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Sounds of a New Destiny by Jareth Dallis

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Table of Contents

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Authors Note: More
than likely this will be a harem but for now, it’s a different kind
of Naruto fic. Naruto is taken away from Konoha by Orochimaru and
trained to be a greater Ninja that he could have become in Konoha.




Inner Self”

Naruto Uzumaki ran
through the night shrouded streets of Konohagakure as he was being
chased by a mob of villagers. They were yet again out to hurt the
innocent boy, he was only eight years old, this looked horrible. He
continued to run and suddenly tripped and fell to the ground.

“Kill the demon!!”
one villager called out as the picked up a stick, the mob walked
forward and was prepared to bring the large stick down on Naruto’s
head. Yet they were frozen in fear as they felt an intense killing

“Leave him alone…you
people are sickening…he is an innocent little boy…not the demon
you people seem to think he is…” came a raspy voice, when the
villagers looked up they saw him, the infamous S-Class Nuke-Nin.
Orochimaru. “But I think I will kill you fools…Kusanagi no
Tsurugi: Kuu no Tachi!
” Orochimaru opened his mouth and slowly
a snake slithered out of his mouth and regurgitated the Sword of
Kusanagi. Orochimaru then took the sword in hand and quickly
dispatched the villagers, their slaughtered bodies littered the
ground. He then summoned the snake from his mouth and returned the
sword to the snake, as it retreated back into his belly.

“D-Don’t hurt me! I
didn’t do anything!!” Naruto cried out as he backed away from
Orochimaru feeling frightened of the man.

“Do you hate this
village…do you hate what they do to you?” Orochimaru’s raspy
voice rang out as he knelt beside Naruto. He smirked, “I was like
you once…this village is unkind to those that are different…if
you would like I will take you to a village where you will be

“Accepted…?” was
the boy’s reply.

“Yes in the hidden
village of sound…this village once feared me…they didn’t like
the fact I was so intelligent…they were threatened by me…so I
left. Under my tutelage you shall become a greater ninja than you
could in this judgmental village.” the rasping voice of the snake
Sannin continued, he leaned down and rubbed the boys head. “This
village hates you but you will be accepted in my village…”

“I-I’ll come with
you mister…if it means I won’t always be hurt for being
different…” Naruto stood to his feet slowly, and looked up at the
man. “I’m Naruto Uzumaki…mister…”

“Say good bye to this
god forsaken cesspool…consider yourself fortunate for today you
start your training under Orochimaru of the Legendary Three...” he
took the boy by the hand and walked off disappearing with him in the
shadows of the night.

Four Years Later

In Otogakure Naruto had
truly advanced from the change of environment, he wasn’t a monster
here, he was considered unique. He wasn’t a monster, nor was he a
demon, he was simply Naruto Uzumaki, of the Village Hidden in the
Sound. Naruto had changed much over the years he wore robes that were
very similar to Kimimaro’s these were of course common for those
that Orochimaru favored. He carried a sitar on his back, which was
his medium for using sound as a weapon. His hitae-ate was tied around
his forehead in a crooked manner slightly to the left. His hair had
miraculously remained the same short, unruly spiky hair. On the side
of his head slightly slanted resting at the ready was a Kitsune Mask,
if he needed he would wear the mask over his face to conceal his

Naruto had been called
to see Orochimaru, he didn’t stop for anything because when
Orochimaru called you arrived. Just then Naruto had walked into the
one person he had been trying to avoid…Tayuya the most volatile of
the sound four. ‘Here it comes…’ was the only thought
that Naruto mustered as he braced for her to hit him over the head
with her flute.

“You fucking moron!
Watch where the fuck you’re walking!” then like that, crack!
Naruto rubbed his head, of all the girls in Otogakure Tayuya was the
most violent. The only other girl in the village Naruto really talked
to was Kin Tsuchi, if he talked to Tayuya it was by accident, the two
never really got along. Mostly cause Tayuya assumed he was copying
her by having a musical instrument.

“I was, you ran
around the corner and ran into me!” Naruto may have been a genius
of Oto but still he was a bit brash…but that was mostly around
Tayuya. It seemed as if the foul mouthed Tayuya cussed more than
usual when Naruto was around, and she seemed to hit him a lot. It was
rumored that Tayuya really was infatuated with Naruto since they say
‘You always hurt the ones you love’ and judging from the amount
of bodily harm she had done to Naruto they must be engaged.

