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Song of the Autumn winds. by Nabichu

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Story notes: ~Everyone is aged a bit. Yet this still happens before the war, up into the last and after~
Chapter notes: A Little Forwarning. I would like to Emphasize that this is A FANFICTION. (No. I haven't had negativity in the pst. I hope it stays that way) I own only my OCS and the plot. Gaara is one of my Favorite Naruto Characters. and there will be plenty GaaSami fics in the future, among others. I use a little song lyrics and this Will Have a sequel maybe? Thank you so much for reading. Please comment/Kudos and Bookmark.
Temari sat In the Bathroom, none of her robes seemed to do. She didn’t like any of them now. She was Only eight. And normally, she didn’t care much about fashion. Kankuro on the other hand was acting differently.

He was talking to himself in the mirror. Trying to make himself seem more grown up. Gaara Sat in his room, door open as he listened to the going-ons. Rasa, The Fourth Kazekage, and father of the sand siblings was on his way home from the office. Apparently a few visitors were to be arriving shortly.


Gaara’s voice rang out, causing the older girl to exude a visible shudder.


She didn’t sound mean about it. But it wasn’t exactly nice either.
‘’ Who are they again? The Leaf Ninja.’’

Temari seemed to calm down just a little bit.

‘’The Sakamotos.’’

She answered.

‘’Mr. and Mrs. Sakamoto and their daughter.’’

The Sakamoto’s of the Sakamoto clan hailed from Konohagakure. They were skilled Nin who desired beauty and peace. And Now, head of the Clan, Satoru and His wife Ayame were here to meet with The Kazekage.

‘’You hear that Gaara.’’ Came Kankuro’s voice from behind his bedroom door.

‘’Peace. Don’t mess this up.’’

Gaara frowned. Why was he always the obstacle to his family achieving happiness?~


The small red head sat in a chair opposite of his uncle and twiddled his thumbs. Yashamaru raised an eyebrow, Signaling that he was listening. ‘’I was told not to mess things up. How do I do that. They have a daughter. A daughter who is my age.’’

Yashamaru closed his eyes for a second and nodded. ‘’Then here’s your chance to make friends.’’

Friends? The word wasn’t foreign to Gaara’s ears but it wasn’t commonly heard either. He didn’t have any. All the kids in his village ran away from him. Every. Single. Time.

‘’What if I hurt her. Or scare her? What if her parents see me as dangerous and they don’t come back. Father won’t have an ally anymore.’’

He looked down. It was a shame. He was only six, he shouldn’t be able to understand any of that. But he did. Not to the fullest. But enough. He didn’t know what to do. He knew no parent in their right mind would let their child play with the host of the one tails. So he didn’t want to be around. It was like getting his hopes up.~

The Sakamoto’s arrived late that night.

The Man had long think jet black hair, His forehead protector framed his stern, yet kind face. His eyes were blue-green. The woman was shorter, and a bit darker in complexion. Her eyes were a dark gold color.

She was beautiful woman with a freckle clad face and long dark brown hair. It was interesting how she wore hear forehead protector like a belt. Temari was the first to bolt to them, Prudent as she was.

‘’This is Temari.’’

Said Rasa, My oldest daughter.’’ Kankuro’s tough guy exterior faded as he looked up. ‘’I’m Kankuro. Glad to know you.’’ Mrs.Sakamoto knelt gracefully down to them. ‘’Hello. You can call me Ayame.We’eve heard so much about you.’’

She had a sweet voice. Her kind eyes raised and settled on Gaara, Who was huddled awkwardly in a back corner. ‘’And this.’’ The man said. Following his wife’s gaze. Gaara felt anxious. He gulped

. ‘’Yes. That’s Gaara.’’

The Fourth Kazekage reluctantly gestured his youngest son forward. Holding onto his small teddy bear. He looked up at the Couple. He could clearly see the bridge of freckles across Ayame’s nose. ‘’Gaara.’’ Mr. Sakamoto said holding out his hand. Gaara tensed slightly and grabbed it.

‘’I thought you had a daughter.’’ Temari interrupted. She looked eager. That’s right. He just then noticed the two were short of their small child.

‘’You’ll see her in the morning. ‘’ The fourth Dismissed. ‘’Yes. The poor little monster was so exhausted.’’ Ayame Said to Temari. ‘’She’ll have plenty of time to play later.’’ Minutes later the Fourth was ushering His children to bed, and Gaara would venture out into the village, Alone. And then, If he got restless, maybe he would get Yashamaru to tell him a story.~~

Gaara opened the door to Yashamaru’s flat he looked at the floor as he usually did. It was quiet. Not even music was playing. And Yashamaru wasn’t to be seen either. Maybe he was in his room. He couldn’t be out this late running an errand could he?

Gaara froze suddenly. he was going to make his way over to the couch to sit and look through one of his story books, But there was a tiny figure bundled up there, Rolled up in a cream blanket, It made him think of *Gỏi cu‘n.

Gaara slowly walked over to the figure; A small girl. A tiny thing with Unruly black curls and light caramel colored skin. This must have been the heiress to the Sakamoto clan, for she had the same bridge of freckles as Mrs. Sakamoto. Gaara stood frozen. He didn’t want to make any sudden noises that would wake her.

So he sat on the floor. Watching her as she slept, breathing in and out and occasionally moving around. It was an odd feeling Gaara had. He had never been this close to a person who wasn’t staring at him in Terror. So this is where the elder couple had left her. In the Care of Yashamaru.

‘’That’s Asami.’’ Yashamaru’s voice was low, gentle as usual. ‘’I’m sure you probably guessed that, huh?’’ Gaara turned to her. ‘’I knew you wouldn't mind her staying here.’’ He sounded tired.

‘’I’m heading in now. To bed. Be careful Gaara.’’

He said before disappearing into his room. Gaara watched as the door close, his sea foam colored eyes slowly went back to the couch, and he let out a gasp when he met a pair wide eyes.

Asami’s Large jade eyes were staring into his own, Had he waken her up? Was he too loud? He didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, Asami’s plump mouth turned up in a small smile. And she raised her hand in a wave.
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