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Sasu-chan in Wonderland by Rah Poppin

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I don't own Naruto, American McGee's Alice, or Alice in Wonderland (though someday Wonderland will be mine!!! kuu kuu kuu)

Anyways, enjoy the story. There is dark twists and turns, character personality changes from the original Alice in Wonderland, and some despcription changes.

Yes, there is yaoi but there is few and far between so if you're looking for sex all the time, it isn't here.

Enjoy the story!!
Title: Sasu-chan In Wonderland
Type: Humor/Angst

Chapter 1: This Is a Story

Uchiha Sasuke was always an almost-happy child. He almost had his father’s approval, he almost had all of his older brother’s attention, he almost made his mother smile everyday, and he almost smiled himself. Uchiha Sasuke was almost always unhappy.

Uchicha Sasuke was always the best. He always had the best grades in his classes. He always spoke properly, never failing to speak the proper English drilled into his mind. His always was the strongest in his martial arts classes. He always made a perfect miniature adult. Uchiha Sasuke was always a miserable perfectionist.

“Sasuke-kun,” His mother smiled this morning, she must have seen his test scores. The innocent 10 year old stopped before the door, turning abruptly and giving his mother the proper bow. She chuckled warmly; she must have been drunk as well. She pattered over to him and extended her alabaster hand to his blue backpack. She retracted a worn orange fox stuffed animal from his bag, “Why are you still bringing Naruto to school? Don’t you want to look like an adult in front of all your peers?”

Sasuke’s heart skipped a little. His little fox, Naruto, had been his best friend since his aunt had given it to him when he was three. Sasuke wanted to grow up and be an adult in the eyes of his family but letting go of his only friend wrenched a depression in him.

“I…He’s for a project!” Sasuke grabbed the little toy and ran from the house.

The school day moved slowly, but Sasuke didn’t want to complain. He feared going home, feared that his mother would take Naruto away from him again. It was past noon when the children were taken to the library for class.

“Alright,” The teacher smiled, “I want everyone to choose one book and then read it for our project. Have fun!” The teacher scooted them off with a smile. The children dispersed quickly, giggling quietly and running into dark corners. The teacher looked down to find Sasuke staring distantly and cuddling his fox toy tightly. The teacher smiled and held her hand out to Sasuke, “Come here Sasuke-kun, I know the perfect book for you.”

He took her hand gently and followed the teacher quietly. She led him to a low, three leveled bookshelf and pulled out an old, soft bound book with a picture of a curious, blonde girl on the front. She smiled with a small hint of nostalgia before handing the book to Sasuke.

“It was my favorite when I was a little girl.” She smiled, “It’s called Alice in Wonderland.”

He looked at it before rushing to the table where the librarian checked out books. The teacher watched as he handed her the book then quietly mad his way to a table to read.

Sasuke sat on the bench in front of the school, Naruto in one hand and the book in his other. His tiny feet swung back and forth, somewhat scuffing the ground as he waited for someone to pick him up. The sun hung low in the sky but Sasuke knew he wasn’t afraid. He’d grown out of fear ages ago, he wouldn’t be afraid now.

As he heard the rumbling of a car he knew to be his brother’s car, the teacher walked up beside him. She smiled down as she noticed he was still reading, “Do you like the story, Sasuke?”

The boy closed the book and gently tucked it under his arm with Naruto. He leapt off of the bench as Itachi pulled around in a black Ford Escape. He turned to the teacher prior to jumping into his brother’s large vehicle, “Wonderland is strange.”

He buckled himself into the passenger seat as Itachi hit the gas pedal as they drove, full speed back to their house. The teacher watched Sasuke go with a sad smile.

Sasuke sat in his room, quietly listening to his mother and brother argue downstairs.

“Itachi-kun, I swear, if you smoke in this house, you’ll burn it down!”

“No I won’t!” he yelled back, “You have no idea what you’re talking about! You’re just a bi-”

Sasuke was sure that their father had hit Itachi at that moment. He could hear the slap and the thud against their wood floor. Sasuke swallowed the bitter taste of tears and continued to read Alice in Wonderland, Naruto tucked gently in his arm. He turned to his desk to strengthen the light in his gas lamp before continuing to read.

“Sasuke-kun,” a high, happy voice called to him. The voice, as Sasuke could recall, was irritating.

“Sasuke-kun,” A low, lazy voice called to him.

“Sasuke-kun” A semi-low, motherly voice called to him.

“Which way will you go, Sasuke-kun?”

“How much have you cried, Sasuke-kun?”

“We’ll be late, Sasuke-kun, are you ready?”


Sasuke jumped up in his bed, the book, falling off of his bed. He started when the smell of flaming skin clawed at his nostrils. He held onto Naruto, watching the flames lick at his door.

“GET UP, SASUKE!” He couldn’t tell where the voice had come from but he followed it. He charged out the door to find his mother trying to get into his room. She held onto him and ran down the crumbling stairs.

“Sasuke-kun, you have to get out of here.” Sasuke clawed to hold onto Naruto as his mother fought the crumbling house. He heard the screams of his father trying to wake Itachi until the man released, he’d suffocated to death. The ear pierceing cry of a man grieving echoed in Sasuke’s mind as his mother tripped over the burning couch. She cried as the splinters cut into the tender flesh of her heel.

“Sasuke-kun!” She cried, the flames beginning to swallow her, “RUN!”

He squeezed Naruto tightly, running for the door. He heard his mother begin to cry as the flames cried for her. He tried to cover his ears, close his eyes, and hold his breath as he sat just outside of the house, hearing, seeing, and smelling the death of his family. He swallowed his tears, refused to give into his childish whims. The screams became deafening and all Sasuke could do was squeeze naruto tight and lie on the gravel walkway, listening to the screams of his parents as their bodies burning alive and the distant wail of the fire department coming in just a little too late.

“We’ll be late, Sasuke-kun, are you ready?”
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