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Red Ribbons by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Note for the story: I do not own Naruto otherwise Sasuke and Naruto would be together and Sakura would be DEAD

Anyways, here is the start of our story. I don't own Kimi, Oni-chan does, I own Tou xP
One could easily become consumed by power or sadness. It happened to people in the shinobi world quickly and without warning, the best of shinobi became power hungry and in search for that power they desperately wanted would kill family and friends...accident or not.
No matter how young or old.
This is how two special, talented girls became who they are to this day.

The Akatsuki lair was silent, the air heavy with something, possibly shock at the fact both Tou and Kimi were sitting around them. Though murderous intent seemed to radiate off of them.
Tou ran a hand through her long black and purple hair that she had not put up yet, as she shot a glare at Hidan who looked away nervously.
Kimi however, wasn't as obvious with her current anger as her eyes seemed to linger on nothing in paticular, though her eyes would shoot over to Itachi quickly, so that no one but Itachi himself caught the sudden movement.
Finally, Tou broke the silence as she slammed a hand on the table she was sitting at as she stood up, "You're all idiots, men, is that what they call you? More like spineless cowards..." Tou hissed before going to see why Deidara had yet to appear.
Kimi followed Tou with her eyes as she left the room into a room not so far away.
Tou slid into Deidara's room, before making a few handsigns so that she soon had a katana in her room. Her eyes narrowed as she saw the sleeping form of a friend.
"Dei-chan, get your lazy ass up now, or else, I'll chop your hands off and feed them to the birds!" she snapped.
Deidara turned around so that his one blue eye was staring into her lilac ones, and knowing that it was for his own safety to get up, he did, grumbling about how one day he was going to sneak a bomb into her room.
She shot him a glare and walked out of the room, leaving him to get ready.
Tou sat in a chair, crossing her legs casually as she stared at Kimi.
"Is he planning on sending on any missions today?" Tou asked in a near whisper.
Kimi merely stared at her for a second.
Tou glared at Kimi, "Answer me..." she muttered, clutching the katana's handle harder in frustration.
"Hn," was Kimi's reply, her sapphire eyes staying emotionless, her monotone voice and short answer only fueling the fire.
Tou threw her katana at Kimi's head, watching as it barely even grazed her as it flew into the wall and disappeared in ribbons.
The act was obviously in attempt to stop herself from stabbing her arrogant partner, or atleast attempting too.
"For someone new, you sure are cocky...." Tou muttered, Kisame giving her a sharp glare telling her to shut up.
Tou returned Kisame's glare, "Shut up, Fishstick."
Tou turned her attention back to Kimi, only to see the quick curve of lips that could of almost been considered a smirk or smile.
Tou slowly cooled down, though her fist stayed clenched. Deidara walked in, instantly feeling the tension of the room.
"What happened, did someone die, yeah?" Deidara asked.
Sasori looked up at him, then to Tou and Kimi.
"Hn, they're at it again, un..." he muttered.
Tou gave Deidara an agitated look before going back to being silent and trying to ignore Kimi as much as she could as she pondered if the leader was just trying to get back at her for the bears she had accidently got him attacked by. It wasn't her fault, it was how she killed her family. She had just recently figured out how to stop them anyways, that's how she had finally got the cloak...and unfortunately, the partner that came along with it.
"Difficult," Kimi said quietly as she looked in Tou's direction.
"What was that?" Tou snapped.


Sorry the chapter is so short, my mom is fussing at me =o
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