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The Lost Soul by Katana Haibane

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Table of Contents

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Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto and not me, otherwise I wouldn't be a poor student struggling through school!

A Note from Katana Haibane: Thanks to everyone who has decided to read The Lost Soul! This is my first fic on Fan Fiction (although not the first story I've ever written) and I would greatly appreciate all comments, suggests, brilliant words or inspriation and insite, along with any construtctive criticism you have to offer. I would ask that you don't leave any flames as they are rather pointless and only serve to discourage an author, or make the flamer look like an idiot. I welcome any negative criticism if you can tell me why you think something is wrong so that I can improve upon it. This story will definately meet its mature rating, so if you are offended by cursing and rather graphic violence at time then please be prepared to read it if you continue. On with the story!

Dig Site on the Northern Edge of Rice Country – 1 Year Before Invasion of the Leaf

A pair of cold eyes surveyed the archeologists and the diggers. They had been digging the crater that now resided where the left over remains of an ancient watch tower once stood. It had been found by Orochimaru-sama during the initial stages of his creation of the Sound Shinobi Nation. He knew his master had been lucky to have come across the crumbling tower as the entire area had once been covered with a thick forest, and the tower itself had been nearly overgrown with woody hydrangea vines.

But his master had found this incredible place. He had seen the worth it held, and the secrets it could unveil about lost shinobi arts. He had used documents that he had discovered to perfect his immortality Jutsu. Had hired these men to tear away the ground and open the vault of secrets that lay below in the dead Village Hidden in the Shadows.

In a puff of smoke Kabuto disappeared from the ridges edge and reappeared inside the main tent the archeologists that Orochimaru had hired to unearth record and restore anything that the found buried in the village beneath the ground.

“Kabuto-sama, we have been expecting you,” a voice called out a moment after Kabuto entered, “we have the items that Orochimaru-sama may have an interest in over here.”

Kabuto turned and regarded the head archeologist, Koukogakusha. He was a rather short and wiry man who seemed to enjoy dipping his head in oil each morning. Wearing a set of horn-rimmed glasses and white lab coat he had an arrogant look on his face which irritated Kabuto to no end. “I’ll remain the judge of that. You will show me everything that you have uncovered in these last six months. Unless, of course, you wish to lose all use of your legs for a week like the last time you lied about what you had unearthed.”

Koukogakusha began to sweat lightly, remembering when he had tried to barter with Orochimaru for a few rather interesting technique scrolls on bodily reconstruction he had found for more money and ended up having his leg tendons severed by the man in front of him, and tossed down one of the digging shafts for a week. He had no desire to repeat that experience ever again.

“Of course, of course, I quite readily got the message last time. They are mainly in the restoration tent at the moment. We do have much to be seen in Storage Tent C. However, take a look at these scrolls here that we have managed to duplicate,” Koukogakusha said quickly and handed a rather thick scroll to Kabuto. “That scroll contains some rather interesting history on a clan that once resided here in the dead Shadow, and one that is hinted as existing even today. We found it inside the leather backpack of a corpse that seemed to have been exploring the ruins at a much earlier date. I marked the section that may be of interest. We could not restore portions of text that were not there in the first place which is why some sections are broken up erratically.”

Unrolling the scroll, Kabuto glanced over the clan history that had been marked off. The Yominokuni ClanKeepers of the. Frowning at cut off Clan title, he read on.

Said to be the first among all other clans in the Hidden Village of Shadow, the Yominokuni Clan far outstripped all the others in terms of power and influence. They possessed a very unique physical structure which gave everyone born from Yominokuni blood chakra coils that were double the thickness of any other human being. There have also been many who believe that they may have possessed a Bloodline Limit as there was no shortage of genius in the clan itself. Their level of jutsu experimentation was…and then there was a section that seemed missing.

Kabuto frowned and glanced up at grease-ball in front of him, “Now why would Orochimaru-sama even bother giving this pathetic excuse for a scroll the time of day you imbecile?”

Blanching, Koukogakusha said, “Read on a little more Kabuto-sama, things become a little more interesting once you get past the clan description, which only had about 2 paragraphs that were legible.”