Tayuya-chan do you two not have a meeting with Orochimaru-sama?”
Kabuto Yakushi calmly said as he stepped out of the shadows adjusting
his glasses as he chuckled lightly from the start of an argument
between Naruto and Tayuya. “Keep fighting like that and people will
think you’re a couple.”

At this Naruto and
Tayuya both blushed, the two of them were prone to arguing, but it
was usually simple misunderstandings. Kabuto only chuckled as he
opened the doors to Orochimaru’s chambers, the two slowly entered
the room and knelt before Orochimaru. “Kukuku…another lovers
quarrel?” Orochimaru smirked in his unique snaky way. There was
never a dull moment with Naruto and Tayuya around, especially when
they argued.

“There is a young
lady, in the land of waves, I would like for you two to retrieve for
me. She possesses a rare bloodline limit…you two are to retrieve
her at all costs…I am sending you along with one more…see to it
you do not fail me…” the Snake Sannin looked at them with a cold

“Kabuto-sensei, who
shall be our third team member?” Naruto asked calmly as he looked
up quietly. He saw Kabuto motion for someone to enter the room.
Naruto’s eyes widened, the dark hair, and the sensual shapes, it
was only one person Naruto could think of. Kin Tsuchi, just his luck
he was on a team with two of the most beautiful, and violent women of
Otogakure. “Prepare to leave within two hours. You are dismissed.”
once Kabuto was finished the three Genin nodded their heads solemnly
and with reverence and stood walking to the exit, “Naruto-kun
please stay a moment…I need to tell you something.” the Snake
Sannin rasped out.

Orochimaru-sama.” the boy responded and returned to a kneeling
position in front of the Snake Sannin. “Naruto…I think you are
old enough to know why the cesspool hated you so…” the snake
began, he gave a fatherly look to Naruto as fatherly as one could
give with snake like eyes. When he saw the boy nod he smirked

“Almost thirteen
years ago the village of Konoha was attacked by the Kyuubi no
Kitsune, and many ninja died trying to stop it. What they tell the
children is the Yondaime Hokage, Arashi Uzumaki gave his life to stop
the demon. In truth he used a powerful Jutsu to seal the fox away, in
the body of a child who had just had his umbilical chord cut. Now the
Hokage being a man of morals had felt this burden should only fall on
his child. He had asked that the village treat this child as a hero,
but no they only saw the demon trapped inside the boy.

That boy was you
Naruto-kun…the village refused to honor their savior’s request to
honor his son as a savior. No they tried to kill you every day of
your life, they felt you were a curse on their village…they wanted
you dead for something you couldn’t control. But do not worry
Naruto-kun…you shall have your chance to teach them the hubris of
their ways…”

The snake finished and
he looked upon the shocked face of Naruto with pleasure, this would
be enough to guarantee the boy’s allegiance for as long as he
needed it. “H-Hai Orochimaru-sama…” was all the boy had managed
to say as the shock was too much for him to take in all at once. “Go
your team is waiting for you.” Kabuto coldly stated, and watched as
Naruto exited the chamber.

Once the chamber doors
were closed for a second time, Kabuto pushed his glasses up and
smiled darkly, “What do you think Orochimaru-sama? Is he ready?”
Kabuto turned to look at Orochimaru who was deep in thought.

“But of course…I
taught the boy well…I molded him into the finest Jinchuuriki Ninja.
Of course he is ready…kukuku…when the Chuunin exams come that’s
when everything will reach its apex after all they are all but
pawns…and he, albeit a valuable pawn…is naught but a pawn.” the
cruel rasping voice broke into a dark laugh as his serpentine eyes
became a glow with ambition.

Two Weeks Later…

Naruto muttered
silently to himself as he tried to tolerate the two girls he was
traveling with. Mostly because Tayuya and Kin were possibly the most
hostile girls he knew, of all the people he could have been teamed
with, the foul mouthed Tayuya of the Sound Four, and his former
classmate Kin. Naruto then saw a squad of Konoha ninja, a tall
cycloptic Jonin who could only be identified as the Copy Nin, Kakashi
Hatake, and his Genin Team, all the same age as Naruto, a loud
mouthed blonde girl, a pink haired girl who seemed like she spent
more time worrying about her looks, and a raven haired young boy, who
simply looked like someone shit in his cheerios.

