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The Brightest Star in the Sky by Konan

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Story notes: This is a love/loss poem I wrote earlier. I was just thinking about random stuff like OCs when I came up with this plot. I liked it and didn't want to drag it out as a story. So I wrote a poem and here it is. :) Enjoy!

I did star research while writing this. Seriously, I thought the north star was the brightest star in the sky. I was wrong, haha.
Chapter notes: I wrote this earlier and I really love it, so I thought I'd share it.
Sorry for not updating The Naruto Games. I have excuses, but I won't bother you with them. I'll try to update before the end of this weekend.
You moved in next door,
When we were both five.
And when I asked for your name,
You just looked to the sky.

With a bright smile,
You pointed into the night.
You said "Hey you, little boy,
See that white little light?"

The star you were named for,
That star you called Sirius,
Seri, right from the start,
You were already mysterious.

You came over each night,
With a light tap on my door,
"Let's go see the stars,
And find Sirius once more"

So you dragged me along,
Up the high hill to the top.
And when you talked about stars,
Your mouth would never stop.

You'd show me your star,
Because I could never tell.
If a star was Canopus or Seri,
You did always know well.

Constellations are just,
Connecting the dots.
But to me, those stars,
Were just little spots.

This one and that one,
You'd tell me to see,
But it didn't matter,
They were invisible to me.

I'd smile and say I saw it,
Canis Major and Leo.
You didn't believe me at all,
And told me to get real.

I had thought that maybe,
When I'm older, I'll see,
But now that I'm older,
They're still stars to me.

I liked you, I'll admit,
So I planned I would tell you.
Tonight is the right night,
No hesitation; no think-through.

So I wrote what I'd say,
Until I couldn't write any more,
And I put it in my pocket,
And waited by the door.

You'll knock now, you will,
I waited and waited,
Then my mom woke me up,
And said, "This is kind of belated."

"Seri was out,
with her parents today,"
After that line,
She didn't know what to say.

"They were out kind of late,
There were drunk people driving,
Your precious Seri was lost,
When the doctors started arriving."

So I slumped back to bed,
And cried me to sleep,
And I swear I could hear you,
Telling me I'd better not weep.

I finally moved on,
With all that and all this,
But then on your birthday,
I knew there was something amiss.

So I walked up our old hill,
For reasons I don't know why.
I looked up and I saw it,
The brightest star in the sky.

Sirius, Canopus,
I could see them all.
I guess I did know.
I guess I can recall.

Tonight you have shown me,
Things I've never seen before.
Back when every night,
You'd come knocking at my door.

So I take out the paper,
I've kept to this day,
Fold a paper airplane,
And let it soar away.

Because I no longer need it,
You're always waiting by.
Whenever I miss you,
I'll just look to the sky.

And you'll always be there,
Next to Leo and Gemini.
And you'll always be close,
The brightest star in my sky.
Chapter end notes: I shared this on deviantart too, but again, I wanted to share it with you guys. :)
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