Contrary to their name, the Yominokuni Clan had an excellent affinity for medical jutsus, having created many of the ones that are in existence today. Their body naturally created and circulated a healing chakra that gave them incredible regenerative ability along with a healing ability unrivaled since. This gave them a lot of sway as not only did they have many of the greatest fighters in Shadow, but many healers and medic nin as well. They were also rather notorious for being the greatest and worst in terms of chakra control. They seemed … another missing section occurred.

Rumoured to have been a clan descended from an intermarriage of a Bijuu Demon, and a human man, they were the backbone of Shadow, yet also the reason for its downfall. As the ninja world progressed into the Five Shinobi Nations era and away from the Shadow’s rule, the Yominokuni clan became greatly sought after to bring power to the villages, going as far as stealing children away and kidnapping any of their members. This marriage into other blood has sparked … another break in the page.

Fed up with the destruction the nations were causing to their clan, and fed up with supporting a failing Nation that had begun to draw extensively on them for support, they left the village. It is said that they vowed never to join a village again, and also they seemed to have slipped into obscurity. Whether that is because they changed their clan name, or they have hidden themselves is uncertain…

Koukogakusha shivered when he saw the grin spit Kabuto’s face.

“This is very interesting indeed,” Kabuto’s face seemed to be split by the grin now covering it, “You seem to have been correct in the idea that Orochimaru-sama would want this information. As a matter of fact, I already know where these ‘Yominokuni’ might be. After all, a rather famous medical clinic in southern Rice Country is run by one ‘Yominokuni Kitoushi.’ I will look into this further.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Koukogakusha spoke again, “I am glad that you do find this scroll useful after all Kabuto-sama.”

“Indeed, you should be glad that it was not a waste of my time. After all I have a rather long memory when it comes to you,” Kabuto said, “Show me the rest of the artifacts and scrolls you have unearthed.”

Orochimaru’s Chambers – Village Hidden in Sound

“Enter,” was all Orochimaru said as Kabuto was about to knock on the door.

Kabuto slipped into the room holding the history scroll that he had been reviewing at the archeological dig site. On the table in front of Orochimaru was a man strapped down and to the table and gagged, eyes stretched wide in fear. Kabuto gave a little smirk as he saw the blade in his master’s hand flash down and sever the man’s arm from his shoulder. While the man began a muffled scream of agony Orochimaru’s hands flashed through 67 hand seals and snapped them down on the bleeding stump of a shoulder.

“Cauterization Jutsu,” Orochimaru calmly spoke, his hands flashing with a bright white light as the skin on the shoulder seared black, then quickly smoothed over into a healed over. The screams died into muffled groans instantly.

“Kukukuku,” came Orochimaru’s laugh as he saw the jutsu’s effectiveness, “Yet another useful little technique.”

Orochimaru turned back around to face Kabuto, “What is it the report on the dig site. You really should hurry up and take up your place again as my spy in Konoha.”

“There was slim pickings in terms of jutsu scrolls to be found these last six months Orochimaru-sama, however, I may have come across a clan that could provide you with a useful tool for the future,” Kabuto said as he handed the scroll over to Orochimaru, “Read the passage on the Yominokuni clan, and if you find that they may be useful, I can tell you where to find the remnants of that clan to claim as your own.”

As the man on the table continued to groan, Orochimaru’s face split into that sickening grin of his, “You are quite right that I can find a use for them. This last scroll I was examining gives a detailed description of a chakra shock collar used to control an unwilling party to act on your behalf. If that clan is half as powerful as the scroll describes, and you know where to find them, then I want them.”

Kabuto bowed to Orochimaru, “I will leave my report with you Orochimaru-sama and form a retrieval team immediately to capture a member of the clan.”

“Do remember to take one of the young ones as they are so much easier to shape into a weapon that I would desire. Those that are older are often far too stubborn and willing to die,” Orochimaru said as he turned around to continue his experimentation.

“As you wish,” Kabuto said, leaving his scroll on the desk that had Orochimaru’s notebooks spread across it.

After Kabuto left, Orochimaru began scrolling a quite design over the man’s body and dying arm on the table forming a pentagram seal. “That clan may prove even more useful than you have Kabuto, if their regenerative capabilities are as the scroll described.”

