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Adventures at Konoha High!! by Nabichu

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Story notes: I don't know what possessed me to write this. I just really love Naruto. And wish the Gakuen got Made into an Anime
Chapter notes: This was Inspired by Shipp…«! Konoha Gakuen Den! By Masashi.. and the personalities of Those in 'The breakfast club' and from the movie 16 candles. They all inspired this. as you can probably tell I love Naruto so much. and hope you all will love this hilarious and cute little snippet.
Summer was coming to an end now. Students were getting ready to go back to school. Some students had already graduated of course and were moving on with their lives.

and here was Sakura. making sure her room was nice and tidy for her sleepover. she’d invited most of her female friends from her class. and they had happily accepted. She had hung out with Ino, Hinata from her home room. She made sure to Invite TenTen and Asami. ‘’No boys allowed!’’ is what she told Naruto and Lee when they asked about it.

‘’Perfect. Now all I have to do is order the pizzas!’’ Which TenTen had graciously put in for. Sakura smiled and danced around her house. she wasn’t yet in her silky pink pajamas yet. who really slept at slumber parties?!

Hinata hopped off the bus a little ways from Sakura’s house. her heart was so heavy. She’d only seen Naruto a few times during the summer. No, He wasn’t yet her boyfriend, but she was trying so very hard to get up the courage to ask him out! She adjusted the strap on her backpack nervously before ringing the doorbell.

‘’You’re always the first.’’ Sakura commented with a large smile. She loved hosting parties like this. And anyone could see that she was hyped right now. Hinata set her back down on Sakura’s bed. Twiddling her fingers as she looked around.

‘’I was coming over to help!’’ An Annoyed Ino said. She wore a dark purple sundress, her sunglasses piled on top of her head and she had a pink and black bag. ‘’You always go overboard. It’s no fun when there’s nothing to help with.’’

Sakura Ignored this. ‘’No. go ahead and let yourself in, Ino.’’ She remarked sarcastically. The only thing the others really had to do was wait for the remainder to show.~~~~

‘’This sucks toad balls!’’ Naruto slammed his orange Soda down on the table and sat back. His shirt halfway unbuttoned and her wore a black sweatband around his hair. Sasuke rolled his eyes and stirred his straw around in his drink.

‘’Because they didn’t invite you?’’

He taunted. But Naruto was ahead by a mile. ‘’You’re not made that Sakura would rather have a house full of girls than a night with you?’’ He teased back.

‘’T-that’s none of your business, Loser.’’

Naruto smiled behind his glass. ‘’What about you, Shikamaru.’’Shikamaru burped and leaned back in his chair.’’I could think of a million other things to do than listen to girls talk about how big the other’s tits are and play with make-up.’’

‘’Like what?’’ asked Both Naruto and Sasuke.


‘’What did you have in mind?’’ Sasuke finally asked. ‘’Infiltrating Their party. How’re we going to do that?’’ When there wa silence, They looked over. But Naruto said nothing. Just a cheshire smile remained on his lips.
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