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FLASH by Blood and Ink

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Chapter notes: I put this into Yaoi/Slash couples because in my mind, Naruto and Sasuke will be together, and there is some hinting in the story.

When I wrote this I had the strange obsession with Sasuke in drag... Actually I still do.. TT.TT

I might continue this.... I don't know... *shrugs* Tell me if I should... or If it is good as it is?

It was a lovely night, as most were, in the village of Konoha, and there he was. Yes he, Uchiha Sasuke, stumbling down the streets of Konoha drunk at 12:30 in the morning in a dress. Yes, a dress. Sasuke glanced at his companion who was also wearing a dress and swaying drunkenly. Naruto didn't return his glance, he seemed too focused on the ground and walking with out falling. Naruto was dressed in a pleasant white and pink dress that hugged nicely at his waist and fell to just above his knees. The combination of the dress and Naruto's wild blonde hair reminded Sasuke of a flower field on a sunny day. Naruto’s bight blonde hair the sun, and his beautiful blue eyes the sky. Sasuke dismissed the thoughts quickly as drunken dribble.

Sasuke noted the color Naruto lips had been painted a light rose color, then tried to remember what color had been forced upon him. Oh gods, he could only imagine. They hadn’t let him look in the mirror, but he had seen the others. Kiba in a pair of tight black low ride pants, and a halter top. Shikamaru they had managed to squeeze into a black tube top and a black fishnet shirt over that, then finally a tight black mini skirt. The only ones that had been able to escape their wrath where Shino and Neji. Shino because that bastard never showed up, and Neji because it seem even while drunk no one could work up the courage to force him into women’s clothing.

Sasuke wasn't quite sure how it started. But lets go over what he did remember maybe something would come back to him. He remembered Sakura and Ino inviting everyone and their mothers, scratch that defiantly not their mothers, to a party. Ino's parents where visiting family in another village and left her the house for the weekend. Right away Ino and Sakura had started planning. Sasuke had to hand it to Ino's parents, they must really be stupid, to leave their 17 year old daughter alone for the weekend with a house full of liquor. But anyways... Sasuke hadn’t wanted to go, he had fully intended to stay home. But Sakura had demanded he go saying that she would "DRAG THE BOTH OF YOU TO THE PARTY BY YOUR HAIR!!" Why she had said 'both of you' was completely beyond Sasuke. Oh that’s right, now he remembered, Naruto wasn't going to go either. Naruto said he was supposed to go out to eat with Iruka-sensei. But Sakura had told him that he could just come after he went out to dinner. 'Lucky bastard, he could have not just come and all. Then... Then... ' Sasuke lost his train of thought when he nearly tripped over a rock.

"Damn rock." He muttered then trailed off, trying to remember again why he was in a dress.

'The girls!' His mind hissed. After everyone was thoroughly drunk, which actually took a while considering Naruto had showed up late. The girls had set in on a devious plan. As soon as he saw the evil gleam in their eyes he was worried of what they might do to him, but then he realized that Neji had beaten him again in poker and he was due to take another shot of rum. He had been scared the Sasuke fan club might try to rape and murder him... Well not the murder part, but at least have their way with him. And there was no way in hell Sasuke was going to let himself be molested by anyone! Unless he was shit faced drunk, which he was, so in the end he probably wouldn't have a choice. But as it turned out the Sasuke fan club had calmed down over the past few years and was merely content with humiliating him, and the others.

So there he was Uchiha Sasuke, dressed delightfully in a dark blue, spaghetti strapped dress that belonged to Ino. His makeup nicely done, thanks to Hinata. Sasuke sighed, at least the dress looked nice on him.

