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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep by AngelOfDeath

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Chapter notes: Just something I thought of
Gabby grabbed Yuki's hand and forced a smile on her tear streaked face as she watched the body of her dead mother be layed to rest. She sighed and looked at her boyfriend.
"Yuki, Layla i'm going home."
"Bye Gabby" said her best friend Layla.
"I'll walk you home." said Yuki getting up. Gabby responded by giving him a weak smile and hugging him.
"On second thought, i'll come too."

------ FlashBack ------
Gabby got out of Yuki's car and waved at her boyfriend as he pulled out. "Bye Yuki!" said Gabby smiling as she blew him a kiss "See you tomorrow!"
"Bye Gabby see you in Chemestry" responded Yuki
Gabby was walking up the driveway when she heard an explosion. Gabby looked up to see her house exploding. She screamed and ran up the driveway at full speed.
"MOM!!!" she yelled still running. She ripped the door open and frantically looked around for her mother. Finally, Gabby found her mother and fell to her knees crying.
"Mom, I love you"
"I love you too" She responded touching Gabby's cheek lightly. Then her hand fell limply back into her lap. Gabby looked at her mother to find that pieces where missing. She put her head on her mother's stomach and cried.
------ End FlashBack ------
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