Orochimaru’s hands flashed through seals again and slammed down on the shoulder stump, “Kinjutsu: Severed Limb Recombination Jutsu.”

Another scream echoed from the room as the jutsu reattached the man’s arm to his shoulder.

Ko Village – Southern Rice Country on the Boarder of Fire Country

“I did it! I did it! I did it,” came the cry of a young girl as she raced down the streets of her village, leaping over rice bales and generally jumping all over the place. Most of the citizens could only laugh at the antics of the dark purple haired girl as she raced home, her red coloured eyes shining with joy. They all recognized the daughter of the great Yominokuni Kitoushi who ran the medical clinic that had become famous in all of Rice Country. After all, recognition is due to the man who saved the life of the Daimyo of Rice County.

The old man who ran the dango shop on the corner near the Yominokuni Clinic saw the happy girl streaking up the street, “Hey, Mikomi-chan, you finally pass the test that old coot gave ya?”

With a grin, 9 year old Mikomi skidded to a halt by the man, “Yep! I finally mastered the Cut Healing Jutsu that the old man needed me to learn before I could start learning to be a medic nin from him!” Unable to keep still she kept jumping up and down with excitement. “I’m gonna help protect this town and run my Otou-san’s Clinic at the same time when I grow up!”

Rubbing her head gently, the old man bent down holding a stick of dango out to Mikomi, “Congratulations my dear. I know how much you love dango, so here is a free one to celebrate you accomplishment.”

Squealing with joy, Mikomi snatched the dango stick out of his hand and snapped down the first sweet bite. “Thank you so much! I have to tell my Kaa-san the great news!” With that, Yominokuni Mikomi sped down the street to her family’s clinic.

Kitoushi and Shizuka had been cleaning up the clinic after a successful day’s work when they heard the bang of the front door open. They couldn’t help but smile when the heard that sound as Mikomi always burst into the house the same way every day after her lessons.

“Tou-san! Kaa-san! I did it! I finally learned the Cut Healing Jutsu that old man required me to learn to become his apprentice! Yatta!” Mikomi shouted out the second she entered the front of the clinic.

Shizuka came into the front of the clinic and scooped her daughter, “Well look who’s growing up so fast.” Shizuka look on the smiling face in her arms, “I guess we’ll have to celebrate tonight by having the last of the teriyaki that I’ve been saving for you, and then maybe –“ then she saw the leftover dango stick in Mikomi’s right hand, “Looks like you’ve already started on dessert huh?”

Mikomi giggled and tried to hide the stick behind her back as her mother started to tickle her which transformed her giggles into full out laughter.

“Oh, what’s this?” Came Kitoushi’s voice as he came out to see his daughter and wife, “leave me outta the fun why don’tcha?”

Shizuka laughed as she watched her husband pout at her and Mikomi. She set Mikomi down and watched as she raced into the arms her father.

“Well how about we start making dinner Kitoushi, and celebrate with some dango for desert tonight.”

Very happy and full of dango, Mikomi began to get ready for bed. Brush her teeth, wash her face, and pull her futon out. After changing into a nighttime yukata, Mikomi headed down the stairs to say goodnight to her parents and thank them for taking her out for dango after dinner.

Slipping into her father’s study silently, she sprang behind him and gave him a hug when he was standing on a chair reaching for a scroll.

“Whoa girl, easy there or I’ll fall,” Kitoushi exclaimed as Mikomi clung to him.

“Sorry Otou, but I wanted to say goodnight.”

Balancing a scroll in one hand, Kitoushi pulled Mikomi off of him and clambered down after her. As she turned to head out of the room Kitoushi called after her, “Wait Mikomi. lets surprise your mother together by sneaking up on her while she’s restocking the medicines together.”

Bearing twin mischievous grins they snuck down the hall and quietly slid the medicine room door open. Shizuka was just stacking the last of the burn creams back on the shelf to the left of the open window. Splitting up, Mikomi came from the left and Kitoushi circle around the table in the center to come from the right. Once Shizuka had finished stocking her armload of medicines she went to close the window Mikomi leapt out at her yelling, “Goodnight Kaa-san!” and latched onto her just as she had done with he father.

