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Underneath the Cypress Tree by RawrTheDinoLycan

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: JT: Bwahaha, new story XD Tell me what you think please!

Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto.
Claimer: Totally own this plot and all Ocs.
Warnings: See fic information for details.
"You know your mission?"

"Of course,"

"Ah, I know, silly question! You've never failed me before, why would you now?"

"Only you know, after all, you made me Death,"

"Ah, very true,"

A man, no, not a man. This being could not be classified as a man or human or even spirit. He seemed to find the shape of a man pleasing, however, and so took its form. A cloack shrouded his features, leaving them to the imagination. He stood incredibly tall, and though the cloack was loose it did give a hint to the bulked form it concealed. The only visible part of the being was his hands. They were large and smooth, pale and almost translucent.

Another figure stood beside- we'll refer to the being as him for convenience's sake- him, though this one was not nearly as tall. In fact, the form barely reached the man's chest.

"Have you said goodbye to the others yet, Mira?"
The figure, a female known as Mira, scoffed.

"No. They'll no doubtly track me back to the human plane as soon as I depart anyways,"

"Oh? And who will be making sure they stay out of trouble?"

"I have complete faith in Kikiro,"

The man chuckled to himself.

Ah, you're probably terribly confused aren't you? Allow me to explain.

Death and life are the two base realities of the world. Death, however, is the only certainty that comes with life. To many death is simply a presence, an inevitable constantly lurking at the back of their minds. Very few know of the true nature of death.

Death was real, a conscious being created for the sole purpose of looking after souls. For many years Death did as he was created to do with no problems. With the outbreak of war and famine, however, he quickly found himself becoming over run with souls.

That's where Mira comes in, but you'll find out more later.

Wouldn't want to give it all away, now, would we?

Mira glanced at Death from the corner of her right green eye. The left was a murky brown, but both were hard to see due to the bangs that shadowed them. Her hair was short and jagged, falling in an angle to half way down her neck while barely reaching the bottom of her ears in the back. It was violent red in color, closely related to the color of freshly spilt blood before it became caked with oxygen and turned a ruddy brown color.

Her skin was pale like Death's, but lacked the eery translucence his possessed. In fact, her skin was a pasty pale that was almost sick in color. A scar traveled from her right eye, across her nose, and ended across her left eye.

A flaw in Death's creation? Perhaps.

"I exchanged my life for the boy's. You can't touch him," the voice of the old woman echoed in the dark dead space of time. Mismatched eyes glanced her way, before looking back ahead at the clear glass like mirror infront of them. The picture on there remained the same, a redhead being led home by his family and friends.

"You don't get to decide whether or not someone dies. When Death has a design you cannot simply alter it without consequences," Mira's voice was deceptively quiet, but the emotions were clear and strong. She was not happy that a mortal had interfered.

The elderly woman made an indignated noise.

"So, you're telling me I sacrificed my life for nothing?!"

"Perhaps," was her quiet reply.

"Or perhaps not," Death chimed in rather ebulliently, clapping his
hands in an excited way.

"What do you mean?" The gray haired woman demanded.

"Well, depending on his evaluation he will either continue to live or die like he was originally suppose to," Death stated. He got a dry look in reply, one wanting a clear explanation. He didn't provide one.

Instead he chuckled to himself before nodding at the woman beside him.

"Oh good, they're going through the forests. This would be your chance!"

Mira nodded and stepped forward, seeming to go through the glass.

"Don't let me down!"

She didn't respond, didn't have time to as the familiar rush that came
with plane hopping took over her.

Time to go to work.
Chapter end notes: .... Review?
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