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Shinobi Academy: One Word by DancerOfShadows

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

This isn't one of my main fanfics, so my concentration isn't on it. Because of this, updates may/probably-will-be infrequent.
I’ve been failing Language, so I decided to take up the extra credit. Trust our evil Language sensei to think of some impossible writing-related assignment. But I was determined to finish it. After all, it was the only thing that I could possibly understand about that stupid class. Describe a person in one word. One extra credit point for each person. I also had to explain why I chose that word. That means a lot of dictionary using. Great. But first, I decided that I had to observe those I wanted to use in my report-type-thing. I didn’t even know what to call it. Crap. Maybe when I finished I’d think of something.

I decided to start with people in my History class right now. Why not? Our History sensei already assigned the work- read some paper or other. I’d do it during lunch, if I wasn’t busy, or maybe during some free period. Math would work, if we had a sub. Otherwise, the math sensei would be glaring at me too hard for me to concentrate. I’d do it during my elective, then. We never did ANYTHING in Journalism. It was awesome. I normally did the Math work that I didn’t do during class, but hey. I had a C in Math, passing, and a super F minus in Language. Yeah, I think I’ll work on that Language extra credit now…

But who to start with? I sat in the front of the room, so our sensei could “keep an eye on me.” Apparently, that’s sensei-speak for, “so I can pretend I’m helping you but really just making you too uncomfortable to be able to concentrate.” Luckily, I’m used to it. I sat up front in all my classes but Journalism, which I rocked at. You had to be stupider than crap to NOT rock at that class. I brought my mind back to the task at hand. Who to start with? I turned around. Kiba sat behind me. A good start.

Kiba was basically the only person ever allowed on earth to bring a pet to the Shinobi Academy- the fancy name for the Shinobi Jr./Sr. High School that we went to. Or maybe just a shorter name. It didn’t matter to me. But anyway. The Inuzukas had threatened to sue the school if Kiba wasn’t allowed to bring Akamaru to school, and Kiba’s mom had a reputation for being…dangerous. So the school caved in, and Akamaru went wherever Kiba did. No one really noticed Akamaru was there, unless the school suddenly decided to enforce the no hat rule.

Akamaru was currently curled up beneath Kiba’s hat, his nose sticking out from beneath the brim. Kiba himself was doodling something that, at least upside-down, appeared to be a city with a dog-like Godzilla eating random civilians. Or maybe it was algebra. Either way, I didn’t care. I guessed that it was algebra, though. Even though Kiba didn’t really look like it, he was awesome at Math, and had gotten me through more than a few homework crisis problems. Not as good as Mr. Brilliant- no one was, except in Gym, but still really good. Better than me, but that’s not saying anything.

Kiba: What do you want, Naruto?

Me: Er…nothing. Just looking around.

Kiba: Uh-huh...Can you stop staring at me? It’s hard to work while you’re looking at my drawing.

Me: Sorry.

Oh. So it WAS a drawing, not algebra. How am I supposed to tell the difference?

So, describe Kiba in one word? Would dog-like count as one word? Probably not. Canineish? No, that wasn’t a word at all. Animalistic? Nah. Animals didn’t know how to do algebra, unless they learned when I wasn’t looking. Which is highly possible. My senseis always tell me that I never pay enough attention to anything. No duh. As if I didn’t learn that myself when I got smacked in the face with a dodgeball that I hadn’t even noticed. A bright neon-green one, too.

Man, this assignment’s harder than I thought. Maybe I’ll save Kiba for later, and do someone easy. Duh! Mr. Brilliant! The only super-smart kid who wasn’t in thousands of clubs because he was too lazy to go in to any of them, and the only one that no one picked on for fear of being outwitted. I wrote on my paper:

Uzumaki Naruto, period 6 Language
Extra Credit: Describe a person in one word.

I frowned. Wait a second. What was Mr. Brilliant’s real name? Oh, yeah. On my paper:

Nara Shikamaru: Brilliant

Not exactly original, but it would earn one extra credit point, at least. Now, who else would be easy to describe in one word? I looked around the room. I spotted a girl passing notes with another girl, and giggling about the boy in front of them, who was reading a book with his feet resting on the top of the desk. Ino, Sakura, and Sasuke. Wow. Really surprising. More writing:

Yamanaka Ino: Scary

Haruno Sakura: Pink

Uchiha Sasuke: Shitty

I erased Sasuke’s, thought, and wrote:

Uchiha Sasuke: Crappy

I scratched my head and erased him altogether. I wouldn’t be able to think of anything that would be accepted in school without getting me a trip to the Hokage’s- or the counselor’s- office. Who’d been to the counselor’s recently? Zabuza, for being really violent; that was just before he’d been expelled. Haku, for being obsessive; that was before Zabuza was expelled. Haku left with Zabuza, although Haku wasn’t expelled. He was still on the attendance sheets, and it really ticked off the senseis. Who else? Oh, yes. Kakashi, the Gym sensei, for multiple things, though I only knew one. It had something to do with orange-scented books, or something like that. Orochimaru, the Science sensei, for multiple things as well- violence and trying to keep dangerous snakes among them. Anko, the Art sensei, for making people’s ears bleed with her singing. Tsunade- Journalism sensei- for violence. Why was it that senseis went to the counselor’s for more than the students? Meh. Who else? Temari for violence, Gaara for suicidal attempts and extreme violence, Kankuro for having control issues and not being able to take orders. And violence, of course. It seemed that EVERYONE was violent. No duh. I’d be violent too if I woke up as early as those crazy people did. An idea. On paper:

Momochi Zabuza: Violent

Haku: Obsessive

Hatake Kakashi: Orange

Orochimaru: Snake

Kankuro: Control

Gaara: Creepy

Well, it was a good start, in my opinion. Think, think, think, look, look, look, pretend to work, pretend to work, pretend to work. I couldn’t think of anyone else, really. Time for cliché words! More words:

Inuzuka Kiba: Dog

Akimichi Choji: Big

Hyuuga Hinata: Quiet

Aburame Shino: Insect

Rock Lee: Green

Temari: Stormy

Hyuuga Neji: White

Tenten: Sharp

I chuckled to myself about Tenten’s word. Sharp. Meaning that she was always on time, she was smart, and that she tended to always have a bunch of pocket knives with her. I think the school doesn’t enforce the no-weapon rule because they didn’t want to piss off Tenten, not to mention all the other people who had knives and such with them. No one was stupid enough to bring a gun, though, so we were perfectly safe. I thought some more, and wrote some more:

Kabuto: Sneaky

Jiraiya: Perverted

Asuma: Smoky

I tapped my pencil against my desk, trying to think of more. A paper airplane whacked the back of my head, so I picked it up from behind me, unfold it, and read it:


Right. Not scary, my foot. I cross that out and write below it:

Then give me a better word to use.

I refold, throw, and it lands on Ino’s desk. She unfolds, reads, writes, refolds, throws, and it lands on my desk.


I cross it out, grin evilly, and write:

How can you be hot? The air conditioner is running full blast!

From Ino:

Idiot, I mean the look way. How about pretty then?

From me:

I think I should stick with scary. EOR- bell should ring soon.

EOR meant: End of Replies. It meant that whoever you were sending notes to or with should not reply, or else all of you would probably get into trouble. It was a simple code, and everyone knew it. Only a few minutes after I send the note back did the bell ring. I gathered all my crap and headed out to Journalism.
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