With a startled yelp and a peal of laughter from Kitoushi, Shizuka was knocked around with her back to the window and her daughter latched onto her left side. “Alright, alright, you got me you scamp. Now off t–”

Her words cut off without notice. Mikomi felt something warm and wet splash over her and looked up to see what was wrong. What met her eyes was something she would never forget her entire life: her mother had a kunai protruding out from her throat, blood coursing out of her mouth and her neck.

Twin screams cut the night.



With a yank the kunai was pulled from Shizuka’s throat, causing her to collapse to the ground spilling blood all over Mikomi. Her spinal column had been cleanly severed. Mikomi continued to shriek.

The Sound Nin dashed in through the window and threw the body of the prostrated Shizuka off of Mikomi. In a burst of rage, Kitoushi grabbed the heavy table and slammed it into the distracted Sound Nin, crushing him into the wall. Activating a chakra scalpel in his hand he slammed it repeatedly into the Nin’s neck, severing the nerves and arteries inside while screaming to Mikomi, “RUN! GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!”

Breaking out of shock, Mikomi ran out the door for the front of the clinic with her father hot on her heels a few meters behind her. She threw the door open and then she suddenly felt a searing pain flash through her causing her to black out and drop to the ground unconscious.

Kitoushi had once again witnessed another one of his loved ones murdered in the same night. This time, his sweet little Mikomi had a strange white kunai slammed into the left side of her chest and ripped up to the left side of her face.

With his face twisted hideously in rage, Kitoushi did something that he swore he would never do again. He removed the chakra restraints that he had placed on his body to ensure that he always had full control over the massive chakra his body could output. Focusing his chakra throughout his body, Kitoushi put on a burst of speed that would have even impressed Rock Lee as he charged straight at the man responsible for his daughter’s death. The white-haired Sound Nin easily avoided Kitoushi’s charge, then did a quick downwards stab with his white kunai into the 5th vertebra of the man’s spinal column.

“As a doctor, you should know that you are going to die now. I hit the artery by the 5 vertebra perfectly,” came the cold voice of the Sound Nin that stood over Kitoushi.

With a tearing croak, Kitoushi gasped out, “Why?”

“Because Orochimaru-sama ordered it so.”

Kitoushi reached over to cradle his daughter’s head and he cried over her. “Who the hell are you people?” growled Kitoushi.

The white haired Sound Nin bent down and picked up the body of Mikomi and slung it over his shoulder even as Kitoushi cried out once again. Staring down at the dying man in front of him he decided to tell him anyway, “I am Kimimaro of the Sound Five. Your executioner.”

As Kimimaro had been talking, Kitoushi had reached into his lab coat pocket for a vaccine that he had created for a debilitating sickness which had been leaving many people paralyzed for what was left of their shortened lives. With a burst of energy that caused him to scream from the bone kunai imbedded in him, he slammed the needle into Kimimaro’s upper thigh yelling out as his hands glowed a sickening red, “Kinjutsu: Virus Recombination Jutsu!”

Kimimaro snapped his hand down, ripped the needle out of his leg, grabbed his bone kunai and booted the dying doctor through the half open door into his house. As Kitoushi felt darkness rush over him, he was thankful once again for the blood that ran through his veins making far stronger than most other people. The sacrifice of blood for the Kinjutsu had been easy enough with his wound, and he had sentenced the other man who had directly destroyed his world to a painful death.

Turning around with the unconscious girl on his shoulders, Kimimaro sped back towards the Village Hidden in Sound.

Dungeon Chamber – Village Hidden in Sound

All she knew as she slowly regained consciousness was pain.

Mental anguish as images of her mother’s death played again and again in her mind. Her imagination ran wild as to what had happened to her father.

Her entire body ached and the cold stone floor wasn’t helping. Where she had been cut burned as if it had been cauterized with a metal pole. Her stomach felt as if someone had repeatedly punched her there. Her throat burned with what felt like stomach acid. Even her toes seemed sore.

