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A Midnight Snack by Porcelain Orchid

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Title: A Midnight Snack

Rating: Definitely NC-17. For sexually explicit content and language.

Warning: Contains yaoi, lemon, language, and minors, (I’m thinking about 16 years old), so if you’re not into a little boy on boy fun, then this story is definitely not for you.

Disclaimer: Yes, yes… I don’t own Naruto. Nor will I ever. “tear-
They were out late on a mission, resting their fatigued bodies in the tall blades of grass.
“Soooooo hungryyyy…” Naruto whined as his stomach let out an equally unhappy statement.

“Well dobe, you should have brought some food with you. Oh wait, that would require you to think ahead… and we all know that you need a brain in order to think,” replied Sasuke, glaring at the moon above them.

“Don’t call me that you bastard! It’s not like you thought to bring food either. You’re probably just as hungry as I am!” Naruto shouted while sitting and glaring down at the boy next to him.

“Maybe,” replied Sasuke dryly, “but at least I’m not complaining.”

After a few minutes of silence, Sasuke sat up and turned to face the yellow haired boy. His usually bright face was uncharacteristically gloomy. “You know, I don’t hate you,” sighed the last member of the Uchiha clan.

“Why should I care?” Naruto snapped bitterly, causing the dark hair boy stare back at him in disbelief. Did I really upset him that much?

Almost instantly, Naruto’s mood went from livid to dismal, his head tilted forward and bangs covered his eyes. “You know Sasuke, you treat me like shit every day, but have you ever stopped to think that maybe all I ever wanted was a little attention? For someone to actually give a damn about me?”

“Naruto…” Sasuke whispered, as he placed a finger underneath Naruto’s chin, lifting his face, and gazed into his large, cerulean eyes.

Naruto let out a startled cry as Sasuke crushed his lips against the smaller boy’s passionately. Caught off guard, Naruto’s mouth opened slightly and Sasuke took the ideal opportunity to attack his prey‘s tongue with his own. Ohhh, he tastes so good…I couldn’t bear to stop now…

“Nhh… Sasuke… stop…” Naruto moaned into the other boy’s mouth.

“Why? You seem to be enjoying yourself,” Sasuke replied, breaking the heated kiss. Naruto’s cheeks glowed crimson as he looked away.

"But why me Sasuke? You can have anyone you want! There are girls out there who would kill to have you but acknowledge their existence. Me? You’ve said it yourself several times. I’m completely worthless,” sighed Naruto dejectedly.

”You’re not worthless Naruto, and I would sooner pierce my heart with a kunai than consider a relationship with any of those insignificant fools you speak of,” Sasuke countered enthusiastically before capturing the object of his desire’s lips in another, more passionate kiss.

The whiskered boy had unknowingly held Sasuke’s heart for some time now, and really the same could be said for Naruto. However, he had just locked this feeling away, labeling it “adolescence” and tried ignoring his lust for the Uchiha.

This, however, proved quite difficult now since their bodies were so close together, moving as one. Naruto’s hands found their way up to Sasuke’s raven locks and laced his fingers through them as Sasuke’s arms snaked around his waist, pulling him closer.

This time Naruto broke their kiss as Sasuke’s fingers traced the curves of his stomach underneath his shirt, but before he could utter a complaint, Sasuke rubbed his palms roughly over his nipples, causing him to let out a choked gasp.

”God Sasuke, what are you doing to me!” Naruto panted, slightly confused at his body’s intense reaction to the other boy’s careful ministrations.

”Well, I suppose if you’re unsatisfied I could fine a more exciting place to rub…” grinned Sasuke mischievously as he massaged his kitsune’s growing desire.

”Sa…su…ke… don’t…” pleaded Naruto.

”Don’t… what, Naru-chan?” panted Sasuke.

”… don’t… stop.” Ever, he thought. I don’t know how I survived this long without you…

Both of their bodies were completely saturated with sweat now, and Sasuke decided it was high time he effectively destroyed the offensive garments covering his lover’s body. Naruto’s eyes widened as Sasuke unsheathed a kunai and shredded his clothing in a fraction of a second, before discarding his own.

Pushing him roughly onto his back with one hand while gently caressing his now exposed body with the other, Sasuke pulled Naruto into another hungry kiss. This time wanting to taste every crevice of his lover’s mouth, however, he slowed to an almost painfully methodical pace.

After successfully satiating his hunger for Naruto’s mouth, Sasuke worked his way to the sensitive skin on the smaller boy’s neck, tracing his tongue along his jugular and eventually reaching one of his previously abused nipples.

At this point Naruto’s back arched into Sasuke’s skillful mouth as his breaths became increasingly labored. Sasuke took this opportunity to leave a trail of bite marks and wet kisses down the center of his abdomen until finally reaching his prize.

Oh God, he isn’t going to… is he…! Naruto’s mind raced. “Sasu… KE?” he cried as said boy lightly lapped at the base of his erection, leisurely drawing up to the tip.

I suppose I’ve made him suffer long enough…

“Stop…” gasp “… stop teasing me!” pant…

Upon hearing the desperate plea, Sasuke obliged by taking his entire length into his own searing mouth, tormenting and pleasuring Naruto’s need.

Sensing that his lover’s climax was near, Sasuke gently inserted a finger into Naruto, then another, moving them in a scissoring motion.

“Neh…” whimpered Naruto, surprised by the sudden pain. “What are you…”

But the look in Sasuke’s eyes told Naruto exactly what he planned to do.

”Are you ready?” breathed Sasuke. His body was on fire, and knew he couldn’t care less if Naruto was actually ready or not.

However, Naruto consented with a small nod.

Sasuke then folded Naruto’s legs over his own shoulders and pressed his desire against the smaller boy’s entrance.

”I’m… sorry…” Sasuke whispered as he thrust into Naruto then forced himself to be still as he let the small frame below him adjust.

After a minute or two, Naruto urged him to continue, which he did gladly by thrusting deeper and deeper until finally striking the smaller boy’s prostate.

Sasuke!” Naruto cried out in pleasure. His body arched even more into the Uchiha’s frantic hands as he gripped the grass to the sides of him tightly. Opening his eyes slightly he noticed the other boy’s tantalizing mouth hovering mere inches above his face, and decided to claim it for his own.

Seconds later Sasuke reached between their drenched bodies and closed his fingers around Naruto’s length.

“Nhn.. ohh… SaSUKE!” screamed Naruto, finally reaching his limit.

”Na… ru… to!” followed Sasuke, not long after.

Both thoroughly exhausted now, Sasuke gently pulled out of Naruto and spooned himself against the smaller boy’s back. After a few minutes of rest Naruto turned to face Sasuke, blushing once more.

”Sasuke… I…” he began, but Sasuke held a finger to his lips, silencing him.

”I know dobe… me too,” he whispered while leaving feather light kisses on his kitsune’s whiskered cheeks.

Voila! Well, I hope you enjoyed reading... and I would really appreciate some constructive criticism if you have the time. But please, save your flames for the campfire… and if you absolutely hated it, well I’m sure you remember the old adage: If you can’t say anything nice… don’t say anything at all. ^^
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