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Path of my Brothers by TeamWorkIsKey

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: This story is about a girl who didn't exist. That is until she returns home to Konoha after five years of intense training and a team oddly put together. She's ready to show everyone who she is and what she's made of. Most of all, she's prepared to face the world alongside her twin brother, Sasuke. But what she doesn't know is the scenarios she came up with inside her head where everything runs smoothly aren't going to come true, and things aren't going to turn out the way she expected.

So I know that the Sasuke twinfic is overused and is really popular, but the reason why I'm writing this is because I've had this story in my head every since I was around 9. It's been like 10 years and this is my way of expressing it. I will try my best not to make this very similar to everyone else's, but I'm sure a few things may be close, I'm not entirely sure. I take helpful criticism very well, in fact sometimes I will go back and edit a chapter completely thanks to those thoughts. I just want to make this story awesome for me to look back on once it's finished and be proud of what I wrote. But: I DO NOT TOLERATE RUDE FLAMING COMMENTS. Please, be polite, that's all I ask. I wouldn't do it to you, so don't do it to me. I know everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that doesn't make it okay to bash another person. Anyway, I hope you read, maybe review, and more importantly, enjoy!
Chapter notes: Well... here it is from the beginning. Enjoy!
Deep in the Uchiha Compound, in the house of the highest family was a young girl named Ayako, sitting on her window sill. Her knees were up to her chest, arms wrapped around them, looking completely innocent. But her face showed something different. Her small, pale face was twisted into an angry expression. Her eyes that would usually be wide and bright were now squinted and dark, bloodshot from the tears she shed just a few moments ago. Tears, she now felt were wasted...

The girl raised her head and looked out the window. The moon's beam shone through it, giving her an angelic glow from the side. She stared at her partial reflection. Staring at her face, but mostly her eyes. The eyes of the Dishonorable Uchiha.

They all hated to look at her. She was a disgrace. Weak. A good-for-nothing. Unneeded. She had no reason to even be alive, yet they kept her that way. The girl was born into the highest family, with two honorable brothers headed on a successful path, but she was far from being praised. Her brothers were so far ahead of her, standing on a shiny pedestal where everyone could adore them and she was just watching them. She watched her oldest brother become head of the ANBU Black Ops in Konoha. She watched her other one begin his journey to becoming a strong shinobi by attending the Academy. She watched...because that was the only thing she felt she could do right.

But now Ayako's sick of it. This young girl was done watching the trail her brothers have made. She's done watching them improve while she just took the hate. If her petty path, that was only headed downhill, wasn't good enough for anyone, then she'll just follow her brothers'. She'll take theirs and become a strong shinobi. Ayako will succeed in what her people believed was impossible. She will prove her clan wrong and show them that she can be a strong person. Ayako's an Uchiha, she was born for this.

The young girl stepped down from the window sill and opened her closet. Sitting on the bottom was a black backpack that she had bought with her own money. She threw it on her bed and grabbed a few sets of clothes that consisted of 4 black t-shirts and 4 black skirts. After she folded them all she slipped them into the biggest pocket of the backpack.

She walked back to her closet and reached up to the top shelf. She took down a wooden box that was a first-aid kit. Better be prepared if I get hurt, she mentally noted.

Feeling as though she had packed all the necessities, Ayako slipped out of her bedroom door. The hallways were quiet and dark being the middle of the night. Her only light was the moon…her only bystander was the moon.

Ayako walked on the sides of the hallway fearing she would make a creaking noise on the wood. She passed her older brother's room gently touching his door as a sign of good-bye. She did the same to her other brother's room…her twin's room. Good-bye Sasuke. We'll meet again soon I promise, Ayako thought. Last her parents’ room, the one she stood in front of for a few moments, making them promises she would never break.

I'm going to make sure that when I come back to you, I'll be stronger than you'll imagine. But until that time comes, I won't be running back here. I'll be walking proudly around the world learning new techniques that you wouldn't bother to teach me. I'll show you, father. I'll show you all! I'm not weak! Not now, not ever! I'll change your thoughts about me as I change my ways. If my path's not good enough, then I'll just take your precious sons' and become…a shinobi!

Ayako turned and walked out of her home. Surprisingly it was easy enough, until she heard footsteps behind her, coming from inside. She dove into the bushes and waited for the footsteps to disappear. She peaked through the leaves to see who was wandering at this late hour and found her mother standing at the door. She muttered something and walked back inside. Ayako caught what she said and waited until her mother was out of sight. Thank you mother! For everything!

She darted from the bush and ran as fast as she could out of the compound before anyone would come out and catch her. Exiting the gate she had one last thought. When I re-enter this place I will be someone new…hopefully you all will see that and finally accept me. Good-bye to all of you…

If only Ayako knew it was for forever…
Chapter end notes: Reviews would be nice :) Hope you continue to read because the next eight chapters are coming immediately. *face palm for accidentally deleting the other story along with its wonderful reviews*
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