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Poems by LostInForever

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Chapter notes: So most of my poems are love basied, and pretty much about one guy, because he has made a huge impact on my life ever since we first kissed.
Your Eyes:
Looks are no longer exchanged,
only meer glances,
glances of what used to be,
and what is now.
Piercing eyes in the crowd
turn away,
and just for a second
I felt your eyes
whispering my name

Don't walk away
Don't come back
Don't stay away
Don't come near me
Don't ignore me
Don't say sorry, it's too late
Don't worry, I still love you
Don't use me
Don't let go
Don't hold on
Don't forget
everything we had

I remeber
those words of indearment
once whispered through the phone
I remember
your hand entangled in mine
holding tight
I remember that look in your eyes
when you saw me
I remember
that long ago feeling
of love.

You ask
how I'm doing
I say fine,
barely able to hide the pain
each time you say you're sorry
I fall more and more
in love.
All you do is bring me pain
but it's in that pain
that we see eye to eye
it's in that pain
that you see
I will always come back
to you

You said you would never
hurt me,
you lied.
You ripped me to pieces
leaving me to glue them back
I said i would never
go back to you,
I lied.
You make my heart beat
a little faster.
Why can't I stay

I knew you were a liar
from the start.
I was warned
to stay away,
of how you acted.
I saw that look in your eyes.
I just couldn't
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