He had thought that being dressed as a women would ruin the night and everyone would storm off when the girls started to giggle and point at them. Well actually it had done quite the opposite. Especially when they got Naruto in to his dress. The boy had playfully flashed the girls his underwear with a flip of his skirt, laughing drunkenly. Kiba had joined on the fun at that time pretending to be a super model, and without knowing Sasuke had even joined in. Sasuke had given them a few coy looks blushing and playing shy then with a little encouragement from Naruto he had flashed everyone the butt of his black boxer briefs. Everyone was on the floor laughing, they had even managed to make Neji fall to the floor on his hands and knees laughing and choking on his beer.

After that the party returned to normal, well as normal as a party of drunken teenage ninjas is. They returned to their drinking games. They had long since given up on poker and moved on to other games such as: quarters, who’s on my head? (A game in which some sticks a piece of paper to your forehead with a name on it. You try to guess the name, and every time you get it wrong you have to take a shot). And a few others silly games that made absolutely not sense.

Sasuke wasn't quite sure, but after three more shots of Tequila, two beers, and the exchange of the heels he was wearing back to his usual shoes, Sasuke felt the urge. For some reason, Sasuke had to leave. 'I have to go.' He said looking up to Naruto, who nodded toward the bathroom. Sasuke had nearly slapped him, but settled for plopping his hand against Naruto's check and letting it slide down his face, finally falling and resting on Naruto's arm. After that Sasuke had jumped to his feet and began pacing around insisting that he had to go. After Sasuke had told everyone in the room, Naruto offered to walk with him home, to make sure he didn't end up passed out in an alley way.

Thus Sasuke and Naruto were ready to leave. There was just one thing they need to take care of. They needed a beer for the road. Sasuke had distracted Sakura and Ino, who insisted that they had enough, while Naruto snuck a few beers then headed for the door. Sasuke fake sulking followed soon after him.

So there he was, Uchiha Sasuke, wondering the streets of Konoha in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, dressed as a women, with Uzimaki Naruto (who was also clad like a women.) watching Naruto drink the last beer.

Sasuke could feel himself begin to pout, as he watched Naruto press the rim of the bottle to his makeup tinted lips and pour a bit of the liquids into his mouth. Naruto pulled the bottle from his lips, gently holding it by the neck with three fingers. Sasuke couldn't pull his eyes away. After a few moment, Naruto moved to put the bottle to his lips again, finally noticing Sasuke. He stopped, the bottle mere millimeters from his lips. Naruto's mouth fell open as if about to speak or take a drink.

"Nar... Nar... Naru." Sasuke began, he didn’t bother saying Naruto’s full name, he had given up on that long ago during the party. "Naru, cans I hava drink ofs yer beer?" Sasuke said, slurring a bit.
Naruto merely smiled and handed the bottle over.
Sasuke took it drank from it greedily.
"Ssuke?" Naruto slurred.
Sasuke stopped, bottle to his lips, he swallowed what was in his mouth, looked to Naruto questioningly.
"Where we goin’?" Naruto said looked about at the unfamiliar surroundings.

Sasuke looked about. He had no idea where they were, or where they were going, he just knew he had to go. Speaking of which. Sasuke handed the bottle back to Naruto and trotted toward a near by alley to relieve himself.

"What da hell are ya doin?" Naruto said looking between the bottle and his friend.
"I gotta piss." Sasuke said hiking up the dark blue skirt around his waist and slipping into the alley. He then leaned one hand against the near by wall to steady himself, and fumbled with his under shorts with the other.

Naruto turned his back to his friend then began to speak. "So if we have no idea where we're going lets just crash at my house. Its near by. I think."

Sasuke let out a low indescribable sound, a sort of cross between a groan of pleasure from pissing on the wall, and an enthusiastic grunt of agreement with Naruto.

At the mouth the alley Naruto finished off the beer, trying to think of the best way back to his apartment. It was late and it really wasn’t a great idea wondering the streets of Konoha at night while drunk. Then there was the fact that they where in dressed. Oh gods, they where going to get arrested, or worse someone would see them and recognize them. Then they would never hear the end of it. Someone was going to catch them, Naruto could feel it. Someone like the person walking down the street toward them right now.

