredible stamina, but this was getting too much even for him. Yet he didn’t want Iruka to stop. The warm lips on his skin, the velvet tongue and sharp teeth playing with his nipple, the rough fingers pinching the other; it all felt too good.

His hands turned to fists around the sheet as he felt Iruka’s cock, half-hard again, brushing against his own. Parting his lips a long, loud moan left him and squirmed under the firm body above him. It had the opposite effect since it caused his aching erection to rub against Iruka’s growing one.

“Stop,” he said and pushed Iruka back to his sitting position. The contours of the room were blurry from his desire and the buzzing in his ears just wouldn’t stop. His breathing was unsteady and none of his usually so heightened functions seemed to work. Sitting up on his elbows he shoved Iruka to the side simply by raising one of his legs. Without looking at the thick cock standing proudly above the sprawled body beside him, he reached into the drawer of his bedside table to get the lube.

“Come here,” he mumbled with thick voice and guided Iruka into position. The worry returned to the Chuunin’s blackened eyes as he lay down on his back, his bent legs on either side of Kakashi’s body. Not trusting his own stamina to last more stimulation by foreign hands, the Jounin quickly put on a condom and coated his own erection with an extra layer of lube. Taking a small amount on his fingers he locked eyes with his lover as he slowly pushed one of them inside of him.

Iruka gasped in shock and tried to get away from the weird feeling. It wasn’t his first time with a man, but he still hadn’t got over the feeling of unpleasantness in the beginning. The lips catching his in a soothing, passionate kiss calmed him down though. As a second finger was added he even pushed back to meet them, puffing his moan mixed breaths into the warm mouth enclosing his. The fingers wriggled and moved inside of him, scissoring to loosen up the muscles and searching for a spot the inexperienced man was hardly even aware of.

Kakashi, on the other hand, knew it all too well as the tightness around his fingers slowly gave in. Suddenly Iruka arched his back violently, broke the kiss and gasped for air in the middle of a cry as the fingers inside found what they were looking for. Kakashi pulled his fingers away and positioned himself, placing Iruka’s right leg over his left shoulder. Slowly, way slower than he would’ve liked to, he pushed the head of his cock through the sphincter fighting to get the alien object out. Pausing as the head was inside the tight cave of hotness, he felt two hands grabbing his hips and urging him on. Iruka’s face was a mixture of pain and pleasure; the eyes shut tight and a blissful smile decorating the thin lips, as he met Kakashi full length.

It was a miracle he didn’t spend himself immediately as his entire length was trapped between hot muscles working against him. Resting his weight on the arms placed on either side of Iruka, in height with his waist, Kakashi leaned down and nestled his nose in the curve of the muscular neck. He needed time to gather himself and Iruka needed time to adjust and relax. Feeling a hand grasping his elbow, he pulled out half-ways before thrusting back in again. Iruka arched his back and met him in the thrust, causing both of them to moan loudly. The next thrust was a bit harder, but once again the Chuunin met him full on and cried out in pleasure as Kakashi grazed his prostate.

Though the silver haired Jounin was on top, the dark haired man below was just as involved in setting the rhythm. They met in the thrusts, causing the maximum friction and pleasure for both of them. Their lips met in shallow kisses, breathing gasps and moans into each other. The pace was increasing by the minute, and when Iruka pulled his leg down and wrapped both of them around the sharp hips he found a position where Kakashi rammed into his most sensitive spot over and over again. Feeling the muscles spasm around his cock, Kakashi knew he was coming close to his boiling point.

One of his hands grazed Iruka’s tanned skin on its way downwards. Closing his fingers around the thickness he stroke it in times with their common thrusts, hearing Iruka cry out every time he pushed in and down. Nails buried themselves in the small of his back, and he in return sneaked his free hand in under the other man’s back to grab his shoulder from behind. A few more hard thrust had Iruka spending himself a second time, and the cramps within his body threw Kakashi’s longing body over the edge only seconds later. He too cried out in pleasure, and while Iruka threw his head back and arched his back up into his arms, Kakashi dug his nails into the shoulder he was holding on to and buried his face against the muscular neck.
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