“Konoha Nin…we’d
better take cover…” Naruto was quick to issue this command as he
took sight of a squad of four Konoha Ninja. He then shot Tayuya a
look that said ‘don’t argue with me’ and with that they all
took cover.

“What the deal
shithead…it’s not like they will notice us.” Tayuya asked with
hostility while maintaining a whisper. She then saw something she had
never seen in the blonde’s eyes. Fear. It didn’t fit the boy, as
long as she had known him he had been brave. “That’s the shithole
you’re from isn’t it?”

Naruto nodded softly,
he had fear that these ninja would try to kill him, or bring him back
so he can suffer again. No. He wouldn’t return to that pit of hell,
Orochimaru had offered him a place he belonged, and that was where
his loyalties would remain. “Let’s continue to our destination
maybe this village will help reveal our target…our information
says, a crime boss named Gatou has hired a Missing Nin from
Kirigakure to eliminate a bridge builder. And our Target is from
Kirigakure…the bridge builder is with those Konoha bastards so
let’s follow them from a distance for the time being.”

The two kunoichi of
Otogakure nodded their heads in agreement, and the team continued on
with their mission. Tayuya couldn’t shake the feeling that
something was going to change them from this mission on, it was as if
she felt events would change Naruto.

One week later…

Naruto was sitting in
the forest, quietly strumming away at his sitar, he appeared to be
defenseless. A young girl with black hair wearing a blue dress walked
up silently, she held a kunai in her hand. As she prepared to strike
the silence was broken, as Naruto ran his fingers over the string
rapidly. “Interesting show Oinin…or should I say…Haku of
Kirigakure” Naruto’s eyes remained closed as he slowly stood to
his feet. “Good ruse…hit your partner with senban in just the
right spot to create a false death.”

Haku was taken back by
this as the blonde sound nin turned smiling at her, ‘He knew I
was there the whole time he could of dispatched me at any minute…who
is he…’
she thought to herself. She was ready to fight, she
didn’t trust this sound ninja as far as she could throw him.

“They all just use
you like a tool…don’t they…” the smile never faded from his
face as he took a step closer to her. It was his mask, he wasn’t
alone, he didn’t need the help of his team mates for this.

“What would you
know…Zabuza-san has given me life, given me a purpose!” the girl
shouted in retaliation. She wasn’t prepared for someone like this
that was for certain.

“Is that so…” the
boy coldly said as his face become much graver, he wasn’t going to
play nice for much longer. He spun the sitar around so it was resting
on his back, and he looked at her with darkening eyes, they were no
longer friendly. “I was treated as filth by the village I was born
in…nearly killed on a daily basis for something I never could
understand or control. They called me a monster, a demon, a
mistake…so don’t tell me I don’t know what its like.”

It came to the
conclusion of the boy he was no different than this girl. He was a
tool being used by Orochimaru. No, Orochimaru wouldn’t do that
would he? He would keep it on a need to know basis for the time
being. “Do what you want…just don’t throw away your life for
that man…maybe when you’re ready you will come with us…”
after that was said the boy ran up the tree and disappeared in the

As the trio leaped
through the canopy of the forest, Tayuya looked at Naruto in a
questioning manner. She didn’t know what he was doing it was too
subtle too slow. “Dipshit…what the fuck was that?” not one to
miss the beat the impulsive Tayuya was ready to start berating the
blonde ninja.

“It requires
planning…I simply put the seed of doubt in her head. She’s very
loyal to the demon of the mist…we can’t just bring her over to
our side just like that…” Naruto continued to lead the way. He
may have been the youngest one in this team but he was also quite
intelligent, this was in fact due to the fact he was taught directly
by Kabuto and Orochimaru themselves.

Later, at their

do you know about Naruto-kun?” The dark haired kunoichi asked
quietly, they were left alone for a moment while Naruto had gone to
check on something. Kin had noticed something about Naruto changed
from the moment he noticed that team of ninja from Konoha.