She cried and cried, time lost to her as she felt the cold emptiness of the loss of her family and the realization that she had no idea where she was. When she could finally cry no more she lifted her head to see where she was. The grill on the door gave a faint glow of light, barely illuminating the cell she found herself in. The door itself had no handle, but did appear to have a small sealable slit on the bottom where a tray with some rice balls and water sat. A disgusting chamber pot sat on one side of the cell, and decaying straw sat in the back corner. Her eyes were pulled once again to the bread as she finally realized how hungry she was. Crawling forward she snatched one of the two rice balls up and started to gulp it down, choking twice and slurping water out of the cup. As she bit ravenously into the second rice ball, the little light the grill provided disappeared.

“The little shit’s alive Orochimaru-sama,” came a feminine voice from the other side, “Damn bitch has more natural regeneration that Kabuto-san ever had.”

“Your dismissed Tayuya,” came a silky voice just outside of the cell, “My, my, my little Yominokuni Mikomi, you clan certainly lives up to the praise that history scroll I discovered claimed. You live through a near fatal slash wound with no medical assistance, and your father managed to incapacitate my strongest fighter. He, of course, still died in the end.”

Mikomi’s throat was too sore to scream so she just scrambled to the back corner of the cell as fast as possible. Who ever that person in the cell window was she didn’t want him getting near her. Then the door opened to reveal the person named Orochimaru – who also turned out to be a man to her surprise and fear. He entered into the cell with another burly man behind him who was a head shorter, but twice as wide as Orochimaru. His arms were the same size as his legs and seemed to bulge at every ridge and his face looked as pockmarked as a meteorite. He wore black hakama along with a sleeveless black vest. Mikomi didn’t what to do.

“Let’s see if the restraining seal is effective then,” Orochimaru said reaching a hand out and snatching Mikomi off the ground by the back of her wrecked yukata. Mikomi immediately started kicking and flailing trying desperately to get out the strange man’s iron grip. Orochimaru’s hand shot forward and attached a steel circlet around her neck that was covered a variety of different seals interconnected to form a chain pattern.

“If I may Orochimaru-sama,” came the gravelly voice of the man behind her captor. His hands flashed through all 12 hand seals that Mikomi had studied under her tutor at home, along with a strange one she had never seen before.

“Raiton: Sealing Restraint!” Barked the man as suddenly a vicious electric shock coursed through Mikomi.

She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t move. The electricity coursed through her entire body causing her to freeze up, but didn’t seem to effect Orochimaru in the slightest. Even when he set his other hand on her head he just calmly removed it. He motioned to the man activating the seal to cease and Mikomi immediately went limp. Orochimaru dropped her to the floor, where she had a clear view of the smile covering her tormentor’s face.

“The restraint really is something,” Orochimaru began using a diagnostic jutsu on Mikomi as she lay on the floor, “Seemed to be delivering a rather painful shock to the girl and freezing her in place while causing absolutely no physical damage as a side effect.”

“You are mine now Mikomi-chan. You will become my tool to do with as I please. You will become my blade where and when I ask you to. All you must do is do exactly as Sadisuto-san here demands of you during training and he won’t have to shock you ever again. Good night, you will begin training tomorrow.” Orochimaru turned and left, leaving Sadisuto alone in the cell with Mikomi.

Sadisuto threw a thick black t-shirt and a pair of shorts to Mikomi and snapped, “Strip down and put those on now. Take care now ‘cause you ain’t getting another pair.”

As fast as he pained body could move Mikomi pulled off her ruined yukata and handed it to Sadisuto. His eyebrow rose as he saw nothing underneath and broke into a sick laugh. She hurriedly tossed on the t-shirt and shorts to escape Sadisuto’s sick gaze. Kicking her into the corner wall, she slumped down in pain once again on the molding straw.

As the cell door closed Mikomi felt hatred begin to rise up from her gut and flood her entire body. She hated Kimimaro who killed her family. She despised Orochimaru for being the one who seemed to be the cause of her suffering. Oh how she loathed that sick bastard Sadisuto. He had taken such pleasure in her pain, stared at her as she changed clothes and even kicked her into the wall. She was 9 for crying out lout. As the hatred rose up from within, she realized for the first time in her life that she would have no problems with seeing those three people die.

