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Naruto: Rise To Slinging Greatness by hayasa senju

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Guys read my other stories and review
Right now Naruto ecstatic ,why, I'll tell you why.

You could see Naruto sit dejected on the swing after failing , while watching the kids that graduated,show of their new Blasters and Mecha-B cards to their parents. He could also see a few of them parents gossiping about him Coz he was the only one that failed it made him feel like throwing up. He was about to leave when a hand on his shoulder stopped him. He turned and saw that the hand belonged to Mizuki Sensei. Mizuki told him about the secret graduation exam which consisted of stealing the "Sacred Scroll Of slug attracting"and attracting one slug and making it his own."

Right now Naruto was hopping through the trees in the Forest with the scroll on his back , until he arrived at his destination the clearing Mizuki told him about.
"Ok here I am all gotta do is get one slug and show sensei." He opened the scroll and started reading .
"Ugh just my luck for the first slug to be a clone type." "Oh well I don't have time too be picky." So he got yo work channelling his slingchi into the the scroll trying to attract the Shadowclonus(kage bunshin). After a few hours a group of slugs appears they were cobalt blue with an neon orange underbelly(they look burpy).
"Alright!! I did it!!" He started doing some sort of happy dance. Once he regained his composure he remembered his task at hand.
"Ok which one of you cute little guys wanna come with me." He said as he held out his hand. It started looking like they were discussing which one wants go with him. One of them , before even discussing jumped onto his hand.
"Well your an eager one but that's awesome." When the other slugs saw this they smiled and ran away.
"Ok we gotta name you now right." The little creature nods his head enthusiastically.
"Ok let's call you Jumper. You like that ?" Jumper nods.Naruto is about to put Jumper into a blaster canister when Iruka and Mizuki appear from behind while fight.Mizuki lands a strong blow to Iruka's stomach and jumps onto a Tree .
"Naruto give me the scroll and you'll pass."
"No Naruto don't he's a traitor."
"Oh well I'll just gave to kill you both now.""But before that Naruto do youwhy everybody hates."
"No Mizuki don't."
"Even Iruka hates you do you what it is!?"
"Yea I know."says Naruto.
"WHAT!!"shout both Iruka and Mizuki while shocked.
"Its because I hold back the spirit of the Nine Tailed Slinger. The old man hokage told me last night ."Naruto says clearly sad . While Naruto was distracted mizuki loaded Thresher slug and aimed and fired.Naruto was about to get cut thought when.
SLINKH!! All Naruto heard was something cutting through flesh and then blood dropped onto his face he looked up to see Iruka. He asks"Why sensei"he answers with the same thing in canon.
"Ok for that I'm gonna beat your face up MIZUKI-TEME".
"Like you can do anything."mIzuki says while smirking.
"Ok let's see about That."Naruto says while loading Jumper onto the academy blaster while mizuki loaded another Thresher. They Both shoot, jumper transforms into a blue and orange dragon like form (burpy) and he uses his attack which is multiplying into 1000 and beating Mizuki up.
Afterward the same thing that happens in canon happens he gets the headband with mecha-b card and Iruka said he would get his blaster from the hokage in the morning.

The next morning Naruto got up and did his morning rituals and got dressed in jeans ,a white tshirt with red trimming and a red jacket (the jacket that Jaden wears in yugioh gx), he also puts on a utility belt with six pouches and slug canisters in between them with black and blue DC high tops sneakers.
Chapter end notes: Next chapter teams, beasts, blasters and sensei please review
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