A few seconds past as Naruto ran that thought through his brain again.
“Hoshit.” Naruto grumbled, before dodging into the alley way, out of sight of the aproching person.
Sasuke was adjusting his under shorts, when Naruto barreled into him nearly knocking him over and into a puddle of his own urine

“What the hells yer...” Sasuke’s words were suddenly cut short by Naruto’s hands latching over it.
“Some ones coming!” Naruto hissed, putting his index finger to his painted lips in a signal for silence.
Sasuke glared half heartedly at the blonde, then grunted into his hand.
Naruto couldn’t understand. So, he took his hand from Sasuke’s mouth, wiping the lipstick that was now on his palm on to his dress. “Wha now?”
“Who is it?” Sasuke said leaning against the wall for balance.

Naruto shrugged and turned to inch toward the mouth of the alley and peek at who was coming. Naruto glanced quickly down the street, his eyes growing wide with horror. He shuffled back to Sasuke quickly, and began to push and prod him down the other end of the alley, mumbling, “We gotta go. We gotta get out of here.”
“Who...” Sasuke glanced back over his shoulder to Naruto who was pushing at his back for him to hurry. “Who it is?”
“The Hokage!” Naruto hissed continuing to push at his friends bear back, and numerous straps that held the dress up.
Sasuke whipped about, successfully stopping Naruto from pushing him anymore and not falling over. “What’s da Hokage doing out in the middle of the night?”
“I dunno, midnight stroll, beer run, whatever, we gotta go!” Naruto insisted drunkenly.

With a new air of purpose Sasuke began stumbling back down the alley in the direction they meant to be moving away from, all the while hiking up the skirt of his dress again.
“What are you doing?” Naruto hissed, suddenly feeling a lot more sober.
“I’m gonna flash ‘em” Sasuke said nearing the mouth of the alley, his dress bunched up high on his thighs, his hands gripping the dress tightly.
“What the hell are you thinking?” Naruto latched on to Sasuke’s arm in an attempt to stop him.

Sasuke shook the drunk Naruto off of his arm as he reached the edge of alley, he could hear footsteps approaching. Sasuke’s glaze flickered back to Naruto, who stood in stunned horror a few feet away.

“I’ve always wanted to flash the Hokage!” Sasuke said with a smirk, before leaping out of the alley and in front of the leader of their village, lifting the hem of his dress high above his head.

Sasuke had so badly wanted to see look on the Hokage’s face, but the skirt of his dress was held in front of his face, successfully blocking the twisted face of horror from view. All he heard was a startled gasp, before Naruto leapt out beside him and drug him away, back into the dark alley, and as far away as possible.

Once the rush of adrenalin was gone, the two once again began to stumble drunkenly. This time with a destination. Like they had agreed upon earlier they headed toward Naruto’s house. Sasuke laughing drunkenly to himself about a job well done. And Naruto glaring and worrying about the morning. Everyone was going to know. Not just the ones at the party, he didn’t worry about them.( The girls would just tease them a bit, and save the experience as ammo for the future, and the other guys would keep their mouths shut because they where dressed up as well.) Everyone would know that he and Sasuke had been running around the village in women’s clothing, and Sasuke had flashed the Hokage. The Hokage had seen Naruto’s face, and Sasuke’s... Well... she had seen his underwear.

Naruto sighed and unlocked his door and let Sasuke in, who was still grinning like a mad man. Naruto made the mental note to never give Sasuke alcohol again, then slammed the door behind him.

By tomorrow after noon everyone in Konoha
(and possibly further) would know that he, Uzimaki Naruto, and Uchiha Sasuke had been stumbling around the village, drunk, wearing dresses, and had flashed the Hokage. And after all that, Naruto didn’t even want to think about adding in the fact that they would have the hangovers from hell.

Naruto pouted, tomorrow as going to be a long day.

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