“The fuck would I
know? Shit its not like he tells me much.” The foul mouthed red
head quickly said as she watched the surroundings. She didn’t like
the feeling of what was going on with Naruto, something unusual
happened the moment he saw those Konohagakure ninja.

“So then it isn’t
true that you two are an item? I figured you would know since people
seem to think you two are dating. Seeing, as you hurt him more than
anyone else.” the dark haired beauty calmly responded, in that
moment the two began to glare. It would seem even the kunoichi of
Otogakure despite the focus of their training to become efficient
killers still could notice a guy.

“And what the fuck
does it matter to you bitch? Just because I hurt the idiot doesn’t
mean I love him.” the red head was about to fly off the handle and
punch this nosey bitch right in the nose. ’It’s none of her
fucking business what Naruto means to me…’
her thoughts were
just as vile, and laced with anger. “All anyone knows is one day
Orochimaru-sama brought the fucktard back one day…he was afraid of
everyone…that’s the entire fucking story I really know about

“Naruto-kun, is
hard…no he is unreadable…you could say he is like the wind.”
The dark haired girl softly said. “But behind that smile…I can
see someone who is suffering inside...even if he is one of the best
of our village its like he needs something more.”

“Family is a fucking
joke if that’s what he wants.” The red head gained a dark look to
her face. She in truth did want something more than she had but
Orochimaru had given her something, a place of acceptance.

Meanwhile at the

Naruto sat on the edge
of the bridge, his fingers moving over the strings of his sitar his
thoughts going over his situation. He never could turn again
Orochimaru, Orochimaru had given him a home, a purpose, and taught
him many things. But Naruto was realizing Orochimaru didn’t care
about him, or any of the other members of Otogakure.

“Who are you?” a
bossy feminine voice came from behind Naruto, he didn’t move and
just continued to play. Naruto didn’t feel he had to justify her
with anything and continued to play his sitar. “Answer me!” the
girl was getting frustrated and drew a kunai, something about him
didn’t sit right with her.

“Why…it’s not
like you need to know…I'm just a ninja with business in the area…”
he put on the fake smile he always wore and turned to look at her.
“Is that so wrong?” his eyes narrowed slightly, he recognized
her. It was that obnoxious Sasuke fangirl, Ino Yamanaka.

“You look
familiar…who are you exactly?” she took a step familiar, she
recognized the whisker markings on the boy’s face but as she
stepped closer, to get a better look he jumped over the side of the
bridge. He couldn’t afford to be found out by the Konoha Ninja, it
could jeopardize the mission. He began to focus his chakra into his
feet as he adjusted himself during his descent, he just hoped the
water below was deep enough in case the water walking technique
didn’t work, as it sometimes didn’t want to work for him.

It was coming full
circle to the boy slowly, as he fell downward, he realized he could
die. That’s when it happened, he found himself in a winding tunnel,
filled with red lights, and pipes going in all directions. He opted
to head in the direction which had more lights, when he reached the
end he found himself staring at his ‘tenant’ face to face.

Well, well,
well…never thought I would have to see you this soon…but you’re
recklessness is going to get us killed so…I guess I shall have to
start paying rent…”
the booming demonic voice echoed out.
“That’s right…you die…I die…and frankly I don’t want
to die you runt.”

“I see…so are you
going to stop fucking up my chakra control and make it so I don’t
have to worry about not having enough chakra, or too much?” the boy
asked aggressively, as he looked at the fox. “Your rent shall be
some of your chakra…after all if I die…you die, and frankly I
can’t die yet…there is something I have to find out for myself…”
he had a look in his eyes that had never been there in all of his
years in Otogakure. A look of determination.

Fine but don’t
screw up…we both have to live!”
the fox declared with a hint
of enjoyment to his voice.

Naruto came back to
reality and looked around only a few seconds passed, he focused
chakra to his feet, just as he neared the water. As soon as he
touched the water and was standing on top of it, he smirked happily,
and quickly ran across the water. He needed to return to the camp. He
had been gone long enough and Tayuya would bash his head in with her

Authors Note: Next
time! The big three way Battle on the Bridge, Fates Intersect, and a
hard road is revealed.

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