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From the Beginning by UchihaX

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: I will try to update as fast as i can
Chapter notes: Sorry this chapter isnt long..
“Ha-ha look at him, he can’t do anything to us!” I hear this one boy say. I turn around and see Uzimaki Naruto on the ground.
“Hey stop it please.” I say trying to calm them down.
“Hey it is that Hyuga girl!”
“Yeah I heard her name is Hinata.” A boy smirked.
I just got out of practice with dad, I thought to myself. Maybe I could do the new moves I learn. No... That will be to mean.
“Boys!!!!! It is time to go home” I hear a voice behind me say. As the boys ran towards their mom, I heard her quietly say “I told you guys not to mess with him!” As Naruto walked slowly away limping, I see a cut on his foot. I ran up to him and I stop him.
“Here you are bleeding” I say nervously handing him a Band-Aid. He put the Band-Aid on and walked off.


When I woke up I heard knocking on the door.
“Come in” I say in my soar voice.
I see my dad walking in. he looks very mad for some reason. He walked up to me and sat on my bed.
“I heard that you help the boy yesterday after practice.” He said loudly to me.
“Well father, I am sorry he was bleeding and I just gave him a Band-Aid.”
He closes his eyes and nodded his head. “Hinata you have a lot of learning to do.”
I get up and get ready for school. Neji was already ready and waiting at the door for me.
I guess he heard the story to, because he didn’t say anything to me.
We arrive at the academy, I see Naruto sitting on the swing alone. He look up at me and smile. I slightly smile back. The bell rings and everybody quickly goes inside the red building. I arrive in my classroom and remember that today, we are going to be assign teams.
After reading a chapter of a book, Iruka- Sensei got out a slip of paper.
“Now we are assigning teams.” He started out.
“Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji, next team is Hinata, Kiba, and Shino, and the last three, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.” He finishes with that. I look at my teammates, One has a dog on top of his head and the other one has bugs on his hand.
“Now class is dismiss”
I gather all my stuff and leave the classroom. I walk home, but on the way Naruto bump into me and my stuff scattered all around the road. Everyone is staring at us. I pick up all my stuff and quickly say sorry and walk off.
I get home, walk to my bedroom and see a scroll on my bed. I walk over, pick it up and read it.


Thank you for giving me a band-aid. It really helped me with my foot. You are very nice to me.

Uzimaki Naruto

I take the scroll and stick it under my bed. I get out a sheet of paper and start to write:


You are welcome. I wish you good luck with your new team! I was hoping to be on your team. Remember that one time you saved me from those guys? Yeah, thank you. The truth is….. I kind of like you.

Your friend,


I put the letter in the mail hoping that nobody would realize. I know I am not suppose to be talking to him, but it is not talking it is writing. I wish daddy would realize what he feels like.
So alone. No parents.
Chapter end notes: Enjoy?
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