Uchiha Sasuke’s Chamber’s – 1 Year after his Defection to the Sound

He had sought power for himself and he had found it in the hands of Orochimaru. His Sharingan soaked up everything that was displayed by the snake Sannin. Jutsu after jutsu after jutsu was taken in stored inside his mind. His speed, strength, stamina and skill had all increased tenfold in year since he had come to apprentice under Orochimaru. Everything he had ever needed to kill his brother was to be found in his hands. Sasuke would finally be able to kill the brother he despised.

A familiar knock on the door disturbed Sasuke from his brooding and Kabuto entered the dimly lit room. It was a fairly simple chamber. There was the one bed built into the wall, an oil lamp that hung from the ceiling and another on the edge of a plain desk in the corner of the room. By the bed there was a chest containing all of the weapons that Sasuke owned. There was also a bookshelf by the door that contained scroll after scroll on techniques that he was learning, both on his own and from Orochimaru.

“Orochimaru-sama requests your presence in his chambers immediately Sasuke-sama,” Kabuto said calmly.

Kabuto showed no reaction as Sasuke ignored him and went back to brooding. After several minutes passed by Kabuto began to get irritate, “Orochimaru-sama has summoned you Sasuke-sama, you had better get to his chambers before–”

“I heard you, but was hoping you would just leave,” Sasuke said quietly. Nevertheless, he stood up and headed for the door.

Sasuke unerringly as always made his way through the maze-like corridors and entered into Orochimaru’s throne room. It annoyed him to no end how overbearing the snake Sannin could be much of the time. The torches that were latched into part of the ceiling in front of the throne so as to cast the entire throne into shadows to intimidate most guests didn’t work on him.

“What do you want Orochimaru?” Sasuke said rather annoyed at being disturbed after his daily lessons were over.

“Kukuku, as disrespectful as always Sasuke-kun,” Orochimaru laughed, “I’m giving you a job that I want you to do. I know that at least you are competent. The last man I gave the job to botched completely. In the end he lost his head for it, losing it to his job.” Orochimaru laughed again as he saw neutral look remain on Sasuke’s face. “Come with me Sasuke-kun, I’ll lead you to her cell.”

This caused Sasuke to actually start for the first time since he came to train under Orochimaru, “Her cell?” he spat, “What the hell do you want me to do, train somebody else while I train her? Not a chan–”

“You will, or I will lock you up until I have further use for you,” Orochimaru cut him off, “She is in the dungeon section. I want you to make her into a true weapon for me to use.”

Sasuke was puzzled by this although he didn’t show a thing as usual. Why would Orochimaru want him to train somebody, and a girl at that? And why the hell would she be kept in a dungeon cell? What kind of incompetent fuck up did he have assigned to train her that would keep her locked up?

Orochimaru stopped in front of a cell that looked as if there was a little care taken to keep it from being a complete hell hole. The area was at least dry and the remnants of a food tray that was thrown out from a slit in the bottom showed they were feeding the person inside something at least.

Flashing through a few quick hand seals Orochimaru place his hands on the door and gave a pulse of chakra and pulled the door open. “Sasuke-kun, meet your young apprentice, 12 year-old Yominokuni Mikomi.”

Sasuke couldn’t see anyone inside the cell for a moment until the shadow moved slightly and a gaunt figure stepped forward slightly. The thinness of her body first caught Sasuke’s attention. Taller than he was by a few inches, her arms and legs were quite thin but held a solid tone to them as if muscle was all that was left. Her chest was rather small barely making it to a larger A-cup. As she stepped further and further into the light of the hallway her face became visible at last. Her hair was almost an inky black but was tinged with a bit of violet. Her face was also gaunt, indicating that she had indeed been underfed for awhile. Her eyes were startling red colour and despite her age seemed to pierce right through Sasuke’s own. Her thin lips were pursed into an angry scowl and her entire stance oozed with defiance. Her clothing in general looked to be nothing but rags that had been re-patched over and over again. And then he saw her scar. It ran from beside her left eye, continuing down her neck and disappeared into her ripped and graying shirt.

Then Mikomi spoke, “So Orochi you piece of shit, this guy is the person you are using as a replacement for Sadisuto after I cut his balls off, then his head when he tried to rape me? Don’t make me laugh.”

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